30 Characters

30 Characters

Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Day 1, the armored asshole

Day 2, a grumpy 9-year-old

Day 3, a bodybuilder named Road (I'm bad with names, my apologies)

Day 4, a wrestler calling himself the Pink Slam

Day 5, an attempt at a small killer robot... and one the manufactures apparently forgot to install fingers onto...

Day 6, a nunchuck-wielding 14-year-old

Day 7, a wannabe knight with a really bad fashion sense.  Should've considered that armor, eh?

Day 8, a teenager wearing a top hat.

Day 9, Hops (Again, excuse the horrible name), a 19 year old transformed into a cat woman.

My apologies for the long post.

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Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Day 9
Persephone - The presumptuous Pomeranian princess.

Day 10
Jacie - A hammerhead lady from a gang of tough street sharks. She loves a good fight. 

Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #53 on: Nov 11, 2013, 04:30 PM »
Three more!

Brutus is a little bull terrier puppy. Even though he is small now, he has plans on becoming the toughest dog this side of New Jersey.

Fat Bird Man… his superpower is a disarming sense of puffy fat bird cuteness.

Little Lizzie is the ghost of an 8-year-old girl who had sadly died of consumption. She’s rather playful when other people aren’t around, but becomes very shy around the living. She only appears to those she can feel that she can really trust, mostly to mothers and/or motherly types.

Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Cool work guys!

I myself have dropped out of this. I got sick and I've been out looking for a job and such, hasn't been the greatest week so I'm too far behind to catch up. Considering I make loads of characters on a regular basis I'm not really all that concerned though I do feel bad I got defeated early. Ah well!! I'll probably do this when I've got my plate cleared and/or things start getting better money wise.

Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #57 on: Nov 16, 2013, 08:19 AM »
Fun fact: when left on my own, I mostly draw monsters and creatures. Not so much out of appeal for the dark as for the freedom and pure expression they provide.

Roger is an old school movie editor. He is saddened by the disappearance of film in the industry.

Nabla does not believe in free will; It’s not that she WANTS to seduce you and eat your guts, it’s that she HAS to.

Is it a man? Is it a plane? Nope. Man-Plane.

‘Wait, I can totally explain everything! Totally.’   Aaron has a lot to explain.

Alphonse always dreamed of being a pirate, so when he died at sea and came back as a ghost, he thought ‘yeah, that could work.’

Pointing to something strange in the distance, I ask:
-”What is that thing?”
-”It’s a moose, innit?” he answers.
-”Mate, I don’t know how you make mooses where you’re from, but you’re doing it WRONG.”

Out of nowhere, Eric appeared, saying “Come winter, I will be feasting on your bones” and then offered us some tea.
We did not drink it.

After killing the beast, we started feeling uneasy about it. Obviously, it was intelligent. Maybe it didn’t have to be evil, maybe it just made some bad life choices. Maybe, once, it was innocent…
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Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Day 10, a rejected prototype out to destroy a more "finished" version of her.

Day 11, A staff-wielding man named Wright

Day 12, The "Sweater Marine" fighting for the love of sweaters.

Day 13, a malfunctioning machine in the form of a remote control who's out to sabotage TV night worldwide.

Day 14, a homicidal maniac known as the "Death Marine".

Day 15, the ghost of a t-shirt and jeans wearing rebel who was killed in a crusade.

Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #59 on: Nov 16, 2013, 09:26 PM »

12.) Kerrini is a proud and fearsome mama bird monster. You don’t mess with her babies… ever.

13.) Drifter is a mysterious figure that can be seen in the loneliest areas of abandoned roads, the darkened corners under city bridges, and in the forgotten areas of civilization. She is always seen playing her banjo. If approached, she will only stop playing and respond to one request- asking if she can play you a song. She will ask you what you would prefer to hear- a song about the best or worst moment of your life. If you want to hear a song about your best moment, she will play a song that will be so intoxicating that you will feel all the highs and joy of your happiest time. You will almost relive that memory, exactly as if you were there again. After the song, you go on your way with nothing more gained or lost.

If you ask to hear her play a song about the worst moment of your life, she will sing a song that will cut into the very heart of your being and make you relive all of the pain your lowest time can bring. When the song is done, though, you will leave a much wiser person then before, understanding the world and your place in it a little better then before.

If asked why she is blindfolded, she simply says that it’s “to see your memories better”.

14.) Mr. Big Paw might be a bit rough around the edges, but he’s really not as bad as he seems. The scandalous rumors circulating about him and Little Red Riding Hood are all rubbish. He’s really all Granny’s boy at heart.

15.) Mask Face is a mysterious creature with an incredible sense of balance and dexterity. It usually doesn’t interact or attack anyone, unless provoked. Unfortunately, what exactly it considers “provocation” is anyone’s guess.

16.) Raisin- a punk rat. :I

Re: 30 Characters 2013
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Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #61 on: Nov 21, 2013, 01:08 AM »

Murdoc Reynolds is a high-strung, easily exasperated, prima donna artist. He’s good at his craft and while well-respected in the art community, he does not have many friends within this personal life.

When Boots was a baby, he was rescued off the side of the road and taken to a local wildlife sanctuary. Having grown up amongst humans for all his life, he ended not being well-suited for life in the wild, so he became the pet for one of the shelter volunteers. While he has proven to be a fairly good companion, he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

Most satyrs are known for their wild and rather hedonistic behavior. Tatharo, though, is a little different. He’s a quiet, bookish type of satyr who would rather spend his weekends at the library rather then go out drinking with the other members of his herd.

Varekka is a dwarf warrior princess. Like any proper dwarf (be they man or woman) sports a glorious beard, which she is proud of.

Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #62 on: Nov 21, 2013, 07:21 PM »

Kitty Fashion’s new line of kitty fashion came out to mixed reactions from the critics.

17. You start shaving in a hurry, cursing yourself for always pushing things to the last minute. One day that bad habit will be the death of you. The phone rings: It’s Mario… That day may have already come. Mario is angry, he asks you why you’re not there already…

    -If you want to lie to Mario, go to 45;
    -If you want to tell Mario to suck a dick, you’ll be there when you’ll be there, go to 130;
    -If you want to tell Mario the whole story, go to 8;
    -If you want to drop the phone in the sink, go to 20;

Mayor Pitt’s strong rule has managed to keep the town safe from the marauders for the last twenty years. I’m affraid to think where we’d be without her…

19. Mario is now facing you with his trusty brass knuckles. “You done fucked up this time”, he says, “you think you can get away with our secrets like that? You think you’re untouchable? I can find ten trannies better suited for the job just by throwing a rock in the street!” And then he suddenly moves in to strike you. What do you do?

    -If you try to fight him head-on, go to 68;
    -If you attempt to run away, go to 230;
    -If you think blackmail can still reason him, go to 85;
    -If you want to remind him that really, being a transvestite has nothing to do with the job, go to 141


We found her sitting at the foot of the mountain, just as the groundskeeper told us we would. She knew who we were, but could hardly care for our problems.  She said if we needed her help to see our destiny, we were on the wrong path. “If there was a really big boulder in your path, or if you were attacked by an elephant, then perhaps I could help you. Nothing good could come of knowing your future.”

We all agreed that she was the most useless oracle EVER.
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Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #63 on: Nov 22, 2013, 08:43 AM »
Everyone's doing such great work. I'll need to put up a bunch soon to join the party :3 Seriously I'm impressed with everyone!

Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #64 on: Nov 30, 2013, 08:19 PM »

Michael is an escaping prisoner with a sword.
Escape the prison! Explore a vast open world! Uncover Michael’s misterious past! None of those and so much less!

No matter if they be geranium or petunias, she will bring swift justice to them.

He really is the face of the company.

Looking straight into your eyes, she raises her fist and whispers “Rock on”, and you know she understands.
Everything will be alright now.

Now ain't that the sweetest smile…

Hahaha, them live-action film makers, am I right?

“Yeah, I been living in this part of the forest for… I dunno, twenty years or so? Yeah, about that. What I think about the new factory? I think it’ll bring jobs, like they say it, but that don’t mean I trust them. I done good for myself without working for the humans until now, and I don’t see why it’d be needed now. I dunno. I guess we’ll see, eh? One thing for sure, it’ll get busy ’round these parts. “

A strange glow coming from the gatekeeper’s fingertips was pointed at us, we did not know what it was, but we did not trust it; She had a reputation as gatekeeper to uphold and we were not to be the ones to sully it.

Priorities: This kid’s got it.

And with that, I'm done! T'was fun!
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Re: 30 Characters 2013
« Reply #65 on: Nov 30, 2013, 08:43 PM »
Great job on all of these Fred, and props for sticking with it to the end. You are a much greater man than I.

30 Characters
« Reply #67 on: Oct 29, 2014, 12:43 PM »
Digging up old threads.

Haven't heard anything about this going on this year but November is when it happens. And I think people here were doing a lot better than over at the "official" site. It's a fun exercise if people are interested. As always, I was saying I wasn't going to do it, but there's a tiny bit of me that might say fuck it & try. Anybody else?

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #68 on: Oct 29, 2014, 02:36 PM »
I was just thinking about this.... could maybe go for a good stretch of drawing exercises, even though I don't think I made it all the way to the end two years ago and last year I couldnt do it. I could get in on this again....

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #69 on: Oct 29, 2014, 04:18 PM »
Not gonna happen, but it would be awesome to do. I only got like 3 done last year and I've got even more going on this year outside of art. I hope to see some awesome work from all y'alls, though!

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #70 on: Oct 29, 2014, 06:50 PM »
Always love doing this, but I can never finish out the entire month, so we'll see.

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #71 on: Oct 30, 2014, 03:00 AM »
Once again, I'm giving this a shot! I'll see what I can squeeze out in between NaNoWriMo sessions! (November is National Novel Writing Month too!)

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #72 on: Oct 30, 2014, 03:52 AM »
Drawing all 30 characters in your NaNoWriMo novel sounds like a good way to do both.

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #73 on: Oct 30, 2014, 05:10 AM »
Step 3: Profit

Re: 30 Characters
« Reply #74 on: Oct 30, 2014, 06:45 AM »
I'd jump in. Maybe couple it up with some simple colour exercises


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