Sonya lancet: thoughts so far on her design and backstory?

Sonya lancet: thoughts so far on her design and backstory?

this is sonya lancet, a void character i've been developing as of late. the high concept for her is basically a cop that use brawl tactics rather then just batons and guns.

still haven't did the design sheet for her and i'm sort of new on making comics of this scope.

Age: 21

Personality: tough as nails, Sonya mostly punches first before asking the questions. Her no nonsense attitude is at odds with her crazy, trigger happy partner, Jackie. She’s a people pleaser and tries anything to please her superiors, except the whole you got to us guns and batons part. Her fondness for punching people prevents her from seeing any benefit of using guns. Sonya has temperamental problems that cloud her judgement in vital situations. Has a bit of a playful and snarky side to her when she isn’t always serious. Driven by justice.

Abilities: before she got her augments, she’s better at mixed martial arts compared to the average person but isn’t winning awards in that department. Post-augmented, she gains the power to generate energy which she utilizes in her fighting style. Additionally, her speed and strength increase expontially, allowing her to take on people bigger than her.

Weaknesses:  due to her temper, she goes into a furious frenzy which blinds her awareness. When she’s in this state, people can take advantage of her and take her down in a notch. That’s if you’re not her next target. She barely knows how to use guns, let alone pistols. Her accuracy with them is poor enough that she rarely lands a shot on her target.
Her thirst for revenge also diverts her from her objective as anyone with an association with Madeye will draw her in. So much more, she won’t stop until she finds answers.

Goals: exact revenge on Madeye while gaining the respect of her peers.

Motivation: Madeye was the one who killed her father, and she takes it upon herself to bring him to justice.

Backstory: her dad use to work in a special police division called L.e.e.r (Law Enforcment and Emergency Response) that takes down criminals that normal police units can't. He ends up dying at the hands of an infamous Criminal named Madeye. His daughter, Sonya takes up the mantle of her father when she turned 21 years old.

if anyone has suggestions go ahead.I might  consider implementing them.
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Re: Sonya lancet: thoughts so far on her design and backstory?
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Be careful when adding multiple conflicting facets to your character’s personality. If she’s hotheaded and has snarky and playful tendancies in addition to being driven by justice and takes her job seriously, while also trying to please her superiors, it can make for a challange when actually writing her in a comic.

That being said, complex characters are far more interesting than straight up cartoony characters (in my opinion). If your idea is that she is narutally hotheaded and snarky, but tries REALLY hard to be a serious officer and please her bosses, that can be written in a funny way where she maybe says the wrong thing or comes on to aggressive where she should apply a softer touch. Kind of a “bull in a china shop” situation. Just some thoughts. I look forward to seeing how you handle her intro story.

I like the character design, it reminds me of classic Ghost in the Shell combined with Overwatch. I think it’s a solid start. I can’t wait to see your page roughs!
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Re: Sonya lancet: thoughts so far on her design and backstory?
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I'll consider that thanks. A suck at writing down personality traits without it being contradictory,

Re: Sonya lancet: thoughts so far on her design and backstory?
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So you really won't get too much feedback until you start pages.  The bio is a good concept starting place but people generally don't give too many suggestions when it comes to story unless it's something really crazy.  Like I don't understand the Time Skip thing.  That doesn't seem to be something relevant to us as an audience nor is it really mentioned as having any bearing on your plot.  But otherwise the story is something for you to show us as you make comics.  The design is fine and there's nothing wrong with it.  Looking forward to the intro.


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