Goodbye Letter to Void

Goodbye Letter to Void
« on: Oct 27, 2021, 06:48 PM »
Hi all. I debated whether to post this here or on the forums, because on the one hand people barely read the forums, but on the other, anything I say will get lost quickly in a Discord chat, so here we are.

This is my goodbye to enterVOID. I rejoined the server to see how Bark vs Bite was doing, but I’ve had it on mute and I think I’ll be leaving for good soon. I’ll still be around on enterVOID the website; I’m down for battles, I have some outstanding collabs, and if you want a comment or just to chat, feel free to hit me up on Discord. But I’ll be barely active. And as somebody who used to be extremely active, I thought I’d explain why.

The long and short of it is that Void has become a very negative place for me. It’s extremely draining to have many people react with apathy towards my comics and characters, or even hostility towards me. Not to mention the hypocrisy and clique mentality rampant in the community. Why bother giving so much effort to a community who overall doesn’t appreciate or reciprocate it, especially now that I’ve found others that do?

I don’t think Void is a bad place, or that all Voiders are like this. The people here have helped me tremendously with not just comics, but art as a whole. I’m still genuinely surprised at the massive difference in ability Void has fostered. I’ve also met some great people here, who I anticipate I’ll be friends with for a good while. I have felt like this for some time, but hung on and kept coming back because I wanted to stay for them, not to mention FOMO. But I was eventually forced to accept the cons now outweigh the pros for me personally.

I’ll end this with a message to anyone it concerns: Void is a community, and a tiny one at that. Please give something back to it. Don’t use this as a place to dump your comics and get instant validation. Don’t stay in an uncritical echo chamber with the same few people. Read comics by people you wouldn’t normally read, take crits as a learning opportunity, comment on anything you see up when you visit the site. Everybody knows each other here, and every one of you is already a significant part of the community who can change things for the better. Thank you. 
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Re: Goodbye Letter to Void
« Reply #1 on: Oct 28, 2021, 01:17 AM »
Cy I'm really going to miss you here. It's upsetting to learn a website like Void has become a space of negativity for you. I want to say more but I'm still not entirely sure what I wanted to say with this just know I understand and respect your decision and I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress in comics even outside of Void.

Re: Goodbye Letter to Void
« Reply #2 on: Oct 28, 2021, 10:35 AM »
Cy, it's true I didn't like the first review you ever left me, but in the time since I have grown to anticipate and look forwards to them. I was really hoping you could make time for the Hand of God collab, when it comes out, if you feel up to it. I know its whacky, but I sometimes even skip actually reading new comics and scroll down to find reviews like yours, first. What you say may not be worded the nicest, but you're saying it how you see it, so we know it's gotta be true on some level.

:P there is a lot of drama in this community. I hope that one day, Void will have more usership and in so being larger will have less room for cliques and in-fighting, ect.

in the meantime, nice people in the community can give us hints and tips on other communities to visit. I hope you find good ones, too.


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