Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off

Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off

Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« on: Mar 09, 2016, 06:00 PM »
Whew, I'm a bit nervous presenting my character. My current art style is a bit sporadic (quality as well as style-wise) because I've been using different programs over time.  I'll aim to get a consistent look going soon, as well as some actual panels. 

Crocostyle grew up in a criminal family and became its #1 toughguy, but grew tired of his gang's scummy ways and left.  Not many places are welcoming to reptilians, but Void is home to freaks of all sorts, so he figured he should fit right in.  He plans on opening a bar and grill, and maybe fighting for cash on the side.

Fighting style:  He practices a highly-defensive, yet very brutal style that mixes modern MMA with biting and tail-whips.  Most of his moves will break bones or dismember limbs.  He is working on changing his violent ways, but he is not as strong fighting without biting.  (The following are from assorted forum RP's)

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #1 on: Mar 09, 2016, 06:54 PM »
This is looking great so far! Sketch out some pages, see how things flow. Remember to show us a bit of his personality too!

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #2 on: Mar 10, 2016, 06:28 AM »
haaa this is great!! growing up in Miami makes me partial to crocs n gators so i for one love this! cant wait to see him in action!

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #3 on: Mar 16, 2016, 11:06 PM »
Thanks guys!  Writing is not my strong suit, but I'll try my best to describe him.

The Basics
He is generally friendly and easygoing.  He enjoys fighting, cooking, bar-tending, crude/offensive humor, watching UFC matches, and sharing bar stories.  He's a tongue-in cheek jock, who acts like a macho redneck but is really as liberal as can be.

When threatened, he switches to tough-guy mode. Basically, he becomes crocodile Jotaro Kujo:  blunt, stoic, intimidating.  Sometimes, he gets carried away with brutality, which has made his friends uncomfortable.  He does this more out of habit than rage, and he tries hard to reassure people that he isn't mental and that he just had it rough growing up.

Why is he so violent? 

(This was tricky, partly because I originally made his backstory much longer and darker/angstier.  But, despite the violence, I don't want him to be an edgy antihero or a PTSD-addled mess.)

Croco grew up in an animal city like Zootopia, except it was more like Zoo Jersey, or Zootroit... Basically, it was shit.  His father was a vile gangster and a notorious killer; gangs all around wanted him dead.  Croco's father taught him how to fight like a croc, and eventually made him an enforcer.  He was made to do terrible things, but he was too used to witnessing violence to feel traumatized.  He did feel guilty, but then again his victims weren't model citizens either.

Eventually, Croco befriended a rival gang member who taught him not only how to fight better, but how to live honestly and why it was worth it to do so (sure, he was drilled about it from his mom and school, but this time it actually registered).  So, after fighting with his family over it, Croco moved out to pursue a career in cooking.  He studied, he met with many counselors and coaches, and all recommended he go to Void.

And so here he is, running his own bar and grill, The Brawlin' Bayou.  Maybe because of the name, or just the neighborhood, lots of fights happen there.  "Whatever, it's good publicity" he once said. "Heck, I should get a cage and maybe start officiating!"

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #4 on: Mar 17, 2016, 12:40 AM »
So far, I really am liking your character. I'd like to see some cleaner pages as I had a little bit of trouble seeing what was going on with the bird creature he's fighting.

Other than that, hope he gets accepted soon!

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #5 on: Mar 17, 2016, 01:54 AM »
I really do like your character, rooting for you and waiting for more !

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #6 on: Mar 17, 2016, 03:06 PM »
Thanks, guys.^^

I guess I can share what I got so far.  Mind you, it's really rough.  Most of my time was spent painfully learning how to organize panels and laying out shots.  I didn't even add dialogue yet, but it's super-simple so you should get the gist of it.

A few notes:  The poorly-drawn punk-looking girl is a waitress.  Croco doesn't care about fights amongst riff raff, but it is his policy to not let harm come to employees.  That is why he steps in here.

The dividing line that goes across the margins is a page break.  Last panel would have been page 3, but that's flexible.

A small self-critique: I drew the last panel before the first.  I plan to change it so it better matches the position of his arms earlier. Ending text goes something like "Even in Void, don't mess with crocs."

Critiques welcome!  Just bear in mind I use "Sketchbook Express" for Mac.  It has fewer features than Photoshop Elements, and I hate it.  I may just throw down the money for photoshop, but not for a while.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #7 on: Mar 17, 2016, 08:32 PM »
Looking pretty good, I say. You could try out GIMP instead of Sketchbook Express and see if that works better for you.

The last panel will need some altering, because the angle shot where Croco tore off the guy's arm doesn't quite swing in the right direction like it should. To me, it looks awkward and bit strange with that low angle there. Excuse the roughness of the sketch, but maybe something like this would look better, swinging up to the left on a slightly high angle, and adding some swinging lines helps depict the action.

And, if you want to make it gruesome, add a small shot of the arm's flesh being torn apart and then show the panel of Croco with the now loose limb. Ripping and bone cracking sound effects will definitely help it out.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #8 on: Mar 18, 2016, 12:11 AM »
Thanks for the help, Jay!  I'll see how it goes with gimp, but I remember struggling with it in the past.  I now need to install new software to launch it.

Sound effects and closeups are great ideas. I'll be sure to incorporate them later, along with your suggested angle. : )

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #9 on: Mar 18, 2016, 12:21 AM »
You're welcome :)

I've never used GIMP before but it's a good start if you're trying to get into using Photoshop-esque programs. There's also SAI Paint Tool (PC only as far as I know), but in the end, you choose whatever works out better for you.

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Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #10 on: Mar 19, 2016, 02:15 PM »
Heyo hey and welcome aboard! Glad to see some groundwork being laid in this incubator post. Also, judos on posting some rough work! Alotta folks feel like they have to submit polished stuff in their intro posts for some reason, but the incubator is definitely the place to get some rough concepts, ideas and thoughts down on paper. Not just for peer review, but for yourself. Definitely get messy!

My first impressions on your character totally make me smile. Rough and rowdy, but with a derpy grin fulla teeth. I dig it! I'll look forward to where you go by way of giving us a 'first look' on this guy in your pages. G'luck!

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #11 on: Mar 28, 2016, 12:02 AM »
So, after much empty struggling and embarrassing time-wasting incompetence, I finally have one finished panel.  I've decided to give up Gimp and just run a trial of Photoshop Elements-- much more intuitive.  I mistakenly worked at too low resolution, so my lines were super-pixelated and I had no idea why for the longest time.  I feel more dinosaur than croc sometimes.  Okay, whining's done.  Let me know what you think.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #12 on: Mar 28, 2016, 02:22 AM »
pastel -like colors?
.....mmmh, works for you.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #13 on: Mar 29, 2016, 07:43 PM »
Well, a little less snark and more actual advice would be appreciated..

But, I get the gist.  I tried too hard to make it look "nice" and not on making it fit my character's story.  I guess I can use Flash to get those bold lines.  At least I know Flash better than photoshop.  At any rate, it looks like I'll need to spend a lot more time in the lab.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #14 on: Mar 29, 2016, 09:35 PM »
I think he was being honest, the pastel does work for you. It's a nice look. I would maybe consider trying to use that, still. All those bottles look great and I really like that you took the time to make all them different colors and shapes, it's a good attention to detail.  If you're gonna start from scratch, make sure to take care to familiarize yourself with photoshop and hopefully you'll be better for it. I dunno a thing about GIMP.

I would maybe say panel 2 and 3 should be side-by side? They seem like they're the same shot just with a reaction difference, so maybe consider re-paneling them. It's not necessary but it may work better. I also was under the impression Crocostud was behind the bar? So, him standing up like that makes it seem like they were sitting, but do you have stools behind a bar? Aren't you already standing?  I can see in the standing panel that there is a curve on the table, but then the bottles seem out of place, since it makes little sense they would have them out for the customers to either steal or break.

I think your page here has a good set up, I would just maybe consider redrawing a few details. Perhaps show him opening up the door into the bar. A smooth and calm motion like that would provide a good counter point to him ripping the guys arm off.

This is all still a strong start, so just make sure you don't rush. These colors were a nice start but I'm sure you'll make something solid regardless the program you ultimately go with.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #15 on: Mar 29, 2016, 10:47 PM »
yeah Radji was being genuine not snarky

He's from France so his English may not pan out how he's trying to convey ;D

i think it looks cool too

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #16 on: Mar 29, 2016, 11:24 PM »
what i was trying to say was that the pastel -like colors works because it creat a nice contrast between the cartoony look of your character and his violence and brutality.  That kind of contrast always make a character look cooler.

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #17 on: Mar 30, 2016, 06:40 AM »
@PyrasTerran Ah, thanks. I'll try to check profiles more often for that.

@Radji  Forgive me for misunderstanding.^^;  Thanks for explaining the compliment, and thanks for the kind words.

@God Damn It ROFLQ (can I just call you Roflq?)  Good observations!  Yes, I totally got the seating confused.  I should be standing, and my friend should be sitting on the other side of the counter.  Panels 2 and 3 were moved because I didn't know how much space I'd have for speech bubbles, but I agree they should be side by side.  Finally, you're right that I need to take time to understand the programs I use.  I'll stick with photoshop, then.  I'm gonna take some time to get familiar with its many features, like masks and special layers and such.

Thanks again everyone!

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #18 on: Mar 30, 2016, 07:26 AM »
yessss i saw those colors and i was like wtf, that looks great!!! I couldnt get away with doing that (nor would I know how tooooo haha)

Loving it alllll!!!

sorry no constructive criticism... just praise. lol

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #19 on: Jun 10, 2016, 11:09 AM »
Certainly hope this toothy guy didn't go by the wayside. If nothing else, he'd be a shoe in for the invitational! :D

Re: Mr. Bite-Your-Face-Off
« Reply #20 on: Jun 25, 2016, 08:29 PM »
Ooo Mr.Bite-Your-Face-Off comic seems like it's going to be an interesting one. I already like it just from seeing the character Crocodude. He looks like my character Chriiyiip the cacops or known as Bruhtan Mel. Basically an amphibious lizard like creature from the permian period. I already like this. I already had the impression that they are behind the bar drinking but can't really tell if they're standing up or not but it's ok. I don't mind that part. I don't really find any problems with the rest of the panels but I sure would like to see them finnished. Good looking so far. I haven't posted any of my comic panels or reference sheets yet and I'm quite nervous of what people are going to think of it. I've thought of myself a crappy artist and I don't think I do so well on comic panels either...  yeah great comic so far!:)

I'm doing a comic about a farie named Lurriax Gavolor, I'm hell a sure he'd put up quite a fight with Crocodude if he finds a problem with him. Loves to drink a lot of booze and smoke hookas and do whatever drugs he can get his hands on. If he could get all the drugs at once he'd do them all in a day. He gets so freaking high but he needs his drugs to live. He's dependant on them. He's so dependant on them that if he leaves them he'll die. He'd probably be there at Crocodude's bar constantly and drinking.

Gimp? I use that all the time and never gave a problem with it. Once you get used to it you know just about everything on here but then you find yourself experimenting on different things on gimp. When I do digital stuff I use a giant tv screen so I can see everything I'm doing on there instead of the typical computer screen. The screen is like 60 inch wide, 36 inch long whatever I think I mixed it up in lengths.


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