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Art Jams / Re: The June-July 2019 Blind Date Jam
« on: Jun 30, 2019, 05:43 AM »
Yeahhh I'll throw my hat in. Terminal (he's straight and 17) will do.

Cracked Cup, Back Room:
Spoiler: show
"They just left? They just left. That's almost hilarious." Truman cautiously swung the door open. "We should probably warn the poor bastard. Still got your writing hand ready, Grok?"

Cracked Cup, Backroom:
Spoiler: show
"Strong singing lungs? ...hmmm."

Gears began to turn in Truman's head.

"Grok, can you send a message to the odd looking fellow bothering Rios? Get him to make a scene."

Truman began to work on a disguise of his own, and checked to make sure his gunblade was loaded. (Wax bullets, less deadly than lead.)

"Delric, you have any skills that may come in handy here? Magic, subterfuge, anything?"

Cracked Cup, Backroom:
Spoiler: show
"We've got company. Queensmen, same three from the library. We need an exit plan, stat."

Truman's hand came to rest on his blade, the Last Resort, for a just moment, before he drew it back to the door to pull it closed.

"I doubt it needs saying, but I'm sure Figg would prefer we not bloody up his bar."

The Back Room at the Cracked Cup:

Spoiler: show
Ah yes, the real reason I do this dangerous and thankless job, the insurance, Truman thought to himself.

"If you two are almost done..." Truman started, opening the room's door just a crack to see outside.

Perception Check: 1d20 + 4 = (2) + 4 = 6

Truman yawned, squinting to try and make out what was going on outside.

The Back Room at the Cracked Cup:
Spoiler: show
Truman grumbled, "Do I need to remind you that we aren't assassins?"

Truman wasn't happy with the proceedings. Sure, Delric had passed all the tests the group had thrown at him, but if he really was who he said he was, why wait until now to reveal himself? The timing was too convenient, or rather, too inconvenient.

Questions for later, he thought.

For the time being, Truman stood up, set a few gold coins on the counter where Figg would see them, more a tip than a full payment, but hopefully Figg would be happy to see it. Then, Truman moved to join the group speaking with Delric.

(Let's call that 3 gold for Figg.)

Insight Check: 1d20 + 6 = (15) + 6 = 21

Truman opted not to say anything. For all the time he had spent with Braddock, this elf was a stranger to him yet. It seemed like the best course of action was to let the elf talk until he said something suspect.

Truman shot a glare at Chorden.

"The boy isn't mine."

If he were, he'd be better trained. The thought almost made Truman chuckle. He sighed and turned back toward the chaos unfolding in front of him.

"None of you are. If you would prefer a leader who forces you to follow their every whim unquestioningly, the castle is that way. And, dammit, these two are with us for a reason."

Granted, for Alichino, that reason was more to keep him under watch and out of trouble, but Chorden didn't need to know that.

"Now, if we're done arguing, I suggest turn our energy toward something more productive. I know exactly what the queensmen are capable of- Rather, WE know. Better to act while we still have the element of surprise on our side."

“Nothing has changed. We search.”

Truman wasn’t the drinking type, so he had ordered a plate of warm food instead of a cool drink. Something about needing to refuel. He sat upright, arms crossed, trying to exude an aura of composure, but the bags beneath his eyes were proof that the stress was getting to him.

“Something that you'll have to be nice and sober for.”

He raised his hand to get the attention of a server, and ordered a cup of black coffee for the kobold.

He whispered, “if all else fails, we do have at least one ace in our hand the Jacquets aren’t expecting.” He motions to Mikella. “As long as the Jacquets don't catch us working together, that is.”

He stopped to consider his words.

“One ace… and one wild card, I suppose.”

Switch code incoming!


I think this is the thread I've posted the most in...

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Nov 22, 2018, 02:48 AM »

(I prooooobably didn't obfuscate this shadowy person well enough. O h w e l l.)

Still alive! Would you believe I’m still working on that Crikey comic? Being honest for a second, I’ve been feeling a little left out, Void-wise, and I get that’s probably just my fault for being anti-social. I’m giving this one more shot with Gil. If Gil’s story winds up being a poor fit for Void, I have some other characters I’ve been meaning to try. Anyways, I’ll be back on the Discord if anyone needs me.

News & Events / Re: Rumble Roulette Returns!
« on: Jun 05, 2018, 06:29 PM »
Alright. Time to do something poorly thought out. Sign me up, if I default, I default. I guess this will tell me if there's any point in sticking around, for now.

Art Jams / Re: Rpg Roulette! (Secret Santa Style Event)
« on: Apr 21, 2018, 03:17 AM »
Raise your hand if you know what a Gith is!

Spoiler: show
PyrasTerran's Miller as a Githzerai Zearth, wielding a karach blade. Normally I would've done something a bit more JRPGish, but I was reading about Planescape Torment and Dak'kon and I got inspired. I also thought about doing Rocio, but... fantasy Rocio is just Rocio.

Art Jams / Re: Rpg Roulette! (Secret Santa Style Event
« on: Apr 16, 2018, 12:53 AM »
Yeah, I'll give this a shot. I'd say any but I've only got the one, soooo...

I made an EnterVoid squad in Monster Hunter: World (for PS4)! Up to 50 people can join. I doubt we'll need that many. Tell me if you wanna join! You'll get access to our private gathering hall, and a cool red and white icon next to your name! Fun!

Attention hunters! World is here! (At least if you're not waiting for PC.) Join me in the new world!

That sounded dumb. Whaaatever. My PSN is "Q-Bits". Feel free to add me.

Art Jams / Re: The Hook Up Jam
« on: Jan 22, 2018, 12:28 AM »

THE INCUBATOR / Re: umbriel's incubator
« on: Jan 14, 2018, 10:11 PM »
Okay, I love him and all, but...

(jk jk jk)

Art Jams / Re: Aging Jam
« on: Dec 26, 2017, 11:07 PM »
Here's Gil aged 26 or so.

He still has a babyface, so he grew the beard to try to look older.

He also, uh, joins an anti-terrorist cell and gets a cool gun???

Art Jams / Re: Mistletoe/Mistlefoe Jam
« on: Dec 24, 2017, 04:37 PM »

Got talked into a super last minute entry. I'm open to ideas for short collabs, if you hurry.

Truman, with Oku, Room 10:
Spoiler: show
Agrimony squeaks. "I...might have something...but I haven't had to use it for some time. Please, get off the bridge, just in case..."

When you are clear, she stands fifteen feet from the suspicious wall, and her eyes begin to glow so bright a blue it shines through her bird mask. "The Glyph Witch said each of us have a gift...and this is mine!" From her hands, she unleashes a trio of brilliant blue missiles of magic energy. They crash into the wall and cast up a cloud of smoke (Aaron and Sovereign will hear this from the other side). When the smoke clears, there is a large crack in the wall, large enough to see into the next room and perhaps pass items through, but not large enough to move a person through.

You see a frenzy of action, and Sovereign fleeing the scene. Two molerat-cat chimera-looking things are running around causing trouble. After leaving Sovereign in poor shape, they seem to turn their attention to the next room as Sovereign escapes.
@Mister Kent:  3d4+3 Agrimony'sTrick = (2+2+4)+3 = 11

Aaron, Room 5:
Spoiler: show
"Shit, I was gonna study those monsters," Aaron curses under his breath. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

Dropping the fire, Aaron steps cautiously into Room 6, peering into the crack in the wall. "Hello?" he calls hesitantly, "Who's on the other side of this partition?" I really just want to get back to this puzzle, to be honest, but I can't just ignore this stupid crack, Aaron thinks impatiently.

Truman, with Oku, Room 10 (Speaking to Aaron through the hole in the wall):
Spoiler: show
"Excellent work, Agrimony!"

Truman gets up close to the hole in the wall and peer through it, seeing Aaron's face through the crack.

Well, better him than Sovereign.

"Grok! No time for pleasantries. I've got someone catatonic with me, affected by some kind of curse. We need someone who can speak infernal, or abyssal. I'm going to need you to get this door open, or, failing that, find Yoshiko and bring her here."

Truman, with Oku, Room 10:
Spoiler: show
Agrimony isn't certain. "Hmm, that way isn't known to us-oku. I think it might open...from the other side-oku..." You can see that the bridge ends up at a stone ledge but no discernable door.

Truman, with Oku, Room 10:
Spoiler: show
"Well, we can't go through the room with the bizarre stairways. At least, not without splitting up. And we can't go through the middle path anymore, not that that was a good idea to begin with. So our options are limited. Let's see, if I were building an eldrich hellmaze, I'd put a secret door panel,
riiiight... here."

Truman taps the wall. Nothing.


He taps another spot, and another. After it becomes apparent that this is going nowhere, he stops and listens to the wall.

@Q-Bit: 1d20+4 Perception = (16)+4 = 20

Truman hears the faint sounds of combat through the stone.

"I hear fighting. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the others. If I can make enough noise, maybe I can get them to open the door."

He turns toward the others.

"Unless either of you have any more tricks up your sleeve."

Truman, with Oku, Room 10:
Spoiler: show

You move South across the rope bridge until you reach the large hall with a colorful mural (Room 7). When you approach the entrance, a hissing voice calls out:

"The first to cross these coils must dance,
The second, sing to safety reach,
The third must bleed or risk mischance,
The fourth one dies between my teeth!

But three have passed my coils today
Upon the fourth I'll slake my thirst
If any more come through this way
The fifth one I shall count as first
Those who fail this test are fools
The wise will always heed my rules!"

Truman, with Oku, Room 10:
Spoiler: show
"...Forget that."

Truman leads the Oku back to room 10. They set Tutsan down again,
and Truman sets to work cutting the rope holding up the middle bridge to ensure that no one is tempted to enter the mural room again.

When he finishes, as he picks Tutsan back up, Truman asks the Oku if the bridge Southwest would also lead to the room he last saw his friend enter, and if so, barring any other complications, he prepares to head that way.

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