Revision of older concept

Revision of older concept

Revision of older concept
« on: Sep 21, 2014, 10:53 AM »
So I have been working on a kind of cartoony style for my sequential s. I started a while back when I created the character "Red Star", but I had to put fun art on hold while I illustrated a book. Now that project is complete, so I am going to play with sequential s again.

I have reworked the character, made him a little beefyer and revamped the background. I am posting the original art for contrast. I am working on the intro pages now.

new art..

old art...

Backstory-  Venger


       Venger  was grown in a lab one part at a time, making him the world’s first commercial Super Hero. He was, for all intents and purposes, a biological machine or synthetic human. He was created by a secretive group of scientists using advanced and quite frankly, illegal procedures, involving cloning tissue and combining it with a form of biological robotics. The Venger project was funded by none other than Pego, one of the largest toy companies in the world. Their concept was radical….. Build an automated full size Super Hero that actually fights crime and saves people, and then rake in the franchising money off his name brand. As crazy as it sounds, it actually worked. From a control room at Pego headquarters in New York City, trained pilots remotely operated Venger who appeared to the outside world to be a walking talking Super Hero. In just the first month, Venger would go onto stop six bank robberies, save twenty four people in car accidents and structure fires, and rescue four hostages. All the while sporting a snazzy red and white costume with Pego Toys logo prominently featured on his back. It wasn’t long before Pego was getting rich off of Venger T-shirts, lunchboxes, and action figures with video games and even a movie script down the pipeline.

        So what went wrong? Every twenty four hours, Venger has to spend at least seventy-two minutes charging. He had a special capsule located at the Pego corporate plant where he recharged. On one particularly stormy night, an electrical strike at the substation the powered the plant caused an overload that overwhelmed Venger’s  capsule surge protector. The damage was extensive and the tech’s could not bring Venger back online, they thought that they had lost their cash cow for good. Then Venger woke up that night, on his own. He was not only active, but he was self-aware. Pego executives couldn’t have been more excited. Now, they thought, they would have their proverbial cake and eat it to, a corporately sponsored Super Hero that didn’t need a team of expensive pilots to operate him. Well those dreams and aspirations where shattered when Venger decided that he didn’t want to be a corporate stooge and refused to take orders any more.

          What happened next made litigation history.  Pego Toys LTD publically exposed Venger’s true origins and tried to legally force Venger to comply as property of the company. Venger hired a human rights attorney and sued the company, claiming that they were in essence violating his human rights. In a case that got international attention, Venger asked the Supreme Court to officially recognize him as the world’s first  artificial human being and grand him sovereign independence. Over a rather short trail, Venger successfully proved that he was in fact sentient and self-aware despite the fact that he was in essence, manufactured. He was granted independence and officially recognized as a living machine. Venger took the name, John Smith, and was issued a birth certificate, social security card, and granted full US citizenship. Even worse, Pego Toys was ordered by the court to pay Venger 50% profit on all proceeds generated by the Venger name brand retroactively. Despite his enormouse bank account, Venger found a small apartment, and tried to live a normal life. But he found that despite his newly found free will, he was hard wired to be in the thick of things and craved the excitement and adventure crime fighting provided. He decided to move to Void City, believing that he would fit in there given the city’s reputation.

     Venger is 5’10” and built like a sh”#t brick house. Though he appears to be an adult man, he is actually only about 2 ½ years old. He functions just like a human man except he has yet to master things like human emotion, though he is capable of them. (Think DATA in STAR TREK with the human emotion chip) Venger has an identic memory and is capable of processing information hundreds of times faster than a human. Despite that, his relative inexperience as a human means that he is often socially awkward and far too literal. He does not have to eat or drink to function, though he has been designed to do so without detriment for appearances. Venger does not have to breathe or sleep but he still needs to charge up at any standard outlet for at least seventy-two minutes out of every twenty-four hours. The Super Powers he was engineered with include, super human strength, flight, an advanced healing factor, and an energy based attack that he can charge up as a punch or use it in range.
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Re: Revision of older concept
« Reply #1 on: Sep 21, 2014, 03:38 PM »
Okay despite the HUUGE WALL OF TEXT I actually really like this concept and his background story! A lot! It appears really well thought out and I love the idea of him being created by a toy company and then taking them to court over human rights.

Looking forward to some intro pages now.

Re: Revision of older concept
« Reply #2 on: Nov 02, 2014, 02:50 AM »
My only real concern is that he doesn't seem to have a neck; it's like his chin is glued to his chest. Other than that, it looks good and the concept is cool! Make it so.

Re: Revision of older concept
« Reply #3 on: Nov 02, 2014, 08:23 AM »
Thanks for the feedback, I was going for kind of a cartoon version of a Hulk physic which doesn't have much of a neck but I will try and tweek it some more. I am working on the sequentials now


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