HR99 Character Information Sheet

HR99 Character Information Sheet
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It's incomplete for the time being but I promised this out yesterday and I wanna put this puppy mill out to fight. I'll be updating it when I feel like it can.

Adopt Disclaimer: Certain robots were originally purchased as adoptables from various artists I wanted to support. Rather than having these concepts rot on my virtual shelf I figured Id breathe new life into them with the 99 team. The original concept art is credited as follows: 11 - 12 -  16 - 17 & 39 - 41- 61 -

Before you begin: Don’t feel like you have to follow these descriptions to the letter. These characters were created to allow your creativity to expand after all. They’re more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules.

[[The following is a logged database of each robot in the 99 crew by their lovely manager and savior. Each log will give you the robot’s number, real name, bio and known relationships. If a robot fails to produce a name it will be filled in by yours truly with only the upmost care and sensitivity]]

No.1 (Atlas)

Log:  I’m iffy on the details, I’m not even sure how a computer virus can be revived, but I can’t describe this little shit in any other way. It’s seemingly able to enter any digital device advanced enough, leaving no trace that it was ever there. While it can enter these devices it has yet to actually do damage to any of them. This confuses me to it’s true nature. It’s pretty snarky and likes pranks.

No.2 (Two)

Log: An incredible tank of a machine, supposedly a former warlord but I like to think it was a former mechanical bull ride. Likes flower arranging, bad puns and karaoke. Good if you need to hire a buff dad for the weekend I suppose.

No.3 (Lord Salfon)

Log: Villain for a defunct theme park ride. Old habbits die hard it seems though the others keep him in check (though others encourage it. I’m looking at you, 37) It’s blaster arm has been modified to actually work and it’s legs have been modified with springs to elongate it’s jumps.

No.4 (Kevin)

Log: Inner workings of this machine indicate it’s from another universe entirely. How fancy. Has the ability to walk on water and can shoot it’s hands like grappling hooks or throwing knives. Very much the silent type but can very much speak if prompted. Does what it wants mostly.

No.5 (Chipper)

Log: A bird shaped device that can stop time but only for 60 seconds at max. During the stopped time anyone within 50 ft of the bird are fully aware but cannot move. It cannot speak and only clucks. Very pleasant and polite.

No.6 (Sheriff Pancake)

Log: Cowboy Mouse toy known as Sheriff Pancake. Comes with two functioning toy guns that shoot water and foam pellets and a 1.5 ft lasso that is surprisingly strong. Fully articulated and can speak Spanish and English.

No.7 (Quizzno)

Log: Former gameshow host that knows a lot of useless trivia and is very nimble and perceptive possible from having to do shitty gameshow obstacle courses.

No.8 (Mummified Magnet)

Log: Currently my doorstop. Upon revival it proved to be unresponsive. Possible awaiting a specific command in order to be actually functional. Highly magnetic.

No.9 (Boomer)

Log: Nonverbal gentle giant. The speaker on it’s chest can send powerful sound waves that can break concrete at it’s highest capacity. Has drill like hands possibly to anchor itself into the ground when producing more powerful attacks. Pretty good speaker quality for regular music use.

No.10 (Lights Out)

Log: An old boxing training robot I combined with an old traffic light. Communicates to others using the flashing lights on it’s head. I haven’t fully deciphered the language but flashing red means stay the fuck away from me before I punch you.

No.11 (Cookie)

Log: Can move freely in the sky and water. Kind of a little shit. Tentacle suction is very powerful. Good at baking but good luck getting it to make anything for you.

No.12 (Tesla)

Log: Tiny as it is, 12 can hold a lot of electricity. It’s tail can form into any outlet plug it needs to be and theoretically siphon enough electricity to rival an electrical grid. Nonverbal and communicates through small electrical chirps.

No.13 (Thirteen)

Log: Allegedly a cursed horror arcade game, 13’s instruction manual explains that winning and losing the game will produce different results with real world consequences. Best if I let some sucker try it out first.

No.14  (Dale)

Log: I think it was a former exterminator? Very nice to humans but very hostile towards chitins.

No.15 (Mitts)

Log: A pitching machine robot modified to move in multiple directions to better accommodate the new rules of baseball. Can also scale walls and go 100 mph to better accommodate the new rules of baseball. It is also yellow.

No.16 (Moon)

Log: Upon revival the snake like robot was covered with a strange regenerating slime like substance that produces tiny slime bass that stick to most surfaces and can bounce up to 80 ft. Friendly and playful but has a powerful bite if you put your fingers anywhere near it’s mouth.

No.17 (Cinnamon)

Log: Stuffed toy which gives hugs that could break a human spine. It’s stare is disgustingly adorable. Can unravel any fabric it sinks it’s claws in.

No.18 (Ugly Bitch)

Log: A spinning top toy that I truly regret giving a mouth. Good for mixing cement or digging holes in unstable locations.

No.19 (Ringo)

Log: Jovial ringmaster robot that can control a set of 5 levitating rings that can shrink to the size of a ring and expand to the size of a hula hoop. Snarky but a showman nonetheless.

No.20 (The fifth horseman tbh)

Log: A turbo cleaning machine with slightly homicidal tendencies. The bristles in it’s underside have been hardened after years of use and neglect and will probably slash your leg’s tendons if you get too close. Will give rides to those it deems worthy. Will kill you and clean up the evidence with scary accuracy. Just kidding...yeah. Not loyal to any flag or country

No.21 (Dirty Dan)

Log: A former robot from a Russian intelligence agency that carries around a canon that transforms into a “telescope”. Stronger than it looks can speak English, Russian, German, Chinese and Korean.

No.22 (Twizzler)

Log: Mysterious machine seems to be created to entrap and poison organic creatures in its various spiny vines. Dislikes humans and actively avoids them.

No.23 (Smiley)

Log: Repurposed smilebot found near 24. Screen usually broken but occasionally flashes red and blue. Can speak but doesn’t do so often and it’s always in broken single words.

No.24 (Peaches)

Log: Very detailed humanoid found near 23. Accurately resembles a 16 year old female with no extraordinary features to speak of though it can play a bass guitar competently.

No.25 (Clarence)

Log: Cleaning robot who is very well mannered and pleasant. Right arm contains duster and window wiper. Left arm contains a powerful vacuum that can either take in or expel air. Can walk on walls by manipulating gravity.

No.26 (Taffy)

Log: An overly timid machine. Its arms are produced by the strange black substance prodiced by it’s cap. This black substance is highly adhesive and will stick to most surfaces (take that rubber, you cocky bitch). It is only removable with a highly poisonous lubricant that is also produced by 26. It is very timid and tends to keep it’s distance from clients in fear it’ll accidentally poison them.

No.27 (Echo)

Log: One of the few revived that isn’t made by conventional means, proving 99’s impressive reach in which inorganic creatures can be revived. Very light on it’s feet and has a powerful grip but otherwise incredibly fragile.

No.28 (Tib)

Log: Used as a demolition mecha until they were banned in Mexico. While fairly small as far as giant robots go it makes up for this with the various gadgets many of which involve a welding lazer of various sizes and uses. It’s main tool is the wrecking balls that can be launched at high speeds to wreck anything in it’s path if anything is a decrepit old building that is.

No.29 (Schibs)

Log: An old timey radio bot that likes to relay old show tunes and advertisements. It’s pretty annoying which is good if you’re looking to annoy someone. It’s not completely useless like 18.

No.30 (Copper)

Log: While it’s appearance would indicate it is part of law enforcement it’s actually from an old theme park. Not overly concerned with cop activities and more interested in helping people. Has various pre recorded phrases that it uses to communicate.

No.31 (MMA)

Log: A machine that simultaneously exists between three bodies. The communication works so quickly that it gives off the appearance that all of them are functioning at the same time. It’s movement becomes impaired if their separation exceeds 10 miles.

No.32 (CT-32)

Log: A crash test dummy designed to can repel any particles that come near it. It is also nearly indestructible. I like to launch it into old and probably uninhabited buildings.

No.33 (Bumble)

Log: One of the machines I heavily regret reviving. This machine lives inside the tv on channel 33. Causes irreversible mischief after broadcasting hours. It’s still offered itself up for hire but I recommend choosing literally anyone else. Have you tried choosing 18?

No.34 (Krazy Keys)

Log: A walking midi robot plays music as it walks. Very happy all the time though is probably smarter than it looks….no nevermind it’s a complete nimrod.

No.35 (Wilson)

Log: Small adorable little ball that doubles as a backpack this spherical little friend can also shoot lasers and fix various machines. Helpful and travel sized who could hate such an adorable friend?

No.36 (Zit)

Log: An old toy from the 90’s known as Fuzzlos, this one appears to be a factory reject having it’s voice box be replaced with that of an Ice-T action figure. It can fly but not for very long and it has a fairly powerful bite for some reason.


Log: An overlord robot from a distant galactic war, 37 knows of humans but does not think highly of them. Large arm contains various weapons of opponents it has defeated. This arm also contains a shield and a centaur form. This form has legs that can bend in both directions for easier movement in battle.


Log: A pirate animatronic with a penchant for actual historic pirate activities. Swears like a sailor appears to follow the command of 61.


Log: A golem dog that was made to serve humans. Probably the oldest machine that Titan has been able to revive yet though it’s possible it dates around the same time as other entries. Superb sense of smell when it comes to organic beings. Also has the ability to control sand surprisingly enough what appears to be hair on it’s body is actually sand it controls. I’ve seen the sand fall apart when it’s sleeping and it’s weird looking.


Log: Possibly the most confusing machine 99 has been able to revive. No intelligence to speak of and appears to be nothing more than the cheap fathers day gift it was meant to be.


Log: A robot that likes gambling. Claims to curse those who don’t pay up. Bubbly and cute otherwise.


Log: one of the various amusement park robots recovered. Was likely in the same ride as 41. Mostly tags along with 41 and follows it’s lead. Fairly talkative among robots but shy around humans. it’s werewolf claws can slash through metal and it’s fish claw can stick to most surfaces. Has night vision and it’s fangs can produce electric shocks. (I added most of that)


Log: Not much beyond it’s appearance. Has strong chompers and infrared vision. Don’t bother trying to take this dog on a walk it’ll take you on one instead.


Log: Some kind of balloon creature this thing is still an enigma to me. All I know is it’s name is Beelee and it floats around.


Log: A police assistant bot that gave detectives hot coffee on the go. Has since then dedicated itself to being a detective like those it served. I have implemented bug zapper parts on it’s body upon request to have a built in tazer. Normally I don’t entertain the whims of machines but I found this request to be amusing. Still makes damn good coffee too.


Log: A virtual assistant robot known for it’s extensive knowledge and eerily accurate weather predictions. Became discontinued after it began predicting various tragedies with scary accuracy with the remaining ones being used for secret intelligence agencies.


Log: A trash can robot with a very depressing attitude. I guess I’d be depressed too if I was a constantly vandalized trash can (though one could argue I’m not far from it).


Log: A robot made to monitor the dreams of humans in order to tap into primal lost parts of the human psyche. Can induce sleep in humans and enter their dreams. This ability can only be used once every 12  hours for 30 seconds. Other than that it has a nice singing voice.


Log: Strange robot that has the ability to control small pellet like drones that can stick to walls and other surfaces. These drones can do surveillance and track the location of their choosing.


Log: A broken medical bot that while friendly to humans and wanting to help will likely just make things worse for the poor victim it deems it’s patient.
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HR99 Character Information Sheet Part 2
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Log: A lava lamp type machine used in a now bankrupt spaceship mechanic company. Very knowledgeable with spaceships and alien technology but absolute crap at repairing earth vehicles.


Log: A machine that is only as dangerous as the thoughts of the one behind the vehicle. Will take it’s client to any destination in the city it desires by any means necessary. Can drive on any surface at any angle. Can be the most expensive or cheapest cab you ever rented.


Log: an incredibly strong robot possibly made for a superhero team so they’d have 5 members or something. Can fight kaiju level threats and put a significant dent in most surfaces with it’s nuclear punch. Has no desire to control it’s strength in normal situations. Do not shake it’s hand it will break your spine.


Log: A meta doctor robot. Has no filter and is incredibly blunt but never shakes its optimistic disposition.


Log: A former roller coaster robot with the ability to fly off the rails (I guess that was it’s gimmick). Remade the jaw and eyes on the front cart to actually work. Very philosophical and might try to push something it thought of that day on you.

No. 56

Log: One macho armadillo wrestling obsessed machine. Seems to have a long lasting rivalry with 63 can drill through up to 6 feet of metal and has a powerful drill punch attack that would send most opponents flying.


Log: One of those moving flower toys that was powered by the sun. Off the clock it usually appears in random locations. Once 57 begins it’s dance anyone within its constantly shifting range is compelled to be happy and friendly.


Log: A machine with the ability to perform telekenesis and other magics I suppose. Claims to be able to travel to a mysterious planet only accessible by astral projection. Sounds like a crock of shit to make it sound more special than it really is. Seeing spoons bent the first time was neat but it lost its touch the moment I couldn’t eat my morning cereal.


Log: A circus robot loves to juggle. Nonverbal. Can also use yoyos.


Log:  Combined dinosaur animatronic parts with various military robot parts. Resulted in a bold and brash thrill seeking mess.


Log: A pirate animatronic robot similar to 38. 61 has assumed command over the two though they have no memory of their past lives. Both have sworn to a life of crime and debauchery. While hostile towards humans they will not kill them.

No.63 (Silent Eagle)

Log: I don’t know who gave it the codename silent eagle but it is horribly incorrect. This bastard hasn’t shut the fuck up the moment we revived it. Faster than a speeding jet on either land, sea or sky, stronger than a fully armed tank, this machine was made for combat and excels in it expertly.


Log: A strange alien machine that has the ability to speak to babies. According to 64 babies are kind of evil. Chill if not a little timid.


Log: One of the few machines that can survive underwater. Nonverbal, mimics behavior of a standard narwhal. Horn can pierce hulls of submarines and ships.


Log: An annoying machine that thinks it’s a cowboy. That’s pretty much all it is actually. It can’t shoot for crap. Sells bootleg merchandise when it's not chasing that stupid cowboy dream.


Log: The combined efforts of a dino animatronic and a washing machine this machine may appear unassuming but it packs a powerful electric lazer blast that increases with all the intensity of the most aggressive rinse cycle. Can wash clothes normally too I know you were wondering.


Log: a fully functional life sized doll of a little girl. Deadpan in nature but responsive and polite in any conversation. Has a strange obsession with hammers and is a little creepy.


Log: A rock and roll robot that doesn’t take shit from anyone (unless they’re hot). Another fully amnesiac robot but it doesn’t seem to bother it. Likes making friends with exciting people.


Log:  A robot designed to conduct medical procedures though refuses to do so. Possibly one of the more useless machines I’ve revived. Nothing particularly exciting about this one. Friendly if otherwise indifferent to most things.

Relations: Friends with 64 and 26.


Log: Has a portal in it’s stomach that can take in anything that can fit. Items consumed cannot be returned. Has a frog-like tongue that can shoot out of it’s gut. Quite pessimistic.


Log: A mysterious knight robot of unknown origin. The blades on it’s back can be separated from 71 from up to three miles and will return upon command of the user. Silent but violent like a bad fart...don’t tell it I said that.


Log: A robot only interested in taking care of small animals. Speaks in Beeps and Boops. Cage is highly durable and can produce an electrified forcefield on the outside. Can produce feeding pellets and it’s hands can become spoons. Or forks.


Log: DJ robot that makes music out of the battles it’s specialty disc blades record. The better the battle the better the song from what I’ve experienced.


Log: Don’t let it’s penguin exterior fool you, this animatronic has the mind of a mafioso. Has tried roping various machines in the lineup to be a part of it’s gang. Gotta keep a close eye on this one I don’t want a mutiny.


Log: A cute hermit crab sized hermit crab robot. It can find any lost item that is smaller than it.


Log: I have no idea what this thing is. My best guess is machine parts built around a crystal like power source. It’s arms are detachable but are usually connected with a ribbon like metal that is very sharp and durable. Speaks with telepathy. Kind of stand offish.


Log: A robot mostly used for window cleaning. Has a drone mode that lets it fly about as high as any skyscraper.


Log: Hot tunes! Hot toast! Friends with 34. Likes showtines. Can only speak using the radio.


Log: A furnace robot that doubles as a smoker. Good for if you’re cold or need jerky. Cannot speak.


Log: A cute little bee that just wants to be a post office worker. Arranges flowers in it’s spare time. Always cordial with humans. A very sweet bee. Can do anything a bee can do except die in a year.


Log: The combined efforts of two machines salvaged from a classic theme park ride. Has the head of a french mime and the body of a kabuki performer. These two halves of the body are in constant conflict with eachother going in between wanting to loudly express every action to remaining as silent as possible.


Log:  Not much to this one just a machine that can extend it’s torso up to 10 ft.

Relations: Friends with 79.


Log: A cute little bounty hunter robot that’s a lot smarter than it looks. Snarky as hell and jovial to a fault. The ball on the end of it’s tail can catch most anything and transform it into a bell.


Log: A mascot for a group of New Mexican firefighters. The hoses that serve as it’s arms can be repurposed into lassos. Pretty cool guy tries to like everyone.


Log: A regular maid nothing violent about it. Does maid things. Doesn’t do windows.


Log: Probably the most enigmatic robot revived. Doesn’t do much besides garden and read. Likes birds.


Log: A toy robot with an incredible intellect. Has probably made the most friends in the robot circle. Very sociable but also kind of a bitch.


Log: A spy robot that loves it’s job. Loves spying a little too much for my liking though. Really macho personality and kind of a clown. I think I’ve seen it Naruto run.


Log: A machine form a line of butler robots that were discontinued after low sales from being a choking hazard to infants. Got the affectionate nickname Clearance Clarence. Does windows.


Log: A robot that’s one purpose is to vend concessions (sometimes aggressively). Never loses that dopey smile on it’s face.


Log: Was specifically designed to help in nearly any search and rescue missions. Kind of a weak chicken.


Log: One of the only surviving members of the infamous robo mafia. Quite the gentlebot.


Log: A futuristic robot designed for wacky space adventures. Has a strange fascination with lobsters and 3rd grade math.


Log: A robot probably made to do nothing but play the violin. I don’t know what it is but something rubs me the wrong way about this robot.


Log: Samurai robot. No memory of it’s past but I feel like it has some relation to 4. Not very talkative but capable of minor speech.


Log: A mining robot who’s very dedicated to it’s job. Can drill through most things, has a built in light and a tough shell that can withstand several hundred tons of pressure.


Log: Don’t look it straight in the eye. It doesn’t like that.


Log: There’s a lot to say about this one. After finding it under totally legal and legit circumstances I revived this robot and took it under my wing. It has a childlike personality and is very inquisitive about everything. Has an incredible bleeding heart and just wants to help people. It has the ability to levitate and teleport. Incredibly strong and durable but is nonviolent for the most part. More powers may be discovered as time goes on I have a feeling this robot isn’t functioning at full force just yet.
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Re: HR99 Character Information Sheet
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Still insane how much mental horsepower you dedicated to all these funny little guys. Really spoiling people for choice here, haha.


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