Cassidy Madson vs. Terfle

Cassidy Madson vs. Terfle

Cassidy Madson vs. Terfle

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by Spirogs

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tags: cassidy madson, curse you perry the platypus, giant robot, secret lair, terfle

Critiques & Comments
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# 9   Posted: Apr 26 2021, 11:40 AM
Will Cassidy ever get that purrfect minion

# 8   Posted: Apr 24 2021, 09:25 AM
MrPr: I like the talking section on page 2. The squares are really successful at communicating the constant rejection, and the repetition is really effective at selling the humor. The timing on page 11 is really effective, and it's a great example of the comedic timing you use throughout the comic. I feel the cat robot's betrayal was a little too sudden, and giving him a clearer motivation for betrayal would have helped the comedy be even more successful. I also think that contrast was a problem in this comic, and there were pages where the background and characters blended together, so I had trouble telling what was happening. There were lots of pages with good contrast, so if you keep that in mind for the next project, I think it will help!

Spirogs: I love the villain's plan to make everyone shorter, and the monologue leading up to the first conflict works really well. I think having less characters' eyes/ detailed faces on the page in that beginning section would help direct the readers' eyes more effectively. Minor thing, but I actually thought the guy with the red hair was the one talking on page 3, and that's avoidable by making the background characters blend together a little more (it also emphasizes the main characters!). The paneling is really good, and the action scene captures the chaos wonderfully. It wraps up in a really satisfying way, I love the "seatbelt" line, and I think overall this was very successful!

# 7   Posted: Apr 23 2021, 09:00 PM
MrPr: A lot of gags in this made me laugh, your cartoony writing is really fun. I chuckled at "Et Tu, Terfle". A quick tip i think that could benefit your art would be to vary your line thickness more, have the thick parts get a bit thicker and the thin parts get a bit thinner - right now, all of the lines are so similar and things sorta bleed together.

Spirogs: This is really a lot of fun. The energy in the character posing and framing really captures the anarchic fun of Cassidy Madson, and Terfle is cute as heck too - i love when they go more animalistic and act like a cat, it's very endearing. I'll have to echo what has been said before, the photo manipulation city-scapes stick out like a sore thumb - for me, it's an all-or-nothing thing, and in the second page you have a non photo city background that, while bare, works totally fine for me. The splash page at the end also loses a bit of the wow-factor because it's just a warped photo - now, a fisheye-perspective cityscape of that scale could take weeks to do, so i'm not asking you to break your back drawing that- but it's something to keep in mind. Otherwise, good stuff!

# 6   Posted: Apr 23 2021, 05:19 PM
Wonderful critiques guys, I’m sure we both greatly appreciate those!
You raise some good points

# 5   Posted: Apr 23 2021, 05:15 PM
MrPr I agree that you could have cut down on the number of pages-- you cover so much information in the first four pages without it being rushed but when the action starts time in the comic seems to slow down. I like how the big monster they discover is actually a security guard named jeff... things like this make cassidy madson one of my faves. I'm not sure if you cut a page at the end, not sure who those people in her hideout are.. that is, if they're applying to be henchmen or if they're just squatting in her new hideout. Excited to see more from you as always!

Spirogs this looks good! I like the terfle xray and cassidy's plan at the beginning. However the crowd they're standing in that are angry with her... just disappear without a trace! That's ok though... i only really noticed it on the second read through, so i was still pulled along by the story. The blasting-off-and-disappearing-into-the-distance-with-a-twinkle works for me everytime, but I agree that the cityscape photograph at the bottom there looks jarring. I did notice this time that you used photographs with the exterior of cassidy's hideout which i didnt see the first time (p5+8)... if you want to keep using images of buildings, mixing them with your own drawings like this looks better/isn't so noticeable. In my opinion! I want to see more of Terfle and i love the way you draw his pointy little hands!

# 4   Posted: Apr 22 2021, 06:10 AM
MrPr - Cool use of Terfle! Obviously I’m not their creator so I can’t say this definitively, but to me you got their speech patterns down pretty well, and it was interesting how you integrated the new words. The story was quite hard to follow though, given how cramped the panels were and how most of the environments were just grey empty spaces. Cutting down the number of pages would have given you time to put more detail into the background.

Spirogs - God, I LOVED this. You went full ham with Cassidy and I’m so here for it. All her dialogue was great but “supervillains don’t wear seatbelts” stuck out for me especially haha. Terfle is adorable as usual, I loved seeing their more cat-like side emerge when the ball appeared, and the glimpse of their “skeleton”. The ending was just gloriously chaotic. Definitely brought to mind wacky tv cartoon hijinks. My only gripe is that the photo manipulated background stands out quite a bit against your simpler cartoon buildings. You might have to run it through a few more filters or add a little more details to your foreground buildings for them to blend better.


# 3   Posted: Apr 17 2021, 05:15 AM
Very excited to see yours too!

# 2   Posted: Apr 17 2021, 05:15 AM
I’m hype to finally get to show it XD

# 1   Posted: Apr 16 2021, 11:32 PM
I'm set. I ended up losing time to finish up some parts. I will, tho, later on do a color version of this as a BB. I may also do some fixes on the pages also. Can't wait to see your entry! ^^

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