Bullying and harassment will be not tolerated - please read

Bullying and harassment will be not tolerated - please read

Bullying and harassment on enterVOID.com will not be tolerated. We will now have specific rules in place for instances of bullying/harassment that will help keep VOID a friendly community where we support each other.

Reporting(for members)

Any issues within the enterVOID forums or Discord chat should be brought to the attention of staff. Please note that external applications (such as personal streams, google hangouts, etc) do not fall within this category.
We ask that you try to limit your reports to only the most serious of things such as threatening statements, unwanted sexual solicitation or commentary, clearly racist remarks and other highly aggressive types of comments.

If your situation is better classified as involving lack of manners, rudeness, arguing or other relatively minor situations we ask that you cease communicating with the other party. If you have a serious situation, or your attempts to quell the problem yourself have failed then you should contact a staff member staff @ entervoid.com

When reporting, please be certain to give the staff a short synopsis of the problem. Please make your explanation as simple as possible and avoid writing the type of long rambling explanations which could only serve to confuse and complicate the issue of understanding what you are attempting to report to us. Also avoid vague statements which lack any real information; the more questions we have to ask to figure out what is going on the longer it will take to help you.

Evidence of the harassment is also appreciated. If you can, provide a screenshot or log of the incident so we can avoid hearsay.

Blocking Members on the forum
If you no longer wish to see the posts of a particular member, try the block feature.
This can be accessed by going to your enterVOID profile page, modify profile, and Buddies/Ignore List.

Consequences for bullying and harassment

•   1st offense – Warning from staff.
•   2nd offense- One day boot/ban of the area the harassment took place (ex: discord chat, forum etc)
•   3rd offense- 1 week boot from all areas of the site
•   Continued offenses past this point will be given a one month ban from the site, chat and related areas. In the most extreme cases, we will ban your account.

Off-site cases
We cannot take any action against members who harassing you in places that we do not control.
If someone is bullying you on an external location (ex: Skype, another forum, Facebook Etc.) please contact the administrator of that site or block the person in that location.

These policies are meant to help with the most serious of matters. Please keep in mind that constructive criticism is a main staple of our site and is not considered harassment.
We hope that on this site that people will feel safe and welcomed into our community. Please be considerate and kind, thank you.
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