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Cedric je Saint by snager
 Gender: Fellow
 Height: 5'11
 Created: March 12th, 2023
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Confident and suave (if still a bit silly and excitable) Cedric enjoys his days helping the people of his city with solving petty crimes and mysterious disagreements. But the better he gets at it, the more adventurous the avenue. Next thing he knows, he’s a top consultant for the police!

Cedric likes a good party and keeps many acquaintances. Cedric is often aided by his right hand man, Stefán Ström, who carries a blade in his walking stick and acts as Cedric’s body guard. The two are regularly heard playing fiddle and piano duets from Cedric’s apartment. Cedric also keeps a photograph of his betrothed, Sue Garfield, in a locket on his breast. Cedric’s father picked her out and she’s a lovely woman, if anyone asks. Cedric also has a prickly relationship with the head detective from the police, Inspector Dozmorov, but he enjoys their banter.

Occasionally, especially when he is alone at night, Cedric experiences acute paranoia and vivid hallucinations. Everything from visions of himself in strange garb to horrible black sea monsters from a lost epoch, to star ships out in space. He can quell these visions with a prescription-grade serum. He loves his life and can’t imagine why his intrusive thoughts stray so far from the home he treasures so.

He is a skilled horseman and knows his way around a gun or two. He enjoys travel and bubble baths.

Cedric and Ström live in an alternate society whom enjoys art, history and values of companionship, honor and ingenuity for curiosity's sake. They are heir to a chilly climate and open shipping lanes connecting the whole world!

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