Secret Santa 2019

Secret Santa 2019

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #50 on: Dec 30, 2019, 02:27 pm »
Today is the home stretch!  Be sure to send me your secret santas on Discord.  If not then use the email posted in the first post.

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #51 on: Dec 31, 2019, 04:38 am »
This Secret Santa has been a great success!  And we’ve had more participants than ever before!  Thanks for spreading the holiday cheer!

I want to thank the Helper Elves especially since most of them pulled double duty and still did incredible work!

And now that it’s over, I need a drink.  Cheers!

1. William Duel
My secret santa was Kubo!  I love it!  So much!!

2. Wubble
Your secret santa is Syraxis!

3. Heavensbat
Your secret santa is Gingler!

4. Cydork
Your secret santa is Badger!

5. Sony-Shock
Your secret santa is Projecthalfbreed!

6. dejitaruu
Your secret santa is MrPr1993!

7. JCee
Your secret santa is Flytee!

8. Badger
Your secret santa!  WilliamDuel!
Unfortunately I am still finishing it up but never fear because Helper Elf Pita is here to make sure you still get a present you deserve!

9. ProjectHalfBreed
Your secret santa is Rivana!

10. Gingler
Your secret santa is JCee!

11. Jackster
Your secret santa is Deji!

12. Cab
Your secret santa is Sony-Shock!

13. ArtsandGoodies
Your secret santa is Cydork!

14. OberGoat
Your secret santa is Heavensbat!

15. Aeolim
Your secret santa is Cab!

16. kubo
Your secret santa is Radji!

17. Radji
Your secret santa is Rikun!

18. Flytee
Your secret santa is Aeolim!  Unfortunately they couldn’t play in any Reindeer Games but Bobo the Elf is on the case!

19. MrPr1993
Your secret santa is Obergoat!

20. Rivana
Your secret santa is ArtsandGoodies!

21. Shen
Your secret santa is Orion!  Unfortunately the Orionmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away.
But ProjectHalfbreed is pulling double duty as a Helper Elf and kicking butt!

22. Bobo
Your secret santa is platinumartist!

23. cats
Your secret santa is flutterbyes!

24. Footini
Your secret santa is Energy!

25. SnowyMoth
Your secret santa is Jackster!

26. Pita
Your secret santa is Petrichor!

27. lefrafra
Your secret santa is Cornbread!

28. Danibot
Your secret santa is otakutaylor!

29. Kozispoon
Your secret santa is TheRealBirbBlitz!

30. Syraxis
Your secret santa is Boogidibzdo!

31. Gregly
Your secret santa is Shen!

32. Crocostyle
Your secret santa is Rittzler!

33. rittzler
Your secret santa is crocostyle!

34. Petrichor
Your secret santa is Gregly!

35. Corn
Your secret santa is Wubble!  But they’re busy decking the Halls! So Helper Elf Deji is here to make sure kids on the nice list get their presents!

36. otakutaylor
Your secret santa is Kozispoon!

37. Orion
Your secret santa is Danibot!

38. platinumartist
Your secret santa is lefrafra!

39. Flutter
Your secret santa is Pita!

40. Energy
Your secret santa is Snowy Moth!

41. The RealBirbBlitz
Your secret santa is Footini!

42. Boogidibzdo
Your secret santa is Cats!

43. Rikun
Your secret santa is Bobo!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #52 on: Dec 31, 2019, 04:48 am »
Great work on this years batch y'all! These all look fantastic~ And props to the helper elves to putting some extra love in as well, whatta lovely way to end the year. : D
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Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #53 on: Dec 31, 2019, 06:33 am »
Wow Just wow, these are all amazing, everyone did great, take a bow ppl can't wait to see what great art y'all gonna do in 2020 !!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #54 on: Dec 31, 2019, 06:49 am »
Thanks Rikun

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #55 on: Dec 31, 2019, 06:58 am »
Thank you so much Gregly! i love it!!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #56 on: Dec 31, 2019, 07:14 am »
Arts! Thank you so much for the gift! I really love it! <3 <3 <3

As for the rest, such amazing works! Happy New Year!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #57 on: Dec 31, 2019, 07:40 am »
Thank you so much Taylor! I love it so much!!!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #58 on: Dec 31, 2019, 07:52 am »
Seems youve been extra good this year as Aeolim has pulled through as your secret santa to get back on the nice list!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #59 on: Dec 31, 2019, 08:13 am »
I love both of my gifts so much ;_; FEELING VERY LUCKY RN.

Great job everyone ~ <3

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #60 on: Dec 31, 2019, 10:57 am »
Hot dang! Lookit those party girls~ Kozi this looks superb!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #61 on: Dec 31, 2019, 11:24 am »
aah thank you pita i love this!!! everyone's art looks amazing and thank you williamduel for hosting!!

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #62 on: Dec 31, 2019, 11:35 am »

Re: Secret Santa 2019
« Reply #63 on: Dec 31, 2019, 01:04 pm »
Thank you soo much Flutterbyes!!
She looks super cuteee!! I love it

 Everyone's art is looking amazing ~ Great job turning everything in on time and making something great


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