Dungeon Master of Disaster 2021

Dungeon Master of Disaster 2021

Dungeon Master of Disaster 2021
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A major disaster will occur— And those who join this tournament must see that their character survives the journey...With, or without their fellow VOIDlings. Previous disasters have been unpredictable, from being marooned to nuclear winters— But now, we announce the theme early; Pre-Industrial Fantasy.

Will the fates of our darling VOIDers be found within the depths of cold dungeons, or beyond mossy cobblestone walls? Will you save a local village from a mysterious curse, or discover your journey as the Chosen One through scrolls of prophecy?

The story onwards is yours to tell, in Dungeon Master of Disaster!

An eight slot tournament which takes place over three rounds. Round one will consist of two 4-way elimination matches, with the winner of each continuing forward into a 2-way match for round two.

And should you become the final champion of round 2— You rightly earn your title of “The Hero of Legend”. But the journey doesn’t end there, as you continue into the final round, and face the true ‘final boss’. Who it is, who they could be, a complete mystery. But should you defeat them, you will earn the title of…

Dungeon Master of Disaster”, itself!

Each participating artist is responsible for a comic supporting the announced theme, and depicted use of all of the characters within their selected group.



To enter:
You may use either an existing character or a new one, as long as they fit the theme. Once your character is either submitted or already active on the site, please provide the following in order to sign up:

  • The name of your character
  • A link or file attachment of your character's design sheet*
  • If using a character that has already been approved, a link to their profile page
Failure to provide all the required info will not count as a signup, so be sure to follow the instructions completely!

* Your character is required to be redesigned to fit a pre-industrial fantasy setting.
 “Does this mean I have to redraw my submitted character sheet?” No, so long as your comic represents the announced theme itself!

Maximum roster size of 8 characters.  Co-owned and borrowed characters can join as well, one artist per character!

Drawing Time: 2 weeks per round (Final round included), 1 week voting

Round 1: Two 4-way elimination matches
Round 2: 2-way elimination match
Round 3: Fight the ‘Final boss’!

Prize(s): “HERO OF LEGEND”, which will be upgraded to “DUNGEON MASTER OF DISASTER” If you defeat the final boss! (A physical poster prize will also be delivered if you win!!)

Artist application ends May 16th, 2021, round 1 begins May 18th, 2021.

Most signups can be found on our Discord, so it's strongly recommended that you come over and take a peek when you can!
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