AJ's banished Sketchbook

AJ's banished Sketchbook

AJ's banished Sketchbook
« on: Jan 05, 2010, 06:41 AM »
Hi there guys!

I'll be posting some stuff I've been doing along time...just give me some time and you will see.

Just a note:
please excuse me for sometimes don't make extensive talk here...one of my major difficulties is to dominate the English language...man, it's a little bit frustrating, because i want to communicate more with you guys, but once in a while i had to access on line dictionary and stuff  :-\ ...

that problem apart...here it is the good stuff...COMICS!!!

Comic: "A Noite" (The Night)
Done in 2004, for a contest in my town...
the theme was precisely "The night", and because i love some horror, thriller, suspense noir movies or comics, i did these 4 pages, where an innocent girl is persuited by a psycho killer...but in the end, there was something worse watching in the shadows,...and hungry!

Comic: done the last year,
 in this one i took the known myth of Icarus, and i tried to give it a "sad end" (MWA AH AH AH!)...ah err...anyway, i was trying to get out of my regular draw style...trying to do a little bit more cartoony, more childish draw.
It was some kind of test...a funny one.

That's all, for now, but I'll show you more stuff guys.
Please, help me to improve the art skills
Salutations from Portugal  ;)

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #1 on: Jan 05, 2010, 08:24 AM »
I like that first comic, there is a lot of good details especially in the plants.  But that font, though I guess appropriate in some way, is kinda hard to read.  Even if it's in Portuguese, I don't think it's a great font.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #2 on: Jan 05, 2010, 11:36 AM »
For Noite, some of the faces look a bit warped as well. I've seen the same issue with some of your Void comics, so it's something to keep in mind. Reference is always your friend.

Other than that, it looks pretty good, keep practicing!

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #3 on: Jan 06, 2010, 06:28 PM »
 William_Duel - At the time, i thought that this Font was perfect to a horror comic...anyway, i guess it's not bad at all...
the bad news is...i had to format the PC, and i lost that font.
No backup :/

 (Pi) - I'll keep in mind the warped faces issue, bro...sometimes, i try to rush a little bit the pages and i neglect a bit some points...
i remember that week, i knew the contest schedule was ending ( a few days left ) and after school, i gave my best.
I didn't won the first prize, but i won 6 comics books and more love for my art lol :)

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #4 on: Jan 06, 2010, 06:51 PM »
Here's some more stuff i wish to show

This one is a nameless Test page I've done back in 2007, for a friends studios.
The page 1.
 I loved the script, it was a horror story...the good guy in the page was a detective, awaking in a very old house with no idea how he got in there...
On the walls, you can see blood and worshipping demons  signs...damn, what a nightmare!

The girl above: "the Project R 3 D" ( Resistance and Defense 3soldiers. ) just an idea, at the moment in stand by.
This assassin's path will be crossed with Kojiro.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #5 on: Jan 06, 2010, 11:34 PM »
Some people have echoed this concern; I think you should cut back on lense flares. There aren't many scenarios where they look good in digital comic art and the result of it makes a drawing seem amateur.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #6 on: Jan 07, 2010, 10:03 AM »
cut back on lens flare? dude... forget it's even there. I mean it.

the detailing in your stuff's pretty nice, man. i would definitely suggest paying attention to the thickness of your lines though. a lot of times, when there's that many lines down on a page, things can get a little muddled & it's not always as clear as it could be. use a brush or get pens of varying thickness. and don't forget about leaving a white highlight sometimes when you're drawing black on black.

other than that, noite & the recent stuff both seem to have people with the same faces & same builds roughly. get some more variation going between people.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #7 on: Jun 12, 2010, 06:15 PM »
I'll try to show some sketchs or some mad experiences here too...here's some.

An old woman who loves kittens...huh..resenbling my neighbour from the 1st floor...jeez...

a monk face and indian face

some sketchs of some web head...

i'll stop been so lazy and post more stuff.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #8 on: Jun 13, 2010, 03:24 AM »
You've got some pretty cool stuff on here, man. If I could give a suggestion that I haven't seen everyone else saying, I think you need to give your heads a little more vertical space. You're not leaving enough room for the brains on your monk or many of your other people on here.

I'm really digging your dynamic Spiderman poses though, very awesome!

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #9 on: Jun 13, 2010, 03:34 AM »
between the back of the head and neck, i see now.
thanks for pointing, RoflQu!

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #10 on: Jun 17, 2010, 05:19 AM »
Any reason why I'm only seeing the spidey poses? That's the only one of the new post I can see.

Rofl's right though. I've notice you have a tendency to shrink skulls. Not only the back to front, but also just on top. Remember, rule of thumb is the distance from the chin to the eyes should really be the same difference from the eyes to the top of the (bald) head. Looking back at the guy in those sequentials up top, you're putting his eyes three quarters of the way up when really it should be more like half.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #11 on: Jun 26, 2010, 10:48 AM »
Thanks for the advice, Kuro, most of the time, i draw by "instinct", and tend to forget the basics.
I cant forget drawing it's a science too.

BTW, new stuffs i've done while i'm working

Anatomic notes

Odd bird & Cadavre Exquisit

the excellent sidekick

Makavelli the toad XD

Death Metal yeah!!

more spider sketchs  :/
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Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #12 on: Jun 30, 2010, 06:16 PM »
Some Fan art i intend to color soon

if someone is interested in coloring, just ask me the bigger resolution file, i'll send ya.
more to come.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #13 on: Jun 30, 2010, 06:46 PM »
Awesome! Thanks dude! And I'm always looking for stuff to color so toss some my way
Kittens wearins mittens

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #14 on: Jul 01, 2010, 06:24 AM »
sure Angie, i've already send ya the files via e-mail, hope you got it :D
Hey have fun with the coloring, i'll try the same later.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #15 on: Jul 06, 2010, 05:44 AM »
WIP Kojiro VS Shrapnel Girl


Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #16 on: Feb 23, 2011, 03:23 PM »
Hi there Void, i'm trying to be back on the track...recently, i've been thinking ALOT in starting Sketchcards!Man, i'm loving it,
I would like to ya ask if anybody here do it too, and what are your criteria for the price rates...I'm just starting this sketchcard thing, and i'm yet in noob mode.

This is a work in progress, 5 Black & White ( for now ) cards 2.5 X 3.5 inches.
There you can see:

-Ghost Rider
-Spiderman & Scarlet Spider

This will be the 1st set, for now.
What'cha think..?

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #17 on: Feb 23, 2011, 05:22 PM »
heh deadpool
cool small sketches
Get ready- pop it, let's go.
Enter galactic, you and me,
Enter galactic, you and me.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #18 on: Feb 24, 2011, 06:50 AM »
Thanks Jho!

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #19 on: May 05, 2011, 05:04 PM »
Hi there Voiders, it's been a while since i posted some thing here, so here it is some stuff...

I'm trying to give a little help to my friend's game project, called Shinobi Densetsu , a free game made with the Open Surge Engine.
 My thing in the Shinobi Densetsu will be concept art related, we will try to make some cool intros and mind blowing story too, but we are a small, not professional group, so the project will run a bit slooooowwwww for now...

I wish to ask please, if anyone likes games like sonic, ninja gaiden, old games, could you download the game and be a beta tester?If you see a bug, don't kill it, report it (Lame joke, AJ! )

Here's the site http://shinobidensetsu.webs.com/

You can see part of the story in the site, and in the game, so i'll just post some sketchs i've been doodling

Michio the hero

Betto the dog

Dai the monk

Michio color Version purple

Michio color Version violet

Dai colors

BTW, listening to Voidcast right now, Red, Angie, you rock girls.

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #20 on: Jun 02, 2011, 05:03 PM »
Recently i got hooked to some Iphone Apps, Sketchbook X and Photoshop Express... the 2 i've downloaded were the free version btw.

Just to say it's addictive as hell, now i can give some colors to some of my sketchs in work ( gulp! shouldn't said that. ) I dont even need to scan it, i can take a picture and work it from that :)

Nice toy to play while i'm not in home eh eh

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #21 on: Jun 18, 2011, 03:08 PM »
More crappy stuff...

Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #22 on: Jan 26, 2013, 02:36 PM »
Hi there Voiders, it's been a while since i posted some new stuff or uploaded comics, unfortunately since a year and half ago, i haven't so much time to work on what i love to do: art and comics, due to my work schedule ( meh :/ )

meanwhile my absence, I'm finishing these 2 comics for Entervoid.

Shrapnel Girl VS Kojiro

at the time, i haven't to much time and i defaulted, so, I'm finishing the pages.

Path to Nowhere: a post-apocalyptic tale

I'm developing this comic, inspired a bit upon the Post-Apocalyptic thread, there will be some cameos, i hope people don't mind...well, I'll keep the details in secret for now.

in the picture: Ponbiki's Piko Ransimo, Pyras's Arena and Angieness's Angela Rudell.
There will be more characters featured, and i hope to deliver this in end of march.

Sorry for posting this in go for broke, i was unsure if it suited better in comic hype section or here so i posted here.

See ya soon


Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #23 on: Mar 10, 2017, 09:52 AM »
Hey wassup Void?
It's been a long time since i posted something, meanwhile life followed it's natural path...I've been a Security Guard almost a decade by now, work field which I really like and plan to evolve, plus currently I'm a father of a 8 month baby, and recently i found a passion for the linguistic field also :) ...

 So, anyways i still focus myself to evolve my art skills and projects, and in these last months i participated in a course :" SmithsonianX: POPX1.5x The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture ", it was a self paced course, in which one must create a Superhero and an introductory comic...it was fun and interesting.


I'm tempted to develop this comic in the future, maybe here in Void.
What do you think?


Re: AJ's banished Sketchbook
« Reply #24 on: Mar 10, 2017, 11:34 AM »
Welcome back, long time no see

If this comic is something you're passionate about I'd say by all means, that's what matters most


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