Nanny idea

Nanny idea

Nanny idea
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Meet Rosa Maria

She's an eldricht being that has obtained a humaine sort of sanity, through centuries of undercover living umongst humans.

Her personality is very much joyful, theres always some bright side somewhere to laugh at even when theres vicera and blood on the walls, her face is locked in this faint smile.

Even though she has a look of peace most of anything she says comes out flat and dry rather than joyful to what can be described as a calm voice describing true joy and true misery as if reading a bedtime story.

Rosa Maria's current hobby is reforming souls, childrens in particular. She grew a horrible distaste for ghosts, otherworldy beings and people who twist and manipulate the innocent into becoming monsters, and so she captures powerful , poltergheists, demonically influenced or wayward spirits who cause hard and destruction in order to bring back the kind child they once where.

At the moment her current child is Agatha, she is a grudge style poltergheist and does pretty much anything you think something from the grudge or the ring can do.  She does anything requested but the tendencies of envy that drove her in the house she haunted are still there slowly being mended away by Rosa maria.

Rosa Marias innate abilities:

Illusions: if she doesnt use agatha she is making illusions with her cigarretes they look real for days but only remain tangible for about 8 hours, they also cant simulate life.

Immunity to madness and fear but a weakness to feelings of joy and happiness

Ritualistic spells

Eldricht sight: if it isnt of this plane she can usually see its truest form as an eldricht being she isnt affected by madness

Her body feels like firm soft skin, but its as hard as steel armor and cracks like marble, it looks pale due to the lack of blood so she uses makeup on her cheeks and lips to look less dead. She doesnt heal the body easily despite how resilient it is it requires an intricate ritual.

Her umbrella allows her flight when ridden and gentle controlled levitation when opened.

The umbrella can stun when opened by creating an overwhelming flash of light

Each crystal she has is a soul catcher they dont reflect light and shadows dont acknowledge their prensence so they always look flat and white.

A soul cought in the crystal will obey the first three commands she gives usually they are:

Never lie to me

Never harm unless its in my defense or under my orders.

Always follow my orders.

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Re: Nanny idea
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I love this idea! You reminded me that I have an eldritch being I wanted to submit, so thanks for that haha. Your bio was a bit difficult to read due to a lot of run on sentences, so try to add more punctuation where appropriate to make it more readable. I'd also list Agatha's powers out for those of us who aren't as familiar with The Grudge or The Ring or anything like that, if you wouldn't mind. This character has so much potential, and I just really want to see her in action!

If you're not getting a lot of responses here, the Discord is a bit more active, so that's worth checking out as well:


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