Void's 6th Year Anniversary! (11/14!) Let's Celebrate with a JAM!

Void's 6th Year Anniversary! (11/14!) Let's Celebrate with a JAM!

Void's 6th anniversary is coming up on November 14th, so I figured it may be a good idea to have a little jam for it.

Do Void related art, it can be of your favorite characters, a group pic, go crazy and do an awesome massive drawing of what you think Void city looks like! And along with your art, tell us what Void means to you and how you have become a better artist because of the site. Feel free to link us your original intros along with your most recent comic page so we can see how Void has changed you!

I understand it's similiar to the fanart jam, but remember, this doesn't have to be fanart, be creative.

I'll start with what Void means to me (the rest of you have to have art in your posts)

I've been on Void for 2 of its 6 years and the stuff I have learned has been invaluable. I know that sounds kind of silly to say about a website, but it's true. I originally heard about the site through Seel and figured I'd check it out. I thought I was hot shit and quickly rushed my intros, win/loss images, and design sheet. And was declined. Twice. Void quickly knocked my ego down a few pegs and I sat down and seriously spent more time on my stuff and resubmitted. I managed to barely squeak in and went into my first battle. It was pretty awful, but at the time I thought it was amazing and everyone would love it. But alas, I was young and stupid and people were quick to tear into me. But instead of being discouraged I tried harder on my next battle. Every time a critique would knock me down I would stand back up so I could improve and become a better comic artist. Even though occasionally the crits can hurt, they have always helped me improve a ton.

Void to me is a great community and a wonderful teacher and I truly envy the younger artists like Corny and Airlight who are getting to grow up with Void. I never would have gone from http://entervoid.com/images/fighters/927/voidpage1r.jpg to http://entervoid.com/display/1861/927/5 without it. So thank you Void for making me a better artist.

Now get drawing guys!
Kittens wearins mittens

Are you shitting me? My birthday is on the same day!

EDIT (finally read the rest of angie's post)

I have to say that I own VOID everything cool that has happened to me in this year career wise, it has been my only true teacher so far. Spcially discipline wise (starting when I did a very strict 6 pager min and max, one weeker with jho, and then with the SDT) I really had to iron that discipline that hanged loose, and to me art is pretty much about discipline nowadays, and so is Void.

Thank you for another year, VOID!
(I hope I can pull something for this jam)
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By air

It's almost the 14th and no submissions? Come on guys, show Void your love!
Kittens wearins mittens

I really cant say much except for the fact that Void has changed me in more ways than one.

Artistically, Void changed my views on comics, back then to me its all about the dynamic aspects and none of the establishments or buildups. By battling I learned that comics has a mathematical sense to it, void has taught me those patterns and up to this day use it whenever I have the chance.

Speaking of battling, comeraderie was another that I learn through this site. I was once a member of OCAD and Socalfu, but the drama is too much for me that its hard to find a real friend among the numerous binary text you see in front of the screen.
Void has shown me, and helped me found friends among the retarded travesty that our community has. Oddly it helped me filter whom I can respect and whom I can bullshit with.

Edit * jam being drawn as we speak *

Last but not the least, artwise. I really cant show anything because I have degraded skillwise due to some event in my life, but hey, I wouldnt be here if I dont think Void can bring that old spark back.

So for your sixth year Void, I wish you a happy birthday, may you continue to break every delusional dreams out there and rebuild a tougher and skillful sequentialist for years to come.

Mamoru Out.

This deserves a colossal birthday cake!

I've been on Void for 3 whole years now. And I'm quite impressed with how this one site changed me and my ability to draw.

Hell, if it weren't for Void, not only wouldn't I have interest in comics, but I would most likely still draw as crappy as this:


And this old comic above is proof that I've improved not only in art, but the way I draw comics too.

Thanks Void!
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You would die in ten different ways from eating that.

Pffff you kidding me Corny?

6 years eh? Man what a trip.
I can't  say a whole hell of a ton, but I am very grateful that such a community exists and is sincerely dedicated to giving artists a chance of exposure and learning to hone their skills.
 Before VOID I always wanted to do comics, but I never had any real discipline or motivation to do any. I had one shot of doing something serious, which was a web comic I worked on from 1999-2006. The project died a terrible embarassing death because I couldn't give myself motivation or drive to get it done. For a whole year i didn't bother doing any real comic based work, but I wanted to achieve some means of motivation and practice again.
That's when I noticed an advertisement for this site through DeviantFart.
I joined up around the same time my friend Angie did, but never bothered to submit any characters right away. But thanks to her putting me in a headlock that Chuck Norris would've been proud of, she convinced me to give it a try.

and oh my GOD it was so embarrassing!

But it was embarrassing to the point that it was declared a wake up call for me. I listened and read everyone's feedback and it was a miracle. I was so glad that I wasn't given one or two worded compliments , I was told what needed work and what was decent enough for me to continue with. This was something I was aching for for a long ass time. Real fucking feedback, and I finally got it.
I started regaining a sense of passion for doing comics again, thanks to the influences around me. Deadlines gave me a better understanding and motivated me to work harder and bust serious ass under pressure.

The biggest part that affected me being here is the community. I made some very wonderful people here and established great friendships with the lot of them. I even got to meet some of you guys in person and I don't pass any regrets at all for it. It's thanks to your influences that I got a better grip on character development and technique.

I don't think I would've gone from a shit stain-a-rama like this


to this


without your encouragement and support.

Thanks guys for helping me improve, and I hope by 7th year I'll have a lot more to give.

preparing my thank you -

in the form of a BATTLE

delicious maus, dont forget the rhubarb.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, here's not even the first comic I did, but the first in attempt for Void:

And here's something more recent:

I can't even begin to express how much this site has affected my life. I found it completely at random, browsing google for new webcomics. Since then I've graduated high school, am about to graduate college, and I'm giving serious thought about going to pixar as a story artist.

Thank you, Void, for everything.

If I had known about VOID 5 years ago, I don't know if I would have even bothered with this "college" nonsense.  Seriously, VOID has done so much more for me than any of these retarded classes ever have (save for one particularly harrowing figure drawing class). 

But I've only been here for a year, so I don't feel qualified to do a "before/after" thing.  I still feel very much a n00b.  D: 
No man or beast or kitty-cat or doggy is going to drag me down.

I've been floating around for about two and a half years. I first got into this when I was like... eleven XD Meaning sixth grade. I'm a freshman in highschool now and boy have I improved.

I mean really.
Look at this shit.
That wasn't even my first try. I tried to get in with something before that was even worse, but lucky me it's dissapeared off the face of the internet XD
I didn't even know about multiply layer thing. very sad very sad.

And then just look at any of my more recent battles! I've improved in leaps and bounds and I don't think I would have done it without void. I love you void, without you I would still be a clueless little shit.

void helped me improve by experimenting and overcome alot of challenges, i know lots of cool people from here, even shitty ones, i cherish it. thanks
Get ready- pop it, let's go.
Enter galactic, you and me,
Enter galactic, you and me.

Haven't even been here for a year yet. Joined as a high school sophomore and now I am a junior. But I think I joined with fair enough timing anyway.

The prevalent levels of talent and skill, diversity of style, interesting community, etc. There's a strong love for comics and art here. It's all inspired me to stick around and keep myself interested in what this place has to offer. I met alot of cool people in my short stay and I hope to meet even more or continue to know people better.

Even with that short length of time of stay in comparison to most others - I feel that sort of dedication and attachment to this site and people as a whole and maybe have gone a little on the excessive side in some situations trying to push myself to work harder and achieve more satisfying results with my work.

VOID saved me from a self-destructive art block. I was able to channel my constant voracity with challenging myself with art to the limits into character submissions and competitive battles on here, and I am grateful. I've never received any sort of formal education with art or drawing, and VOID is sort of like that filler for that gap.

I still have a long way to go, because I am never satisfied with what I do, but I know I've learnt many things from this place, and I know I will keep trudging along just to see where i end up.

[will edit later w/ JAM picture post]
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Void helped me get from here http://www.photobucket.com/albums/b181/orenkie/Pg4.jpg to here http://www.photobucket.com/albums/b181/orenkie/ RvsRtvPg3.jpg

As thas bout da last thang I posted here. Happy 6th ya durty bastards
<orenkie>Im da one that went to da gun fight wit a knife...and wooooon. Even when his friends left h

I have been on Void for around two years.  When I first found this site, I was drawing Naruto imitations or whatever like a million other kids and could never get more than a couple pages into a comic before giving up.

I finished a 100 page comic about 6 months ago.  I have drawn 40 odd pages of Void battles.  I feel like I'm improving with every panel and whenever I'm not motivated to draw I can just get online and find someone here who gets me all excited about comics again.

I take way more from this site than I give.  I hardly ever critique other people's battles or art.  You guys don't seem to care, though -- there is always someone here willing to give me pointers or encouragement when I need it most.

Jam piece possibly on its way, but even if I don't get the chance, I just wanted to say thanks.  Thanks to Gabe and Kevin and all the mods/admins and every single other person who is a part of this site.  You guys are the best.

void sucks

but seriously this site is awesome thanks for the community telling me how not to fuck up so much I really appreciate it

Void has helped me a lot this past year, and there is still lots improvements for me to make. I wouldn't be as far as I am now without Entervoid. Thank you for all the critique I've been given and help from everyone, it's really helped me out.

I haven't even been here for a year either, but yeah, Void has gotta be one of the best sites I've joined. I've met some really awesome people here and have been pretty inspired by some too....And I also think it's safe to say that I've improved.



thanks Void :3

Void helped me go from this crap -->

To this -->

I less-than three you VOID. I less-than three you very much. And a crazy, if a bit belated, b-day to you.
Good help is so hard to find these days...

actually i think i get worse in void


Get ready- pop it, let's go.
Enter galactic, you and me,
Enter galactic, you and me.

From one waking moment

To another.

I dont think I've missed a beat where I would wake up and the first thing I'd do is check this page. Im at the annex of my college career right now where I have to wonder whether or not I'm going to be animating, programming indy games, or trying to emulate the mangaka phenomenon in the states with sleepless nights and and thankless mornings.

But because of my 3 years of stay, I have built up a priceless confidence in my own ability to follow that raw feeling in my gut to just go all the way and never stop to look back.  Such a feeling could not have been achieved without all the people who just like all of us ,halfheartedly jumped into this pool with only the faintest idea of how to swim only to emerge as awesome bikini babe eating sharks.  And who among us all can say we have FOUGHT such a creature, shot them with round after round with panelled fury and had our land legs thrashed and severred to the kiddy pool only to regrow them octice.


and also perhaps A NUMBER OF US could. 
THIS indomitable drive to murder your fellow man could not have been implemented with more style.
THAT fleeting feeling where you feel that you are universally accepted while you scan papers at 3 in the morning could not have been reproduced in any other way.

And so Void ,




From a pre-Void fancomic:

From Ben vs Sam:

Thanks Void :D

OUTLAW STAR? how can i see the rest of this?

void popped my comics cherry. we're getting married.

First pages for void (or first finished comic ever):
Jesus saves us!
Last pages for Void (so far):
I learned stufsssss

Well... I'm just a damn old lurker (+- 4 years around reading stuff and never commenting, I'm adorable). Void made me want to draw comics and be awesome. Still day dreaming, but I sure learned paneling, pacing, backgrounds, time management and how to fuck up a F5 like no one else. Thanks Void for helping me and lead a way!

Haha I totally forgot to post here.

Rather than slap the image in here, accompanied with my inane babbling, I'll just redirect you to this:


And, no, I'm not linking you to the five comics I've done for this site.  REALLY GUYS THEY'RE NOT HARD TO FIND.  ONLY FIVE OF THEM.

I want my life back.   :-\


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