Need Help with comics/deadlines/colors/etc? Come to ANGIE BOOTCAMP

Need Help with comics/deadlines/colors/etc? Come to ANGIE BOOTCAMP

Have issues meeting deadlines? Or just need a push in the right direction on your inking or coloring? Or do you just want your very own editor for a project that'll kick you in the pants to get something done?

Well, I'm here to help at

Okay Angie, that sounds fun, what the hell is this?

Pretty much I will work with you 1 on 1 for the duration of 1 beyond battle on Void. It doesn't have to be character based, it can just be a one shot, but it must be an individual project and not an actual battle. And I'll get to why in a moment.

The way this will work is you sign up in this thread with a small pitch and the deadline you're wanting. From there I will contact you and we will iron out a formal schedule with a set of mini deadlines. Once we have the deadlines ironed out, you will start up your beyond battle with the deadline. From there, every time one of the mini deadlines comes up, you must upload what you have or in the case of thumbnails/scripts, email me your progress. I will then give you feedback on what you have thus far and you continue on your project.

Sample Schedule:Bob wants a beyond battle with a 4 week deadline, he wants the whole thing to be in color. So we structure his schedule like so

May 1st:script and thumbnails due
May 8th:complete pencils due
May 15th:complete inks due
May 22nd:complete project due

The schedule will be structured around how you work, if you do a page at a time that's cool, if you do everything in steps like the above that's cool too. The only thing that will be unacceptable is "I'm going to do everything in the last week", that's a waste of a long deadline. You are free to do more within each deadline so if you want to move ahead and do some coloring when you had only inking scheduled for the week, that's fine.


-1 person at a time. This is to keep myself from burning out, I'll post when I'm available again. You are free to sign up at any time, you will be added to a list. In the event there's an actual line and you want to pull out, just let me know.

-2 week minimum deadline, 4 week maximum.

-Finally, to prepare you for the real world, you miss a deadline, you are fired and the beyond battle is removed from the site. While there is nothing stopping you from submitting the comic later, I will not help you any further and I will move onto the next person. No excuses, no extensions, work must be on my desk by the deadline. There is ultimately no punishment beyond that. I won't hate you forever, but I will forever remember you as the lost child that could not meet deadlines. (this is also why it can't be done as a battle, I can't just remove the battle)

The same goes for if you're a total douche. You don't get to be a douche to real editors or in the work place so your butt is also fired if this happens. I also reserve the right to decline people in the event we have a rocky history to avoid inevitable internet dramas.

What happens if you get fired? Are you eligible to go again?

It will likely be a case by case basis. But if you're fired due to failing to meet deadlines, I will be willing to give you another go. However, in order to be eligible to go again, you must complete 5 comics on Void. And when I say complete, I do mean complete. If you were fired because you were a douche, you will not get another chance. If you get fired a second time, I will not give you another chance no matter what.

If I have done your bootcamp before and succeeded, am I allowed to go again?

Yes, but not right away. I would prefer people wait a few months before jumping back in to be fair to others that might be wanting to do it. That and it will help you practice standing on your own. No one's ever learned by having someone hold their hand for everything after all.

5.Mister Kent-FINISHED
9.J.Vandermeer -fired
10.The Sketch Fighter
12.Energy-in progress
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Kittens wearins mittens

Kittens wearins mittens

And in the event anyone else would like to run something like this feel free to make a separate thread for it! I'm all for more Voiders helping each other out.
Kittens wearins mittens

This is the best idea. ever.

Thanks :D While I'm not the definite authority on all things comics, I hope I'm able to help someone out.
Kittens wearins mittens

I'm signing up, Im signing up! :)

I would be an idiot not to try out for this. Seeing as I have proved myself to be unreliable in deadlines I would be willing to make the effort.

Deadline: 2 weeks

Pitch: David is moving out from his Uncle Murphy's house in the Void suburbs to the Entourage's dojo in order to be a more fully integrated member of the team.

The story focuses on David's transition into the new world of Void city beyond his commutes into the city to do repair work and also the relationship between him and Murphy and how this changes things between them. It is also shows how the world of Void above ground can be just as dangerous then below it.
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Great initiative !
Drill them !!! 8)

Okay, Fern signed up first but won't be able to do this until the beginning of July which gives us just enough time to do your project Orion. Email me at with all your details and what you want your deadline to be and we will set up your mini deadlines.
Kittens wearins mittens

This is a great idea.  I could give script advise, but couldn't do anything beyond that without getting someone to keep ME on schedule.
DJ Neko: Thank you entervoid, you're like the abusive husband I keep coming back to. <3

haha well if you like we could work together and I could forward people's scripts to you.
Kittens wearins mittens

Orion's is now underway! Fern's up next!
Kittens wearins mittens


I need this SO BAD. Sign me up.

Due to me being incapable of meeting a long deadline, I need to learn how to make mini deadlines for my self.

I want to do a reboot for my character Zedan Dromer.

Deadline: 2 weeks, 5 pages.

Pitch: I want to do a new Intro Battle style BB for Zedan, which will show some of his other companions and part of the reason he was banished from the Dreamlands, ending with him dropping out of the portal into VOID City. It will be full of heavy foreshadowing as to why it's so important for Zedan to get back to his own world and will also hint at the bond he and his companions share.

I know you're working with Orion first and then Fern, so I'll get started with doing Zedan's redesign.
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- I yearn for redemption, but I'll settle for a breakfast sandwich.

Sure thing! Added to the list
Kittens wearins mittens

As per Wei's request. And also because a pro gig is riding on this,

I'm signing up.

This is a great idea. Good on you! :)

Well fuck, this is a great idea and would really help me get into the game, for shnerious! and this thing for the GN club really needs to be done for many many reasons that it just cant wait.

So if anyone could coach me using Angie's guide 'n' what have you ..or not even that! yous could slag me off with top-of-the-head, WTF, bullshhhhhip and it'll be enough motivation. A won't bitch or whine or hold it against yae.

All I want is to make yous a comic. To read. Before bed-time. And to haunt your dreams. Amen.

Okay Orion should be finishing up in the next few days, you're up next Fern. Let me know if you're ready to go!
Kittens wearins mittens

I sent you an e-mail, boss  8)

First comic for the project is up!

Orion's first finished comic on Void! :D So proud of him!
Kittens wearins mittens

Next one is up! This time it's Fern!
Kittens wearins mittens


Orion and Fern's have been really entertaining--I shall be signing up soon for sure!

Kittens wearins mittens


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