Void City Valkyries [VCV] : Behind the Scenes

Void City Valkyries [VCV] : Behind the Scenes

Void City Valkyries [VCV] : Behind the Scenes
« on: Sep 29, 2020, 09:45 am »
Thought I'd create a thread dedicated to VCV content so they don't get lost in Discord. I really had a blast collaborating with Hats, JCee, Cracking Skulls and Golden. It was such a great experience and I am very honored to be a part of it.

VCV Related Comics So Far (To be updated as new comics come up)

Comic Playlist

VCV Roster

Spotify Playlists
Condensed Char Themes for the VCV Armageddon Collab:


Character Spotify Playlists
Wizzie Playlist 1, Wizzie Playlist 2


Art by Hats/MyHatsEatPeople

Cover Art of the girls done by me and Goldie:

Void City Valkyries Poster : Sketch and Colors by me, Inks by Hats

There's more but we can start with those :)
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Re: Void City Valkyries [VCV] : Behind the Scenes
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More bonus art! And a banner:

Cracking Skulls' early sketches of the girls. The girls thought Raven would be feral at first in the story (or 100% possessed). I quickly said no because I want Raven to be accountable for her actions. The only thing wrong with her was that she saw some people (Fate Dead) as demons  and Raven is more susceptible to succumbing to her baser instincts/sins/emotions she was feeling at the time: Rage and Bloodlust (Wrath and Lust if we're gonna go the 7 sins route since Arma 2020 is Hell themed)

JCee's wonderful designs of the girls in Masquerade outfits!

Goldie does her own ref pictures of the characters whenever she does comics and they look amazing.

Goldie sketched, inked and did the flat colors for this banner. I did the rendering.  It was inspired by the convo we had during our collab about how the Valkyries all have earrings and they are different. So during the rendering stage, I decided to highlight the earrings and use mostly backlighting.

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