READ BEFORE POSTING: Guide to the Incubator.

READ BEFORE POSTING: Guide to the Incubator.

READ BEFORE POSTING: Guide to the Incubator.
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What is the incubator?
The incubator is a place where you can post your new character, and intro comics, to receive feedback before you submit through the main site. In order for your character to be accepted, your submission must be up to our standards of quality, and also meet our submission requirements. The incubator is a good place to make sure that your submission is in order before you submit it.

What should I post?
• It is important to remember that users are only allowed to create one thread in the incubator, even if you decide to stop working on a character and start making a new one. Please keep everything in a single thread and edit it as necessary.
• You can post whatever you have so far on your character, or comics. You are encouraged to post complete art, but sketches and works-in-progress are fine if you feel you need critique in your earlier stages.
• Feel free to post thumbnails of your comics if you’d like critique on your page layout.

What shouldn’t I post?
• Anything that isn’t related to your submission. We have a section called ‘Go For Broke’ in which you can post your previous work, or other art that you’d like critique on.
• A post containing no art whatsoever. Posts that only contain text will be locked.

Important Notes about submission guidelines
Design Sheet
• The design sheet should clearly show your character and their important features. It is recommended that you draw them in a static, standing pose.
• Design sheets MUST be in color. Color swatches are not acceptable.
• The need for a shot of their back is on a case-to-case basis. If your character is just a guy with a T-shirt and jeans then a back shot would not be necessary. However, if your character has a design on the back of that shirt then a back shot would be necessary.
• Include close-ups and descriptions of anything on your character that you need to, such as scars, tattoos, intricate hair-dos, designs on clothing, weapons, etc. The more visual information, the better.

Intro Comics (2 page minimum, 4 page maximum)
• The intro comics are intended to be a way to measure your comic making skills. You want to do your very best on them.
• You can do whatever you’d like as far as the story goes. Just introduce us to your character.
• Unlike the design sheet, the intro comics do not have to be in color if you don’t want them to be.
• These comics cannot be sloppy, unfinished, or incorrectly sized.

The shorter you can make your Bio, the better. Just give us the essential information.

"Unspoken Rules"
• You must be able to draw human anatomy, at least decently. If you are submitting a non-human character, then please show us a human somewhere in your submission.
• Backgrounds: A comic without any backgrounds will be rejected.
• Effort: Even if you aren’t the best artist out there, showing tons of effort will probably get you approved. If you are a fantastic artist but slack on your submission, you will not be accepted.

Character creation FAQS

Does my character have to be a fighter?
No. They can be whatever you want them to be.

Does my character have to live in Void City?
No. Void City is a setting that is often used, but it is in no way required. You can even have your comics take place in whatever time period you’d like. If you’d like to use Void city, it can look any way you want it to. There is no map, and there are no set locations.

Can my character be a duo or trio etc of people?
Yes, you can submit a group as a single character. You submit them all on a single submission. They must all be included on a single design sheet and intro comic.

Are my characters powers/abilities limited? Can I make a character with God-like powers?

We don’t limit your characters power, they can have whatever powers you want to give them.

Can my character be a cat, alien, furry, 20 foot monster, or robot?
Yes, anything goes.

Also, Please Note:
Please be respectful when receiving and giving critique. Unnecessarily rude or off topic posts will be deleted.

Feel free to ask questions here so this post can be updated as needed!


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