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Into the Void Lands by Petrichor

A compilation of comics set in the Void Lands, the world of Void following the 2022 Armageddon.
Icon for Vidia52.4%
926 points
Icon for NagoreIcon for Aleyjah & SukriIcon for DairyuIcon for Rae and BlueIcon for AncelinIcon for Saal47.6%
840 points
Armageddon 2022
Ended: September 23rd, 2022
Winner: PyrasTerran

27 Comments comment
Icon for Sanari binte AbbasIcon for Chica ChicanaIcon for VidiaIcon for NagoreIcon for KurdisIcon for BurmeisterIcon for KuboIcon for RocíoIcon for LilyfeatherIcon for Charlie RosenbergIcon for AncelinIcon for CasIcon for Croi Desai
Into the Void Lands, Vol. 1
Sparring Match
Ended: March 2nd, 2023

12 Comments comment
Icon for Tay49.8%
559 points
Icon for Ancile50.2%
563 points
Great Escalations 2022 Round 2
Tay vs. Ancile

Death Match
Ended: November 3rd, 2022
Winner: kubo

7 Comments comment
Icon for Ancile51.8%
418 points
Icon for Senki48.2%
389 points
Great Escalations 2022, Final Round
Ancile vs. Senki

Annihilation Match
Ended: November 25th, 2022
Winner: kubo

8 Comments comment
Icon for King Caelan0%
0 points
Icon for Kiski the Last Ant Queen100%
226 points
Gala Regalis, Round 2
King Caelan vs. Kiski the Last Ant Queen

Speed Death Tournament Match
Ended: November 24th, 2022
Winner: Radji

7 Comments comment
Icon for Kiski the Last Ant Queen33%
526 points
Icon for Wendy and Sully34.5%
549 points
Icon for The Royal Bastard32.5%
518 points
Gala Regalis, Final Round
Kiski the Last Ant Queen vs. Wendy and Sully vs. The Royal Bastard

Speed Death Tournament Match
Ended: December 10th, 2022
Winner: Animeshen

7 Comments comment
Icon for Artura
Artura’s leave

Ended: January 25th, 2023

8 Comments comment
Icon for Dairyu51.1%
493 points
Icon for Rickter & Gus48.9%
471 points
Through Feather and Bone (NSFW)
Dairyu vs. Rickter & Gus

Double Scar Match
Ended: October 14th, 2022
Winner: Snowy

17 Comments comment
Icon for Sanguine45.1%
203 points
Icon for Kiderance 'Kid' Wilde54.9%
247 points
Purple Pain
Sanguine vs. Kiderance 'Kid' Wilde

Ended: February 13th, 2023
Winner: Kidlet

4 Comments comment
Icon for Jozzik the Great53.9%
282 points
Icon for Sanguine46.1%
241 points
Magenta Massacre
Jozzik the Great vs. Sanguine

Ended: January 14th, 2023
Winner: Heavenbat

6 Comments comment
Icon for XiaIcon for RavenIcon for Black Swan55.6%
376 points
Icon for Oleander44.4%
300 points
Impending Extinction
Xia, Raven, and Black Swan vs. Oleander

Ended: December 22nd, 2022
Winners: Cracking Skulls, Rivana and JCee

19 Comments comment
Icon for Crush Amethyst52.4%
167 points
Icon for Sanguine47.6%
152 points
6ft Under and I wanna fight!
Crush Amethyst vs. Sanguine

Ended: December 20th, 2022
Winner: Strawberry Pepper

7 Comments comment
Icon for Zhanic Hanalei53.6%
214 points
Icon for Burmeister46.4%
185 points
Zhanic Hanalei vs. Burmeister
Scar Match
Ended: December 19th, 2022
Winner: Heavenbat

8 Comments comment
Icon for Rae and Blue
Icon for Dairyu17.2%
613 points
Icon for Jozzik the Great15%
537 points
Icon for Sovereign Greece17.7%
634 points
Icon for JaJa15.1%
540 points
Icon for Kurdis16.7%
596 points
Icon for Bartender18.3%
653 points
Election Royale 2023
Ended: March 7th, 2023
Winner: Minteh

20 Comments comment
Icon for Sanguine44.9%
222 points
Icon for Cornelious Husk55.1%
272 points
A Feast of Entrails
Sanguine vs. Cornelious Husk

Scar Match
Ended: March 23rd, 2023
Winner: Fluffsamasprime

9 Comments comment
Icon for Dairyu54.6%
395 points
Icon for Oblivia45.4%
329 points
Dairyu vs. Oblivia
Ended: April 9th, 2023
Winner: Snowy

18 Comments comment
Icon for YamatoIcon for Dairyu
Nightmares and Prophecy
Yamato and Dairyu

Voting ends in
(June 8th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST)

4 Comments comment
Icon for Tix Thundersong
Icon for Poof
Of Punk and Plush
Tix Thundersong vs. Poof

Scar Match
Voting ends in
(June 10th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST)

6 Comments comment
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