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tell me your character's name  / ref sheet and i will provide a layer of mundanity

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GO FOR BROKE! / Snager Snart
« on: Jul 30, 2021, 11:56 AM »
hey guys! stop me if I had a thread and forgot about it.

Thought I'd post this map I was working on. I was developing it to be a banner for the main site but it was rejected on account of the hand-written text / having too much text in general. I think it looks good just at a distance though but I may make a new one that has no text, some day.

BUT if you do click on this version and expand it, it's full of inside jokes. this was only the top sliver of void, in my head. Heavily inspired by places we made up in the RP guild, Cab's previous map, and just the titles of businesses people mention in comics or the discord.

THE INCUBATOR / Snager's Vibe Check
« on: May 25, 2020, 01:59 PM »
Hi, guys, I'm new.

so UH I've been working on a character sheet for my first character on Void, but the character itself is like something I've been messing with for 7 years.

He used to be a sci-fi character, but now he's more of a 'Magical Realism*' character, and I'm wondering if I should submit just one or the other, or be COMPLICATED and make it like he can be both, but not at the same time. like flip a switch and he's Sci-fi!Kurdis. Turn it back off and he's regular old Selkie Kurdis.


I at least know how he behaves and what he looks like and the difference between the two versions really just comes down to monster boy aesthetics vs. regular dude aesthetics.
Basically his deal is he used to be a rock start in the same vein as Jobriath or Alice Cooper, but now he works in film production stuff, like stunt coordination, fight scene choreography, safety check stuff. but in a place like Void City, that stuff is for realsies, apparently. It'd be pretty cool I just realized if Kurdis's deal was he was the one putting together all these high production void city fights and everyone else's characters were just other actors. XD but he can also play his role as Sci-Fi!Kurdis cause he can act just as well as anyone else.?

He also has teenager-aged children I want to add later if things go well. He's middle-aged but I don't like to draw the wrinkles on his face because that interferes with how i draw emotions. I moved them to his neck and hands as a compromise.

pretend i put clothes on him instead of drawing them off to the side in the corner. I can ink and color what ever later if this looks acceptable.

also here is a outline/script for his intro comic

also comes with not one, but TWO pandora stations i trained but pandora just mixes the songs together. pretty annoying.

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