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News & Events / !!!The Best of Void Awards 2022 RESULTS!!!
« on: Mar 05, 2023, 07:26 PM »
Before we get to the Community Voted Awards we will start off with the awards based on some hard data

Most Comics

Highest Scoring Coimcs

Highest Overall Average

And Now to all the Awards which was voted on by the community

Artist of the Year

Runner Up - Snowy

Writer of the Year

Runner Up - Flytee

Most Improved Artist

Runner Up - HeavenBat

Most Improved Writer

Runner Up - Snowy

Event of the Year

Runner Up -Speed Dating 2022

Best Artist Comics

Runner Up - Ramen visits an Old friend by Ramenbean18

Best Battle

Runner Up - Black Swan vs Elliott Clochard

Best Monochromatic Comic

Runner Up - What if? An Arma 2022 Alternate Story by ||therockman|| , Fluffsamasprime , RanZombie

Best Full Color Comic

Runner Up - Armageddon 2022 by Footini, Flytee, Goldie, Petrichor, Rose,and Snowy

Best Intro Comic

Runner Up - Cas by Badger

Best Beyond Batle

Runner Up - What if? An Armageddon 2022 Alternate Story

Best Fight Scene

Runner-ups: TIE! Impending Extinction by Cracking Skulls, Rivana, and Jcee | Impending Extinction by Petrichor, G0ttam, RanZombie

Best Dramatic Comic

Runner-up: Gone by Durianknuckle

Best Comedy Comic

Runner-up: Great Escalations round 2, Poof vs Senki by Gregly

Best Losing Comic

Runner-up: Gala Regalis, round 2 by ||therockman||

Best New Character

Runner-up: Clever by Juxta

Best New Look

Runner-up: Vidia by Pyrasterran

Best Newcomer

Runner-up: DesDemonical

Best Speed Comic

Runner-ups: TIE! Speed Dating 2022, Ghost vs. Crikey Dile by Goldie | Gala Regalis: Final Round by Animeshen

Best Kill

Runner-up: Royal Bastard’s death

Most Dearly Departed

Runner-ups: TIE! Poof by Firefly and The Royal Bastard by Fluffsamasprime

Best Scar

Runner-up: Great Escalations Round 1 by Kubo

Member of the Year

Runner-up: Minteh

Best Antagonist

Runner-up: The Royal Bastard By Fluffsamasprime

Character of the Year

Runner-up: Dairyu By Snowy

Unsung Hero

Runner-up: ||therockman||

News & Events / Secret Santa 2022
« on: Jan 27, 2023, 11:31 PM »
2 Part-er Gift By DesDemonica
For Flytee

By Flytee (Helper Elf)
for Selevan

By Seevan
For Skelleste

By Skelleste
for Radji

By Radji
for DesDemonica

By Cab
for Xeno112

By Xeno112
for Firefly

By Firefly
for TRM

By Snager (Helper Elf)
for Batty

By Batty
for Shen

By Shen
For Red

By Red
for Energy

For Pizzaman
By Energy

By Rikun
for Skelleste

By Pizzaman
for Heathen

By Art of Joe
for Rockman

By Bombiki (Helper Elf)
For Rose

By Rose
For Badger

By Badger
For JCee

By JCee
For Gregly

By Gregly
For Ramenbean

By Ramenbean
for BoogidiBzdo

By BoogidiBzdo
For Snager

By Snager
For Art of Joe

By Flytee
For Bobert

By Bobert

For Jackster

By Jackster
For PlatinumArtist

By PlatinumArtist
For Cab

By Heathen
For Rikun

!!!We here at EnterVoid staff want to thank everyone for making this possible and hopefully we see you at next year's Secret Santa!!!

THE INCUBATOR / Glee / Bard Character Incubator
« on: Jul 26, 2019, 11:34 AM »
Potential Name : Darren J. Cardinalis
A Red Macaw how just recently graduated High School and is looking to join the Glee Club at Void University. He has a special ability to summon his own ghostly chorus to harmonize with him and playing instruments to go along with his song. He is just trying to find his footing in the world

He is 6 ft tall and was part of Glee Club in his High School as well as the Football Team an the Judo Club.

These are just ideas at the moment, hoping to get some feedback on this potential Candidate

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