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Title: Heavyweight 2021
Post by: Red on Jun 24, 2021, 09:39 AM
Heavyweight 2021 sign ups are starting now!

What is Heavyweight?
It is one of the oldest events on EnterVOID to crown the heaviest of the heavy-hitters the site has to offer! The winner will be awarded the Heavyweight Champion title until the next event in 2023! Fight for one of the most glorious trophies you could earn on Void!

The event has evolved over the years. Here's how it's going down this year:

- The comic drawing time will start on July 1
- Sign ups end June 28th
- Drawing time is 5 weeks (Ends August 5) - 1 Round only
- Battle Royale style with a maximum of 8 people

If we have less than 8 entrants, the battle royale will include everyone. Since HW is a tournament that caters to heavy hitters with the most difficult battle type the site has to offer, we’re going to be extra particular about entrants to help ensure a strong showing. If we get more than 8, we will use your previous comics as a guide on who to cut. Factors will include number of recent defaults and incomplete comics and comic quality.

- You must include all opponents in your comic - failing to do so will disqualify you
- Drawing time cannot be extended
- No page limit or minimum
- Single entries only (no teams)
- No character borrowing

- Heavyweight Champion 2021 title on Discord with color change
- Heavyweight Champion 2021 title on character's profile

Sign up by posting in #heavyweight-2021-signup on our discord!