Calamari Sample Platter

Calamari Sample Platter

Calamari Sample Platter
« on: Feb 07, 2017, 02:55 AM »
I've been meaning to get a character on this site for months but I haven't so I'll start posting here to help motivate myself. Here's a sketchy sketch of some of my characters.

So the concept is a cat café that is run by cats in a not so great part of Void city. Only the staff are animals the customers are generally human but it exists in a We Bare Bears type world where nobody really questions it. Shio, the owner, is ex Nyahkuza (Yakuza, but you know, nyah), a gang that runs rampant in this part of town but he's trying to live a normal violence free life while raising his nephew Garam. Other staff include Basil, the shiba inu delivery boy, Cypress the boa constrictor barista, and Anise the (species tba) cashier. All of the staff are previous strays that Shio took in and hired, even Garam is not his biological nephew. Another commonality among them is that they are all named after seasoning/spices/herbs which I just did because I thought it was cute. But not everything is as kawaii as it seems.

Miscellaneous Info:
The Nyahkuza is made up of humans who wear cat masks.
Shio wears socks with sandals.
Cypress's job sometimes include eating bodies to dispose of them.
Shio is Japanese for salt, probably because he is so salty.
Many of the pastries served are feline themed.
Shio has a bob tail and is designed like a lucky cat.
Basil makes deliveries on all fours.

That's about all I have so far and everything is subject to change.

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Same. Please post more cuteness!!

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I like this concept! I'm interested to see how you implement it. you have a whole cast of characters, does that mean you'll be submitting all of them, or focusing on just one, or maybe a pair?

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I think Shio and his nephew are the focus but I would like to incorporate other characters as a natural part of the cafe and wether or not they play bigger roles may change.

Here's some of my thoughts and doodles- some of this stuff I've already scrapped.

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I'm trying to finish a character sheet and a sample background. It's a cat cafe so of course all the food is cat themed. My background is heavily influence by Steven Universe. Needs some cat puns.

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A 1000 times yes.

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So I've been thinking and I honestly mostly just want to destroy things so I'm trying out some new characters.

So Momma is the dark force that raised Gurly. When Gurly was small her birth parents were a part of a cult that wanted to rid the world of evil and they thought they could do this by using an even greater evil. Gurly was prepared to be a vessel for Momma, the cult reasoned that the sacrifice of one girl was worth it if it meant saving the entire world. In order for Gurly's body to be strong enough to house Momma she had to be tortured since the amount of time a body can withstand Momma is determined by how much pain they've suffered. If Momma's in a body for too long it starts to burn up. When the cult summoned Momma they couldn't control her so she turned on them and instead of using Gurly as a full time host decided to raise her.
9 years later and now Gurly is a happy 11 year old girl who just started 6th grade. Up until this point she was home schooled by Momma. They have their share of mother daughter issues what with Gurly being at that pre-teen age. Momma is a helicopter parent, she tries to solve all of Gurly's problems for her usually in an overly violent manner. Momma can possess animals, but usually only for a short period of time. When she does this it changes their appearance and they become more "demonic". This is how Momma attends Gurly's lacrosse games. When Momma possesses Gurly she has complete control and Gurly doesn't remember any of it. Even though Momma destroyed her summoners she's still compelled to hunt down evil. Momma's natural form is weak to the elements and can't form in direct sunlight. It's kind of like she's made of smoke but has the strength of wet cardboard. Momma is at her strongest when she's in Gurly. However Momma feels extremely guilty when she gets injured in Gurly's body and her protectiveness is part of what makes Momma such a ruthless killer because nothing can hurt Gurly if it's dead.

So yeah that's Gurly and Momma

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I love Momma :D


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