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Katya Vs. Kismet
Katya The Long-Living Witch vs. Kismet

Voting ends in
(June 10th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST)

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Icon for Poof
Of Punk and Plush
Tix Thundersong vs. Poof

Scar Match
Voting ends in
(June 10th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST)

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Nightmares and Prophecy
Yamato and Dairyu

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(June 8th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST)

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March Review
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March was quite the eventful month!

First off, at the top of the month the voting for Election Royale finished up; it was a close match, and all entrants put out some truly impressive comics. But ultimately there can be only one winner, and so we congratulate Mints for winning with 18.3%, coming in at 653 points--and with that, we welcome Cameron Meissner the Bartender as Void's new Mayor Council Leader!

But that's not the only event that March boasted! The long-requested Diov Tournament got its start in March, with the first round completing within the month. Not to mention, two separate artists completed prologues for the tournament in under a week!

If you haven't already, we highly recommend reading and commenting on all of the comics in the first round:
Foop vs. Sour Salt
Marie vs. TrapJaw
Janitor X vs. The Blister Cryptid
01 vs. Cedric je Saint
Helium Star vs. The Fox King Unleashed
Charlotte Grey vs. Terror Hunter

This month, we'll be shifting our formula slightly to feature the top three scoring comics of the month:

#1 highest overall score, Into the Void Lands, Vol. 1 by PyrasTerran, Radji, Petrichor, snager, Pizza Man, kubo, Animeshen, Badger, Rose, Heavenbat, and Goldie came in with a score of 8.29 overall, and was also March's Top Quality (at 8.64) and Top Creativity (at 8.29)!

#2 highest overall score, (NON-CANON) Scrapped Rae and Blue webcomic pages by Flytee came in with an overall score of 8.11, and also achieved March's Top Entertainment at 8.11! 

#3 highest overall score, Midnight Desert by Flytee came in with an overall score of 8.03, and was the runner-up in Quality with a score of 8.38! 

CHAPTER 2 by Fred
As Fred continues to grace us with sneak peaks of their webcomic The Nameless before it gets uploaded to tapas, I find myself drawn further and further into this world they're creating. An engaging mix of sci-fi and fantasy which hits all of my personal favorite notes, this chapter deals with some more interpersonal struggles, touching on topics that many of us may find extremely relatable. Relationships, struggling against political entities, trying to find one's place in the world, and, perhaps most heartwrenching of all, the devastation that comes when you try your best to help and inadvertently end up making things worse.
The art style is also gorgeous and unique, looking almost like stained glass at times, with the varied line weights helping to make the backgrounds feel detailed without feeling cluttered. I love the character designs as well; Fred's not afraid to get funky with body plans and silhouettes, giving characters odd amounts of eyes and legs. Each character is different and unique and I love them all. If you haven't read or commented on this chapter already, I highly recommend it, and I also highly recommend following their comic on tapas!! Thank you, Fred, for gracing us with these early releases!

Added to portal: Heavenbat - Apr 07, 2023, 07:12 PM
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Collection of comics where the artist is not the original owner of the character used.

Oleander has a deep love of Humanity, and they have one final gift to give the people of Void. Will the citizens survive Oleander's 'love'?

A compilation of comics set in the Void Lands, the world of Void following the 2022 Armageddon.


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