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Art Jams / Re: Voidmas Advent Calendar
« on: Dec 12, 2020, 08:11 PM »
Been loving all of these, Cy! It’s like opening a present daily! <33

News & Events / Re: Suggest An Event!
« on: Dec 12, 2019, 06:29 PM »
This started as a joke, but...

Speed Dating Tournament.

The rules are the same as any other SDT, just that instead of death, there's fluff. I NEED ROMANCE IN MY LIFE OKAY.

For those lightweights that like the intensity of SDTs, but aren't really interested in paying the ultimate price.

Now that I think about it, might as well add some more since I've been talking about them in the server.

Speed Dating Tournament
1 week rounds. May the best one win the Don/Doña Juan(a) Title

DnD Royale
A Royale based on the world of Dungeons and Dragons, where the characters of VOID are dressed accordingly to the class they picked.

Voids Sexiest Pageant Royale II
Last one was around September 2018.
I think it is time for Jaycee and Zee to defend their titles.

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Challenges Thread
« on: Dec 11, 2019, 01:37 PM »
Hey, looking for a bit of a romantic battle. Whether it is just fluff or straight up blatant smut, I am up for it. I do have a preference for adult themes, because of course I do, but I'd highly prefer both parties (or more in case you all wanna do a threeway or more) being comfortable, as this is to have fun with shipping our characters and such.

I'm saving Joey for a specific opponent, so hopefully you're okay with any of my wolves.

Hit me up!


Actually, screw it! Joey is also available! \ o /

Art Jams / Re: SFW Body Pillow Jam
« on: Dec 04, 2019, 08:08 AM »
JCee this is supposed to be SFW 😳😳😳

Safe For Wu


Art Jams / Re: Secret Santa 2019
« on: Dec 01, 2019, 08:56 AM »
I'd like to enter as a Helper Elf, just in case. :OOOOO

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Elge's Character Thread II
« on: Nov 16, 2019, 06:22 PM »

And the last two pages.
Time to cryink. @_@

I'm definitely not completing this before the Roulette starts, but eh. It was a fun challenge either way.

Art Jams / Re: Banners for VOID 5.99
« on: Nov 16, 2019, 03:09 AM »

Don't take this too seriously, I mainly did it to understand how my character would sparkle. It was fun!
Might as well share this somewhere.

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Elge's Character Thread II
« on: Nov 14, 2019, 11:07 PM »

I'm trying to challenge myself to finish Luis' intro before Rumble Roulette starts. But like always I need validation so here I am posting WIPs.

There's two more pages I am still working on, but they are really rough drafts, so showing them is not an option yet. So have this dumb cliffhanger only not really.

Sorry for butchering Amy/Monomythica Jii.

Looking forward to this then! <333

It's 3 AM so I might missed something important, but I just wanted to show interest in this here.
I'd fight for Shifters' side. Because I've a werewoof.

Children of the Night sounds really, REALLY nice. And honestly, repeating a Monster Smasher-esque event again doesn't sound bad. VOID is just full of fights here and there either way. Similar events make sense to me.

So uh. Either a Battle Royale, a Team VS Team, Retrubution, Roulette, or Toruney would be nice. I'm more interested in the Roullete and Retribution, since it gives people the chance to fight others in a schedule and pace themselves.

And if I may suggest, a list of interested people would be nice to see, because I only see like. 4 persons, including me, and you who have commented, but some others might have said something in the Discord. A list usually catches the eye, I think.

Um. I think that was it.

I'll add other stuff, if I remember, once I get some more sleep.

Sparky boy
Spoiler: ShowHide

"Alichino? There is no Alichino here. I am... Curtis. For now."
The ale the fool ordered had arrived, and it was completely gone before the barman had time to walk away. Quickly ordering another, the fool watched with amusement as his canine companions energy went from about "coiled spring" to "high strung lute".
"Queensmen, yes, I know. They came from the library, you know? Walking the libraries stories among the stories, maybe getting in a tale of their own. They think it's a mystery, but I think it's more of a horror story myself..."
Their story, however, wasn't nearly as appealing to the fool as the leftover food on the table, though.
"Cheery? Why shouldn't I be cheery? Today is a very good day, after all! I found something interesting, and was introduced to a new friend! And hey, free food!"
The fool casually stole some food from one of the abandoned plates on the table, and began to listen to the queensmen. "Yes, yes, a very good day indeed..."

“...What in the world are you talking about?” Luis wasn’t able to keep up with Curtis’ quirky way of talking. And he was probably still poisoned for all we knew.
This newcomer didn’t even have 5 minutes of joining him in the table, and he was already getting on Luis’ nerves

“I’d be wary with the pork ones. They gave an upset stomach to one of ours” He added as Alich- Curtis reached for the plate “Managed to knock a bugbear, not sure how well you’d fare”
However, seeing Curtis writhe from a tummy ache sounded amusing; Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything about the food.

Perception roll: 1d20+3 = (2)+3 = 5

Luis tried to focus on listening to the White Jacquets on the other table, but it seemed a task impossible. Between a lingering headache, the common sound of a bar, and Curtis, Luis wasn’t sure what to blame.

Cracked Cup, main room:[
Alichino and Luis:
"What ho' miscreants!" a patron shouts as she bursts in. It is the familiar presence of Anna Star, a notable player in the local underground that you've recently become acquainted with. From the large sword on her back, it's clear she's ready for anything.

And just when Luis thought the surprises had stopped.
It was hard to mistake that sword, that looked comically large for the tiefling to be able to actually carry.
But Luis himself was a dog that glowed blue, why would he find this uncommon now.

“She’s… Going to get into trouble...” He whispered to Curtis, not losing sight from Anna.

Clenching his fist, he reached Monomythica’s amulet, just in case he’d need to summon her aid. Luis was getting nervous again. Hopefully his fur would give no hint of that.

Lai Shan and Chorden, disguised:
You break for the entrance in your barmaid disguise, past Luis and the new man at the table, right past the three White Jacquets, and right into a familiar tiefling--Anna Star, a very recent but friendly acquaintance and potential business partner.

Perception roll 1d20+3 = (12)+3 = 15

It was odd, but a familiar odor hit your nostrils, though not completely sure yet where it came from. Reminds you of Lai Shan but might have been a coincidence. You didn’t see her come out of the backroom.

You're getting impatient, they've been speaking with Delric for some time now. Unless Anna doesn't pull something dangerous, you're all safe. As much as Luis could use a fight to release some of his anger, it didn't seem advisable to fight inside Figg's bar

Both Tieflings and Shifters have a bad reputation for being destructive in their path. It was best to not give people more reason to believe such stupid stereotypes.

He ordered himself some ale and stole a seat from one of the other tables, sliding it right next to Luis before sitting down on it. "Wonderful weather we're having, isn't it my friend? Definetly not weather for cloaks..."

“What the f-!” Luis almost let out a yelp, he was already tense enough and didn’t need, nor expected someone to suddenly invade his personal space. He wanted to bite the new person’s face off, but quickly remembered Truman had mentioned someone matching the description… “You must be Alichino...”
Oddly enough, the surprise he received from the new member managed to make his fur stop glowing.

Luis quickly looked back at the hooded visitors, hoping they hadn’t noticed his (very manly) shout seconds ago “Those three over there-No, hey, no,  don’t look at them…!”
The wolf huffed “They are White Jacquets… And- And you look way too cheery for the situation we’re in...”
Weather, what weather? This isn’t the time to be talking about climate. Is this really one of the persons Truman recruited?
Oh, okay, yeah, he gets the joke, they need a very happy and outstanding individual to contrast with his gloomy and angsty demeanor. That’s funny, Truman! Oh so flipping funn-!

"Did you have a particular avenue in mind? Assassination? Business sabotage? Public shaming? Blackmail?" 

For some odd reason, Luis’ ear started twitching. He had a really weird feeling... He felt he was going to be incredibly angry at Lai Shan once she came out of that door...

Spoiler: ShowHide

“Thanks for the coffee” he replies as Aaron leaves “Go have fun with the cool guys now”.

Once the bugbear was out of his sight, Luis turned his attention to the dishes Aaron and Chorden left in the table.
But after thinking about eating them, he started feeling nauseous. He had definitely sobered up a lot, and could control himself and not give in to his rage, but it didn’t seem to be enough to focus on anything else other than recuperating and keeping himself hydrated.

Figg lingers by your table a moment after taking his tip. He's not quite sure what to make of you, so he smiles apologetically and retreats to behind the bar.

You kinda feel bad about making things awkward for the owner of the place; You could always apologize, but you have a facade of the angry individual to keep. So maybe later.

When some of the party are gone with Delric, three hooded men enter the tavern. You sort of recognize their smells, but maybe it'd be clearer if only your head was clearer...

There’s many odors around, some more pleasant than others, but a very specific scent makes Luis’ face twist as he turns around to see three mysterious people at the door.
You aren’t sure what that smell reminds you of, but it certaintly makes you a bit anxious.

@Sparkles:  1d20  = (20) = 20
@Sparkles:  1d20  = (13) = 13

You struggle through your drunken haze and recognize these three men as the Queensmen from weeks ago at the Library. They are keeping a low profile, but do not seem too concerned if they're noticed.

They say scent is one of the first sense to be developed, and just like that, the memory hits you.

“Queensmen...” Luis said under his breath.

Meanwhile, Figg disappears into a room behind the bar, and several patrons stand up from their tables.

Trying to stay subtle, Luis placed the coffee mug, now empty, on his mouth, pretending to continue drinking from it.
It didn’t seem like a plan to alert the rest of the party right away, Delric might need some time to finish discussing these private matters.

For now, he thought it was better to keep an eye on them and see how this develops. Worst case scenario, Luis can just summon a Spirit Weapon to knock down the door the party is staying at, using the ruckus as a means to escape. Or fight, even though Aaron, Chorden, and him were not in perfect fit; Two with drinking, and one with his bowels upset. Not to mention cat was not nearby.

Unknowingly to Luis, his fur starts dimly glowing. A sudden rise of stress levels sure takes a toll on sparkledogs shifters.


"One of us should remain here to serve as a watchman. If any Queensmen make themselves welcome here someone should be ready to make a clear dash and warn us..."

Chorden quickly shifts his focus onto Luis...

"I vote the mutt. Anyone else want to vote the mutt? Raise your hand if you want to vote the mutt." He says as he holds his right arm erect

Almost immediately after Chorden finished talking, Luis slowly rose his hand as well.

Still drinking what was left of the coffee, Luis gave the kobold a toothy smile.“Call me mutt one more time, and I’ll have your tail for dinner...” But said grin carried no friendly vibes.

As Aaron approached, Luis seemed to significantly calm down, even to the point of letting his tail lower itself and wag gently.
Took some time for him to figure out exactly what Aaron was saying about confusing the drinks. Luis looked at his friend, then back at the mug, and back again at Aaron. His face ranged from showing disgust to just blatant bewilderment.
After some seconds, finally able to understand what was going on, Luis took in some air, loudly “Well, that -hiccup- explains a lot...”

During this time, the blue wolf had not been able to see the elf standing next to the party, he mentioned something about Mr. Benjamin, and some other stuff Luis wasn’t really able to follow.

Insight Roll:: 1d20+5 = (4)+5 = 9

He did notice the mer waving his palms, showing to be no immediate threat.
Embarrassed, he lowered himself into a seat, quietly sipping the coffee from the cup he had just received. 
Sobering up, he thought maybe he had been overreacting all this time, and was just being a butthole just for the sake of it towards the others.

He waited for Lai Shan to continue the conversation.
What a headache.

Lai Shan leans in her seat, staring at her fingernails in an almost dismissive manner.

"...the foxes did leave the prairie yester eve..."

She glanced back to the elf in the corner of her eye, awaiting the second half of the password*

Spoiler: ShowHide
There is no password.

Foxes, why is it always foxes. Wolves are just as intelligent as them, stronger too. Luis amused himself with his own thoughts, while still trying to regain his focus.

Lai Shan gently snags the back of Luis's collar as he strides by.

"Easy there, pooch. The lizard's right; all of us here know what it means to commit to the job. The last thing we need right now is you getting your fleas in everyone's soup."

She sighed before finishing her mead. "Besides, I think it's disrespectful to assume our associates are already done for. They knew what the worse case scenario was, and I'm sure they've taken the proper measures. Have some confidence, you're rather fatalistic for a supposed healing man."

Out of respect for Lai Shan, Luis sat down again, although not one bit less angry. He mumbled something unintelligible while he placed himself near the edge of the table, like a sad nagged pup “I wish you’d be on my side for once...” He whispered to himself, both hoping no one heard but also wishing his whimpers were taken into account.

"The boy isn't mine."

“I’m no one’s boy, I’m not a pet!” Luis snapped back at Truman “And I don’t like how -hiccup- how calmly you said that...”

Luis smelled his cup, but refused to drink from it again as the odor coming from it disgusted his nostrils. When he told the wait(ress) to give him the weakest drink they had, he for sure thought he’d get water, plain and simple. He was starting to question what he had been drinking all this time.

The elf struggles to stand, but eventually finds his feet and begins to stagger slowly in the crew's direction

His fur bristling, and tail erect, Luis aggresively showed his teeth to the approaching elf. He was still not calm and his (assumed) drunken stupor wouldn’t help the cause. He lowered himself at the level of the table, leaving only his eyes sharply fixed on the mer.
Hoping no one would mention anything about him, so he could start a fight with the just as intoxicated visitor.

Grumbling still under his breath, the cleric kept saying nonsense in both Common and Sylvan language now. From all that Chorden was saying, he only paid attention when the word mutt echoed into his ears.
“Who’re you calling pathertic- Pathetic, dumb lizard?” Luis bothered to only turn his face to meet with the rambling kobold’s.
He sighed “Monomythica give me patience, because if I ask you for strength I might just beat the heck out of him...”

"Oh an' wash th' dog."

“Screw you cat, I’m a woooo-hiccup-ooolf” He huffed

"Hold your tongue!" Chorden exclaims to the mutt, slamming his pint on the table." They made their made their bed aiding us and they were well aware of the consequences. They ran, they were caught, end of story. That's just business."

However, his prayer didn’t seem to work, as he stood up and slammed both his hands onto the table “Fuck business!” His anger took the best of him, and fully shifted into his wolf form “Even Lain understands what’s to have a family! You piece of -hiccup-!”
Luis approached Chorden, stopping not far away from him.

The healer of the group was sulking, more than usual to say the least. He hadn’t worded anything since they arrived to the tavern. Luis was just sitting there, drinking what was clearly nothing more than water.
His fur color being non natural blue would attract unwanted attention, so he had managed to stay in his human form for the moment. Much to his displeasure.

Unable to keep himself quiet any longer, Luis let out a giggle before turning his eyes at Truman “Whatever mom, you reek of fear, like the rest of us” The shifter kept grinning, pointy sharp teeth showing, almost triggering his transformation “We failed Benjamin and Lady Reed. They are probably-...” But he didn’t say, yet filling the sentence was easy “And it’s our fault”
He took another sip from the mug in front of him, silencing the urge to shift.
“Honestly, the only reason I’m still -hiccup- around, is because I’ve nowhere left to go” Luis used his hand to support his head. Seemed he was having a headache, or was trying to be overly dramatic “And no one else is able to heal your behinds like me either way”

“I loathe -burp- excuse me… I loathe every single one of you” He pointed at every member with his claw, stopping at Aaron “’cept you. You’re okay...”

“And then, there’s this cat-!” He leaned close to Yoshiko, but stopping to smell her “Wait, which one are you right now? I can never tell...”
Luis groaned loudly one last time before childishly slamming his face in the table. He also mentioned that one elf looking at their table.
“They keep staring at us for one more second, and I’m going to fight them” He bluffed, still with his face planted on the table. Then he started cursing in Sylvan, adding to his tantrum.

Art Jams / Re: VOID SHIPPING JAM [18+]
« on: Mar 27, 2019, 04:30 PM »

GO FOR BROKE! / Re: Art Diary of an Eternal Student
« on: Jan 23, 2019, 01:11 PM »
I wish not to hinder your creativity as an artist, but had you told us this was just a random character you designed, instead of planning to use her for the Magical Girl Death Tourney, I am sure we'd have felt less comfortable with the attire, or lack of, she has.

THE INCUBATOR / Re: Elge's Character Thread II
« on: Jan 23, 2019, 02:38 AM »
Not someone I really plan on uploading as a character in the future, but thought he belonged here, considering Jiisuri's Monomythica plays a role in his story.

Vlunxiyra "Luis" Ríos started as a DnD campaign cleric, Monomythica being his godess.
I guess I got attached and now I draw him often.
He summons Monomythica's pen and log as spirit weapons.
He also has a blue uncommon fur color and sometimes it glows. He's mocked by the party by being called sparkledog.
Luis is a very angre doge.

Have another lanky beta male.
Why does this elge person keep appearing in my posts, they have even invaded the title of MY thread.

spit spat, time to chat / Re: D&D Co-op Royale
« on: Jan 09, 2019, 05:57 PM »
Hey all. I'll start moving strings on the 12th, when this thread is a week old.

Made a non official VOID royale Discord:

Where we can now yell at each other. And discuss about what's gonna happen for this, and mayhaps future Royales. Come join us.

Or don't.

We can still yell at each other just fine.
Didn't want to clog the main VOID Discord I guess.


Art Jams / Re: 3-way collabs!
« on: Jan 09, 2019, 11:48 AM »
Group I

Shen (?)

Group II


Group III


Group IV


- - - - -

Example of how it’d work

Round 1

Hats – Does the first sketch
Decha – Inks Hats' sketch
Kura – Colors the inks done by Decha

Round 2

Kura – Does a new sketch
Hats – Inks Kura’s newest draft
Decha – Add the colors to the inks provided by Hats

Round 3

Decha – Prepares another sketch
Kura – Manages to ink Decha’s sketch
Hats – Finishes coloring Kura’s lineart work

- - - - -

If there's any confusion or you aren't sure as to how to proceed, feel free to yell at me and I'll do my best to help you out.

Art Jams / Re: 3-way collabs!
« on: Jan 09, 2019, 11:35 AM »
If no one is organizing them, I can step up because I like bossing people and just being an ass all around.
Just give me a minute or two to set it all up.

Also guys, remember you're all doing sketches, inks, and colors:

Guys, you're going to be doing all three (pencil, ink, and color), so don't get confused about how this works. Unless it's changed, in which case I'm confused.

So, to be clear, the rules at the top of this thread say that one of use does pencils, one does inks, and one does colors. THEN, we all rotate. So in the end, each group has 3 total finished pieces.

Round 1
Person A - Pencils
Person B - Inks
Person C - Colors

Round 2
Person C - Pencils
Person A - Inks
Person B - Colors

Round 3
Person B - Pencils
Person C - Inks
Person A - Colors

Art Jams / Re: School Days (Secret Santa Style Comic Event)
« on: Jan 06, 2019, 08:29 PM »
Count me in, please!
Joey and/or Paavo is fine. <3

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