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« on: Aug 13, 2020, 11:09 PM »
Where I'll post my fics and/or art!!

I'm going to try and updated whatever fic I'm working on every other week, if not sooner!

Current Fic: Operation Nightmare

Operation Nightmare: Prologue
« Reply #1 on: Aug 13, 2020, 11:13 PM »

War was ravaging across Europe and it was difficult for anyone living there not to get pulled into it. Iain MacTavish has seen many atrocities in his life, but none like this. He felt more compelled to fight than he had in a long time, and spent no time signing back up to serve in the Medical Corps as he had in the Great War. It was the same unit he had been in before and he was grateful to be fighting with people he knew, and the sense of comradery was a comfort to the lonely soldier. But war was never something that was comfortable.
   Regardless, Iain did his job and he did it well, healing injured soldiers with a mix of sheer knowledge of combat medicine and his magical abilities, and it garnered more attention than he thought it would.

He was called into his captain’s office one day, which could be barely called an office as it was no more than a tent with some desks and a filing cabinet, and he couldn’t help the anxiety that bubbled in his chest as he entered, snapping to attention with a practiced ease.
   “At ease, MacTavish.”
   “Sir. You wanted to see me?” Iain relaxed just a tad and put his arms behind his back, wringing his fingers silently as if the motion would help with his nerves. It didn’t.
“Yes. The other day there was a soldier who had taken a gunshot wound to the lung. He would have died almost instantly if it wasn’t for you. You removed the bullet and healed him so that he could live to get to the hospital, saving his life. Is that true?” The Captain asked. He remembered that battle, though it was mostly a blur of gunfire, screaming and blood. There were a few different units and he had just healed whoever fell in front of him. Iain felt his heart pound, now nervous that he had accidentally aided a Nazi.
   “A-aye. I mean, yes sir, that’s true.”
“Congratulations MacTavish, you saved the life of one of our generals.” Iain’s stomach dropped so quickly that he thought he would vomit, his eyes widening as he stared at the Captain with a dumbfounded expression.
“I-I did…?”
“You did, and he wants to promote you for a special assignment. He thinks that with your abilities you’ll be a perfect fit.” He stood and went over towards the filing cabinet, pulling out a manila folder. “You’re being reassigned and will be joining a special operations team as their medic. The team is composed almost entirely of meta-humans and are considered some of the best soldiers in the Queen’s Army. They’ve been pulled from all around the world and have over a hundred thousand Nazi kills to their name.” He tossed the file onto the table and Iain’s eyes followed it, staring at it as if it was a bomb.
“Do I have a say in this?” The Scotsman knew it could be seen as disorderly to ask such a question, but he had to know. The Captain sighed.
“You’ve already been transferred. Trust me, Iain, if we could have kept you with us we would have, but this comes from too high up for either of us to argue.” He told him. His hand clapped Iain on the shoulder, and he offered him a small smile. “We’ll miss you, but this is a great opportunity. You’re going to do great things.”
   Iain held out his hand, giving the captain a firm handshake.
“Thank you sir. When do I ship out?”
“Twenty four hundred hours. The location is confidential so they’ll be coming to get you. This file has all the information you’re allowed to know at the moment, everything else you’ll be briefed on upon your arrival. I’d get some reading done if I were you, you’re going to be the first person in this camp to open that file, so we don’t know what’s in it.” Both men turned their gaze to the file and Iain picked it up.
He flipped it open and to his surprise just a single slip of paper stared up at him, bearing a single phrase:


   He closed the file, frowning as he pondered the name. What am I getting myself into…?


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