Jane Blonde | Characters

Jane Blonde | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5 foot 9
 Created: May 29th, 2009
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SUMMARY: A semi-amnesiac retired spy who now lives and works in Void City.

BIO: She used to be an International Woman of Mystery, a spy for the Global Secret Government that rules the world from behind the United Nations. After getting let go from the service, she worked for at the Burlesque Boudoir, until a battle with Shrapnel Girl left her missing huge chunks of memory. Now she works odd jobs at the Black Magic Lounge.

PSYCHE: Jane can be a big girly girl on her downtime, and loves fashion, eating out at restaurants, shopping, and boys. On some level she pines for a quiet domestic life, but in her heart of hearts she misses the action and sexy danger her spywork provided. She can be fickle when it comes to romantic relationships, but is lfiercely oyal to her friends.

COMBAT STYLE: Jane is a trained spy of the “Classic Bondian Style”, meaning she has training in many diverse unarmed martial styles. She is also trained in the use of various weapons, specializing in small firearms and close-quarters knife combat. She is inexperienced with archaic combat forms, such as sword fighting and archery, and this remains a weakness.

USUAL LOCATIONS: living with roommates Charlie Burns and Tess, working as bouncer at Black Magic Lounge, relaxing in Void City Park, formerly on-stage or backstage at Burlesque Boudoir

AFFILIATED NPCs: Mr. Whisper (current employer), Masixea (co-worker), Scuba 57 (friend; deceased??), Viktor Arkadov (ex-boyfriend), Rachel Red (ex-best friend), Commander Kamandha (former employer)

Early Years and Career
- Born to XXXX and XXXX [identities classified]
- Became an agent of the Global Secret Government at 15
- Studied under the Advanced American Concentration Association (AACA); befriended Darius Corry [“JB vs. Corry”]
- Befriended Rachel Red on UN Island; graduated with honors from GSG Shadow School
- Completed first field mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; first fought The Brazilian and Black Diamond; rescued Dr. Cody [JB Topicalia, in EnterVoid Anthology Volume 1]
- Had a brief romance with Sebastian Rockwell while working in Ravenia [“JB vs. Sebastian Rockwell]
- Crossed paths with Dr. Fabulous? [“JB Intro”]

Void City Operations
- Sent to Void City to capture Tony Faraday [“JB vs. Tony Faraday”]
- Attempted to obtain intel on the Orphanage; caught in explosion set by Agent Koba [“JB vs. Agent Koba”]
- Attempted to capture Beethoven the Wolf; persuaded against it by his ally Aesimi, and subsequently allowed their escape [“JB vs. Aesimi & Beethoven”]
- Encountered Chia Hui’s sheep [“JB vs. Chia-Hui”]
- Investigated Johnny Patch for suspected weapons smuggling racket [JB vs. Johnny Patch"]
- Botched an attempt to arrest General Misconduct [“JB vs. General Misconduct”]
- Imprisoned in a Void City “sex camp”; rescued by Scuba 57 of Baron Idiot’s Scuba Men [“JB vs. Baron Idiot”]
- Trained with Victor Wu to infiltrate Battle Chef circuit ["JB/May Wu vs. Ethanol Jones/TLBot - JB/May's side"]
- Fired from the Global Secret Government [“JB: Dark Roots and Highlights”]

Post-Agency - The Burlesque Boudoir Era
- Befriended Mr. Tofu [“JB vs. Mr. Tofu”]
- Reunited with Darius Corry [“JB vs. Corry”]
- Began working for General Misconduct’s Burlesque Boudoir; met bouncer Viktor Arkadov [“JB: Dark Roots and Highlights”]
- Experienced pre-programmed dream-state; met The Scheduler [“JB vs. Lophii Formes”]
- Survived Killer Byte’s assassination attempt; began part-time work for the Scheduler and alliance with Killer Byte [“JB vs. Killer Byte”]
- Took down Vulturian Nationals (aka the Bonepickers) at the Ravenian Embassy; “reconnected” with Sebastian Rockwell [“JB vs. Sebastian Rockwell]
- Met Lived Iblis and Kotori Ky La Diablo after a crashed private show at the Burlesque Boudoir ["Lived Iblis vs. Kotori Ky vs. Jane Blonde"]
- Broke up with Viktor ["Lived Iblis vs. Kotori Ky vs. JB"]

Post-Agency - Amnesia and Possession
- Survived an assassination attempt by Shrapnel Girl, receiving facial and bodily scars, and partial memory loss ["Shrapnel Girl vs. JB"]
- While hospitalized, heard from Corry about experimental electro-therapy to treat memory loss [“Jane’s Brain Part 1: Anterograde”]
- Briefly returned to work at the Boudoir; entertained a disguised Dr. Ethos ["Dr. Ethos vs. JB"]
- Became possessed by Black Dog, Barnyard Butchers, and Dipuc Sore, as their Resurrection Vessel ["All Together Now Tournament: Round 1"]
- Under Dipuc's influence, carved his symbol into her chest and detonated a bomb in Burlesque Boudoir, resulting in Scuba 57's death ["All Together Now Tournament: Round 2"]
- Freed from all possession by Estrella D'Muerte and Kaisho Ponbiki ["All Together Now Tournament: Round 2"]
- Defended herself against Death-seeking Niles; decided to undergo Corry's therapy ["NILES vs. JB"]
- Went with Corry to Ethos' lab; acquired Ethos' aid and the use of Mnemosyne, the Psychic Robot ["Dr. Ethos vs. JB"]
- Encountered teleporting youth Boek Aestrin; battled Snow White and Rose Red (remnants of Brownstone Castle) alongside Ethos and Corry ["JB vs. Boek"]
- Hunted down renegade mimic Munkei alongside Viktor and General Misconduct ["JB vs. Munkei"]
- Captured by Bonepickers; rescued by old friend Gossamer Swan ["JB vs. Gossamer Swan--Jane's Side"]
- Joined Gossamer Swan for Girl's Night Out ["JB vs. Gossamer Swan--Swan's Side"]

Post-Agency - The Black Magic Lounge Era
- Held off a brutal gang attack alongside Udesuline ["JB vs. Udesuline--Udesuline's Side"]
- With Udesuline, visited the Black Magic Lounge for memory retrieval; met Mr. Whisper and Masixea, and got a job ["JB vs. Udesuline--Jane's Side"]
- Battled Dr. Rhino, then reunited him with his former flame Masixea ["JB vs. Dr. Rhino"]
- Trained to serve customers; met Everose Lovehaven ["JB vs. Everose Lovehaven"]
- Attacked by vengeful Scuba Men, with investigator Agent Elle getting scarred in the process; targeted by The Brazilian, and 'Udesuline' ["Elle vs. JB"]
- Informed by Elle that Scuba 57 is alive ["Jane vs. Elle: Aftermath"]
- Moved in with Charlie Burns and Tess; attacked by Charlie's old friend Karl ["JB vs. Charlie Burns"]
- Met KJV while crying in a supermarket over a cereal mascot that looked like Scuba 57 ["JB vs. KJV"]
- Dined at Wu Foods; "met" Victor Wu and his daughter May, plus Ethanol Jones, and TLBot ["JB/May Wu vs. Ethanol Jones/TLBot - JB/May's side"]
- Battled The Garnish Team (Sal LaSalle/Pete Peppino) alongside May Wu and TLBot ["JB/May Wu vs. Ethanol Jones/TLBot - JB/May's side"]
- Hired to locate the Wok of Ages, but received it from a future version of TLBot ["JB/May Wu vs. Ethanol Jones/TLBot - EJ/TL's side"]
- Went to Wu's restaurant to use the Wok of Ages in a ritual [TTT Round Up! Week One"]
- With May's help, used the Wok to summon Nausicaa, Goddess of Time; traveled through her mind's fog, discovered Dipuc living there, and was told she must forgive herself to regain her memories; left the restaurant to stop Hiemie's apocalyptic plan for Void City ["Jane's Brain Part 2: Wok of Ages"]

New Void City
- ["Devil's Three-way"]
- ["JB vs. Harahi Jenkins"]
- ["Void Boss"]
- ["JB vs. Karma"]

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