tell me your artstyle influences

tell me your artstyle influences

tell me your artstyle influences
« on: Jun 08, 2011, 08:56 PM »
hey guys, I'm doing somewhat a research about comic/art styles, breaking them down to learn/discuss on why/how they work or what makes them look appealing, especially in relation to anatomy and stylistic choices.

Since most of us read comics or watch cartoons here, it'll be a great help if you guys could spare a little time to tell me your influences in forming your art style, or tell me who greatly inspires your art, so I have wider samples to work/study on.

it'll be even better if you guys can give a sample along with the name of the artist/title. An example of a personal influence:


click for big >>

If you'd like, you can add a blurb why you're drawn to it, (e.g: the simplicity, iconic gestures, whimsical qualities etc) however that's optional.

Thanks a lot for the input should you choose to participate!

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Enter galactic, you and me.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #1 on: Jun 08, 2011, 09:16 PM »

Let's get the obvious out of the way. The Megaman games, in particular the Zero series. I mean - do I really need to say much else? But I extend this further and say that Videogames in general have had the most influence on me. Legend of Zelda, Sonic The Hedgehog, Halo, Devil May Cry etc. The list of games that have inspired me artistically could go on, but as far as my current styling goes Megaman has overtaken Sonic as my prime videogame influence when it comes to art.

Hellsing. While its not 100% apparent it did shape a lot of my art too in its own ways here and there.

Another one of those 'do I really need to say more?' type things.

And for some non japanese stuff:

Joe Mad's art. I am just simply not skilled enough to properly translate the things I take away out of his art into my own, but I do have to credit the way he does his line widths to having an effect on my own. I do really like his stuff and wish I was simply more talented to translate the elements I like back into my own work.

Kenneth Rocafort's stuff has really sort of inspired me a lot as of late and I'd love to incorporate more of that type of awesome into my stuff too. I really like his style, a lot.

Of course then I also like James Stokoe's stuff a lot too. But you guys all already know who he is too.

And so yeah. Those are just some of my bigger inspirations/influences. I've only really been drawing people since about 2009 so I mean a lot of these influences are still really heavy hitting for me. Keep in mind up till around that time all I drew was Sonic fanart =/.
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #2 on: Jun 08, 2011, 09:17 PM »
This isn't all of them, but I think this is the big ones

Dave Sim and his background artist Gerhard, I didn't notice until years later how heavily he influenced how I tell a story. It's hard to describe why I like it, by all means it's fairly stiff and realistic which I'm normally not drawn to. But I always felt this team did an amazing job building a scene and showing expressions.

Bill Watterson. Love the hell out of his brush work and simple characters.

Sean Gordon Murphy, he really turned me onto more expressive inking and blacks. His colorist is equally amazing, I'd never realized until I saw Joebar how great simple colors could be.

Masashi Kishimoto, the first half of Naruto was brilliant, I don't care what anyone says, the dude had a lot of style and had a lot of energy in his work. Too bad all his recent stuff is really stiff and overworked.

Akira Toriyama, I always loved that his stuff looked so unique and had all these crazy little details. Even his random empty deserts had all these nice little details all over the place.

Naoki Urasawa, he has some of the most amazing expressions ever

Todd McFarlane, his stuff pisses me off to look at nowadays because I feel as though his art hasn't really evolved or improved much since I looked at his work as a kid but I still find his ridiculous amount of detail impressive

Kousuke Fujishima, his art is so shiny and fluffy but I always enjoyed his work for some reason

Jeff Smith, has some of the best black and white work. He has a real way with the balance of black and white.

Hiromu Arakawa, a female that draws shonen manga, fuck yeah
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #3 on: Jun 08, 2011, 09:21 PM »
Huh.  Funny thing, the other day a friend was trying to convince me that the Black and White work in Bone was the best around.  It's very good but in my opinion I'm not convinced.  I don't like it all that much especially the lighter scenes.  That's just my take on it.  I rate Mignola's use of blacks higher.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #4 on: Jun 08, 2011, 09:22 PM »
less talky, more samply, chop chop will
thanks orange and angie
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Enter galactic, you and me.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #5 on: Jun 09, 2011, 12:25 AM »
Um, some of my influences drew in a very realistic style that is nothing like mine, but I guess you can say this sort of caused me to be a little bit picky with the way I draw human anatomy. Even though I draw in a more cartoony style, they made me pay closer attention to colors/contrast.


Naomi Chen-
She is the reason that really made me want to improve the anatomy in my drawings. That and the way she used light was so interesting to me.

Justin Cherry- See that below figure of the woman? I wanted to draw figures like that. I started to use so much photo reference and do so many figure drawing studies. I only draw figures like that once in a good while now, for class or something; I like to stylize the figure more nowadays.

Gez Fry-
He put so so so much detail into his work... and his colors and character designs were so gorgeous to me.

Matthew Woodson- I used to not really like inking very much at all. Until I saw this guy's work. I just loved the solid blacks that he used on everything. Also...the figures.

Okay, and here are some more artists that have influenced me and have a more cartoony style.

Jamie Hewlett- I can't say I've read Tank Girl. But around the time I started listening to The Gorrilaz, I started buying some of there CDs and fell in love with all the awesome art inside and also the music videos. I love the way he draws characters ; ;

Brandon Graham- Love his line work and the details he adds to his backgrounds. I'd say my current inking style is strongly influenced by him.

Seel Dingo- I used to draw anthros, A LOT so her art really interested me. I really like how she uses traditional mediums too. She's kind of the reason I bought Prisma markers back in 07 (I think) and I started to experiment a lot more with traditional media.

and Tritz- I don't know why french artists seem to always have such nice shaping and color to their work. This was the artist that made me say (sometime back in late 2008) "Know what? I like cartoony styles a fucking lot and think I want my style to head more in this sort of direction."  This guy made me want to stylize my anatomy much more, I guess. I started to like cartoonier eyes, mouths and noses.

There's so much more; a lot of anime has inspired me too. Starting with Wolf's Rain, Eureka 7, and FLCL. ahdgnfdagnadfngadl

Uh, sorry if this seems like too long of a post.
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #6 on: Jun 09, 2011, 01:07 AM »
hmm, i dunno if i have too many specific influences. jeff smith, bill waterson, and evan dahm are probably the sort of line quality i aim for the most. something about being really good with not too many lines, but there's a feeling of texture nonetheless. i also really like tim sale's work, but i don't know if i can really emulate it too much.

more than actual line art, i'm much more influenced by feel; like the tempo of storytelling and action. Hayao Miyazaki and shinichiro watanabe are at opposite ends of my spectrum and i wanna be like both. also, takashi miike, quentin tarantino, robert rodriguez, zack snyder, ang lee, bunches of other filmmakers.

for comics, i really like the way robert kirkman writes his characters, i liked jeph loeb's work in batman and the marvel spectrum series, the mark waid stuff i've read was all fantastic. i can't really name too many others, since i don't really read too many comics these days.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #7 on: Jun 09, 2011, 01:57 AM »
Skottie Young

Alessandro Barbucci

Dan Hipp

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #8 on: Jun 09, 2011, 07:28 AM »
Like Orange, I derived some influence from videogames. The Legend of Zelda, Earthbound, Pokemon and Soul Calibur in particular helped me shape things when I was younger.

I'm a huge kaiju fan. Godzilla and giant monsters in general always greatly influenced me. I kind of wish it influenced me enough to work on my backgrounds more often.

Bone was the only American influence of my earlier youth that I can recall.

In the Japanese world, Evangelion, Dragonball Z, Naruto and the semi-recent Kikkaider/Cyborg009/009-1 art influenced me.

Recently, I'm looking at Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invincible, and many DC animated movies for influential absorption.

As far as artists go, the biggest influence for me for the past several years is my favorite artist period, Tazio Bettin

His work inspired the creation of Arena.

I'm also into Lauren Montgomery recently.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #9 on: Jun 09, 2011, 08:31 AM »
Jim Mahfood (FOOD ONE)

Ashley Wood

Jamie Hewlett

I like bold sexy confident marks, and something that I guess I could describe as controlled chaos.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #10 on: Jun 09, 2011, 11:21 AM »
when i was a child this influnced me do draw.

duck tales,tale spin and other disney cartoons

 when i was like in 3rd grade this influnced me.
george perez

joe madureira

my inking in bold blacks came from this artist. the only reason i  started inking this way was because i thougt it was gonna be easy but it wasn't. it did help me get past my fear of inking and now i love using it as much as possible. not for the faint of heart thats for sure. its all about balance.

jim mahfood

frank miller

mike mignola

for my more detailed work my infunce came from. with the more detailed inking was something i could always do..but i was just being lazy. its actualy easy, just time consuming.

frank quitely

geoff darrow


and for my more recent work

gustav klimt


and to end my infulences
is Moebius i feel what i have picked up from moebius is balance even though theres alway alot of detail in his art their alway balanced in harmony with everything that is happening.

shit everytime i put images up..they get deleted so ima gonna leave em like this...
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #11 on: Jun 09, 2011, 11:27 AM »

I started drawing young. I started watching Cartoons young. The stuff I saw in Cow and Chicken along with I.Am.Weasel stuck with me. The cartoony expressions, the works. Everything I doodle nowadays would not look out of place in these cartoons.

Sam Keith. Disocovered through Sandman, and god, I was introduced to a world of awesome. I actually think the Sandman pages have been murdered by whoever did the inks and colours. His detailed stuff is sooo nice. A big influence when it comes to inks and linework

Akira Toriyama. I know he's been mentioned, but sadly, where I should be mentioning rigerous amounts of life study, it's probably endless fightscenes between topless screaming dudes that has taught me the most amount anatomy. Go figure.

Glenn Fabry. Preacher covers. What more needs to be said. The muscles, the wrinkles. Oh god. Love it.

And last but not least, the biggest artistic influence. In my eyes, everything this man draws is gold. The designs, the shapes, the ugliness. Simon Bisley.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #12 on: Jun 09, 2011, 11:31 AM »
Early Influences:

Dexter's Lab and Doug (got me interested in drawing comics)

Akira Toriyama (main one)

it's really what motivated me to draw better than my peers. The fanbase was growing in The States but in Mexico, It was KING!

The manga Version of FLCL (I read this before watching show but it influenced a shift iin style)

in retrospect, I kept looking back at this and QKoChan (by the same artist) and realize this guy's a horrible storyteller.

High School DAYS:

I saw a lot of potential for a great action and adventure manga, I mainly took interest in it cause of Rock Lee, but then it hit quite a wall with every chapter going at an incredibly slow pace and a lot of the story ended up being pretty lame compared to the potential that I saw since the Zabuza Arc.
However I learned a lot for Kishimoto's art in terms of using simple shape for complex details. I still like his art even today in part II but I will admit that it lost a lot of energy.

I have many but here's a few so i wont drag this any longer for those uninterested.

Ryan Ottley
Real - Inoue
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #13 on: Jun 09, 2011, 11:50 AM »
Bill Watterson .. for his gestures, facial expressions


Art Spiegelman

Jaime Hernandez. for his ladies.

Mike Mignola

Jason.. clean line, understated actions/low-key-ness

I realised i can't think of any major lady artist influences... what does that mean? :o
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #14 on: Jun 09, 2011, 12:09 PM »

pio canlas


mike mignola


hirohiko araki

david lloyd

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #15 on: Jun 09, 2011, 02:38 PM »
some nice ,undiscoverd stuff in here ,

it al started with this guy in my teen years.


Hiroaki Samura:i just love is stuff ,its al so soft in the feminine faces,but the hands are amazing in his artwork,plus he's a speed king

Those were the two really memorable artist i had to mention.

As of today i am checking alot of James Jeans work

Yoshiktaka Amano:
specifically his Black and white works.

David Mack:..he's watercoloring is just so it

and loast but not least,Ashley Wood:...anything as of late is so painted and rugged...Effin love it

there are tons of other stuff,but i really try to keep my art as uninfluenced as possible nowadays(besides from the old ones)
and just go from there,and see whatever happens
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #16 on: Jun 09, 2011, 05:10 PM »
Man, I'm such a nerd for cartoons and animation. I honestly don't really read comics (aside from VOID and whatever my friends produce), so a lot of my style influence is from animated media. I was also heavily inspired by videogames when I was a kid.

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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #17 on: Jun 09, 2011, 07:58 PM »
I really like Ryan Ottley's stuff. It has enough detail to look great but not take Todd Mcfarlane levels of time. (For the record, I think Todd Mcfarlane IS a great artist.)

I also like the grittier, more uses-a-lot-of-blacksier Jim Lee art in All Star Batman and Robin.

I like pretty much anything in terms of Street Fighter art. Not only is the official stuff fun to look at but it even inspires really great fan art.

I really like the art in Avatar. If I had a cartoon I would want it to be similar in style to this.

Similarly to Street Fighter, I like just about all of the Legend of Zelda art too, and it inspires some pretty epic fan works.

I used to like Ultimate Spider-Man a lot. The first 100 or so, before the artist swap...

Anyone familiar with Calvin and Hobbes knows there's a number of reasons to love it, but I'll go with the expressions. Great expressions.

I like Soul Eater's art. Yeah, there's about 1002 manga/anime with almost the same "style" but what can I say?

Also a fan of Jhonen Vasquez. He has a fun and simple art style, plus his sense of humor is pretty close to mine.

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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #18 on: Jun 09, 2011, 08:46 PM »
Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat was probably the trippiest show I've seen before I saw Ren and Stimpy. And I loved it.

Sonic, primarily the second game for the Sega Genesis, really got me to draw as a kid. Well, mostly just drawing Tails, as he was probably the cutest thing ever. The game itself was a lot of fun to play.

Pixar's stuff was awesome, and really got me excited as a kid every time they released a new movie after Toy Story gained some awesome reviews.

Rayman. Mostly the second game. It was really inspiring somehow when my brother bought it when we were kids at toys r us. The scenery, story, and characters were really cool.

Bruce Timm. I completely forgot I was inspired by this dude's art style. Gorgeous stuff.

Asano Inio. Recent discovery by William Duel when he linked me his current work "Oyasumi Punpun" Friggin love his tones.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #19 on: Jun 10, 2011, 07:23 AM »
I get influenced by a shit ton of artists, it could just be one piece they did, one comic they did, or their whole backlog of art.  I'll try to pare it down to the mainstays.

Sergio Toppi.  One of my favorite comic artists ever(even if I've never read one of his stories in english) with his texturing, inking, gnarly figures, and compositions.

Travel Foreman.  When I first saw his stuff I fell in love.  It was like he had all the influences I liked plus his amazing originality.

Katsuya Terada.  Through him I learned of amazing older artists like Moebius

Yoji Shinkawa.  I never knew lines and inks could be so explosive and expressive until I saw his work.  The open figures and his meticulous details with architechure and machinery , not to mention his designs just plain kick ass, made him hands down my favorite artist for a very very long time.  I learned so much from studying his art like how to create a realistic figure with

Cory Walker. 

Katsuhiro Otomo.  Love his storytelling.  Also everything else.

Greg Tocchinni

I'm just going to start listing the rest since this post is taking waaay too long to write.
Stuart Immonen
Daniel Acuna
Joe Kubert
Alex Toth
Moebius( especially the Blueberry stuff)
Takeshi Obata
Jordi Bernet
Becky Cloonan
Jaime Hewlett
Ashley Woods
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #20 on: Jun 10, 2011, 07:26 AM »
i vas vaiting u to contribute, johnny
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Enter galactic, you and me.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #21 on: Jun 10, 2011, 08:18 AM »
This is a wonderful thread!  I really like seeing what artists have inspired other people, and it gives us the opportunity to share a little of our enthusiasm for the artists we love so much.

Other than the first three these are in no particular order I guess.

Akira Toriyama's work especially through his run on Dragon Ball.  Whether it's earlier, more detailed work or his later, more economically streamlined work, he always inspires me.  He is my favorite artist of all time, but I'm sure he gets an unfair advantage for being able to take me back to feeling like a care free little kid.  Plus he wrote and drew all of Dragon Ball with only one or two assistants at a pace of roughly fifteen pages a week while designing characters and environments for movies, shows, games, etc. for a span of about ten years.  It's no wonder he got burnt out by the end of it!

Next up is the consummate professional, Joe Kubert.  This man is one of the best artists U.S. comics have ever showcased, if not the best in my opinion.  I think he was head and shoulders above his peers in the 60's and is still producing top quality work now that the rest of them are mostly retired.

Michelangelo.  I really probably don't need to say anything about him.  His work is put lightly as legendary.  I enjoy looking at his sketches even more than his sculptures and paintings.

Olivier Coipel is one of my favorite artists in comics at the moment (though it's been a long moment).  I try to emulate his use of blacks and cross hatching.  He also delivers a nice balance of detail and economy of line.

N.C. Wyeth illustrated books like The Adventures of Robin Hood and Treasure Island.  His work is always dramatic and full of life.

J.H. Williams III is the best artist out there when it comes to panel layouts.  I don't think anyone even comes close.  He showcases brilliant design sensibilities in his comics yet everything is still clear and easy to read.  He is my other favorite artist in comics today.

Alphonse Mucha was a Czech art nouveau painter.  His illustrations of women are wonderfully designed, graceful and packed with detail.

Stuart Immonen is an inspiration to me personally as well as artistically.  He's self taught like I am and he's still one of the best artists out there.

Masashi Kishimoto draws the best fight scenes I've ever seen in any comic.  His art in Naruto can be some what inconsistent at times, but when he's on he is on.  Those fight scenes are just insane though.  This is his Dragon Ball tribute.  I included it just because I love Dragon Ball and I think his style really works well with the characters.

Takehiko Inoue is best known for his series, Slam Dunk.  I think his art was okay at the start, but it was still too reminiscent of City Hunter which he was an assistant on.  Once he hit his stride and let his art develop into his own style he blew me away.  He's a fantastic artist and I wish I could draw just like him.

The variety of Street Fighter artists, but the primary SF3 designer specifically.  Collectively the Capcom crew is just full of amazing artists.  I wish they would draw comics!
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Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #22 on: Jun 10, 2011, 10:25 AM »
Just wanna say I love this topic. Its introduced me to a few new artists to like :P

Mainly that Tritz person and I've picked out a couple from Johnny's I like.

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #23 on: Jun 10, 2011, 05:15 PM »
though I can never seem to incorporate any of their techniques in any of my drawings here are some of my influences

Ayame Kojima

Bruce Timm
Yoji Shinkawa

Re: tell me your artstyle influences
« Reply #24 on: Jun 10, 2011, 06:28 PM »
In no order:

Stuart Immonen
 His simple yet perfectly stylized style had me buy everything he illustrated.

John Cassaday
  Very calm, emotive approach to everything. Def a break for the common action packed, fast paced art your prone to see in comics.

and of course last but not least, my early maybe first influence the Madman


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