Need Help with comics/deadlines/colors/etc? Come to ANGIE BOOTCAMP

Need Help with comics/deadlines/colors/etc? Come to ANGIE BOOTCAMP

PM is on the way. Thanks a million.

Hey angie, I was wondering:

I have a BB-story planned for Ted - I already have something resembling a script, it won't be long (3-4 pages) and it would be just awesome if I could get the feedback from a professional artist like you during the process.

So if J can't until 24th, would you - if you have time and space - consider putting me on your bootcamp for two weeks?

I'm already doing a bootcamp with someone at the moment, but once we're done I'll see how things look
Kittens wearins mittens

Okay next person's up!
Kittens wearins mittens

Angie, if you're otherwise occupied I would be happy to pick up some slack in playing editor to a few chosen people at a time. I tended to do so at WFA although my expertise is perhaps I bit more limited than yours- (COLORING, DIGITAL) I can spin a good yarn and crack a mean whip.

If Fed is game, so am I.

Y'know. After the past 2 matches I've faced It may be a wise advice to try out this bootcamp to improve and progress my activities in VOID. There's nothing more I would love to do than make VOID more enjoyable for me and for my fellow artists I compete with. I'd like to test out my abilities in your training and learn to become a better comic artist, haha.

Sure thing Tinman! Let Fed know you're open for business in PM. And I'll add you to the list The Sketch Fighter. You're free to work with your own rules, but to keep it all bootcamp like, you should still fire people for not meeting your deadlines.
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Kittens wearins mittens

Oh god Tin take me now.
STILL spoken about in disgraceful social circles

Okay Tin, you can take Fed and I'll take the next person that wants to do it.
Kittens wearins mittens

Yesss Tin, I would love to be taken under your strong, firm, well-perfumed wings!!

As I explained to angie I already have a script by the ready, it's not gonna be tooo long of a story, but I would love to have some input by more talented artists - and don't worry about coloring or digital, imma not much for em new-fangled technologiees meself.. pencil,ink and paper baby.

So yeah, if you still fancy it (and didn't post the suggestion in a drunken fit) send me a PM and we'll work something out :D
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I wanna be enslaved by both of you!
Thanks for such great compliments and criticisms on my latest comic Tinman. Much appreciated. I'll PM you later.

You're welcome Joe, I'm always happy to help those willing to help themselves in improving their craft. Once I'm done with this Invitational Tourney I'll be able to devote more time to this- Thresher and you are my next disciples for sure.

Things are going well for Fed I think, it's been interesting to see him up his game and quality thus far.

I'm open for whoever wants to do it right now, I can take the first person that hits me up.
Kittens wearins mittens

I'll have to see if J or Nine are available, but can I hit you up starting Tuesday?

Yeah, keep in mind that bootcamp is only for beyond battles.
Kittens wearins mittens

Ahhh I forgot about that one... I'll leave it in that case and sign up if no one's free...

Alright, I figured that this might be a very wise idea to try out the bootcamp.  I want to improve, especially at time management, one of my greatest weaknesses.

So, does a two week bootcamp session sound good?

Now that Fed's is finished I would be happy to being to work with Base, Neary, Jetster  or Energy- I think I have some wisdom to impart. Always happy to dissect anyones work and give you small goals so you can achieve large leaps in your progress!

I'm working with Energy right now so grab one of the others.
Kittens wearins mittens

Very good m'lady- seems I shall be taking on Base as an apprentice then!

Kittens wearins mittens

I would like to sign up for this bootcamp please!

Looking for a 3 week deadline on a 5/6 page comic.

Pitch:  In a city just outside Void a young man locked in an asylum recalls the horrors of his life under a government ordered mass experiment so called The Center.  (I can give a much less vague explanation I just didn't want to give too much of the plot away)

I'm ready whenever you are open.

I am temporarily re-opening the bootcamp for one specific purpose!

I am willing to do bootcamp for 1-2 people to help with their EnterVOID Anthology entry! If you're wanting to/are currently working on the anthology and need me to kick you in the pants to get your comic done, sign up here! I'll take on the first 2 people that sign up and give you a schedule to keep to. Since I've seen some people potentially dropping out or being iffy about having an entry, I think this could be helpful to some of you!

So if you're struggling to do your entry and want me to give you some feedback and mini deadlines along the way to make it happen, sign up!
Kittens wearins mittens

I did one when they were first running and this was a GREAT experience! I highly recommend doing it! :)


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