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Gala Regalis, Final Round
Kiski the Last Ant Queen vs. Wendy and Sully vs. The Royal Bastard

Speed Death Tournament Match
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Fungal Ecstasy of a lonely Queen
Kiski the Last Ant Queen

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August Review
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August had another category sweep, with Egg Dealer vs. Grunt by FLUFFSAMASPRIME taking home top scores with 7.42 in Quality, 7.46 in Creativity, and 7.77 in Entertainment with an overall score of 7.55!

Our runner up for Quality, Impending Extinction / Shaw and Leonore Phyre vs. Oleander by Cab came in with a score of 6.85, it was also our runner up for Entertainment with a score of 7.23, and Overall score with 6.95!

For Creativity, Intro Story / Jane Goodman by Rainblug took our runner up position for the month with a score of 6.92!

Impending Extinction - Shaw and Leonore Phyre vs Oleander highlighting both sides, by Cab and LordDrakkon
Let me quickly go over the Comic then I will explain myself for my pic

It I'll start from Act one, Within the first page you get a quick rundown of key characters which is something that was quite helpful to those who don't really follow certain characters to quick catch up on what they are up to. Then an Oleander attack on the homeless before we get a black screen showing that act one is about to commence. Then we have a cage fight between Shaw and Rickter which has a lot of great action shots. In the end the two have a laugh and even thought they were opponents in the fight, they are actually friends and shows more of Shaw's character. Then we have a cut to a Burgermiester where we see a humorous exchange between Veruca and Leonore which at the end Leonore gets the food he wants. As Leonore was leaving, he witnesses Oleander's slaughter before he steps in. Soon Shaw comes by and gives Leonore the Assist then another black page.

Then Act Two begins with the abduction of one of Shaw's friends to what appears to be an abandoned Oil Field. With Oleander interacting with said character, we then learn of the name of their 'beloved' who wasn't ever named in Oleander's intro comic. Oleander does turn on this character seeing that they are nothing like the one they remembered and BAM! Shaw and Leonore show to continue to fight with Oleander. Then it goes into a real extended section of actions with fun and interesting panel choice, like on how Page 35 there are Nine separate and same sized panels but the action inside those panels tell an amazing sequence from beginning to end. All seems well and the story is about to have a good wrap up until a sword goes straight through Shaw with Oleander exclaiming about "Round 2"

We then Hop on over to LordDrakkon's comic with the first page of his entry being a solid black page stating Act Three. The paneling is very reminiscent of Shonen Jump Manga, along with the expressiveness the characters have within the panels. It is a constant back and forth with these three and the fight was a very fun read which some pretty interesting action shots. In the end the heroes once again put Oleander into the ground and head off believing they won, but little did that know that Oleander rises again! (hours later)

I have many reasons for this being my choice, I know that Staff's pick of the week is supposed to be highlighting a comic but I want to highlight this battle due to the sheer fact that it wasn't just 2 competing stories going head to head but it was one long collaborative and cohesive story split in two. One thing I really like seeing from Void is the creativity and effort that the community can really do when folks really put their minds to it. This battle had a Veteran tag along with a Newcomer to make some serious magic which hopefully shows that no matter how much experience one has on Void, there is always room for new artists and new characters to show their stories. While this is a hefty 55 pages in total (which includes both sides), it is still great read which I recommend anyone who is reading this to go back and look this one over.  Having a battle set up this way is extremely rare but always a welcome sight to see.

Lastly for Both Cab and LordDrakkon, You guys did Great! Keep on creating Buddy!

Added to portal: Nova Rose - Sep 14, 2022, 10:44 AM
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