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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of skill that is required to participate?

We welcome artists of all skill levels. We have a few technical requirements, such as the ability to create a colored reference image and creating images of an appropriate page size and resolution. You can read more about character submission requirements here.

Do my comics HAVE to take place in VOID City?

No, not at all. While many artists use Void City or the Void Lands in their comics, we encourage you to use any setting you like, including your own original settings.

Do I HAVE to show my opponent in my comic?

Yes. In fact, if you fail to include your character or your opponent in your comic then you will be disqualified.

How do I cancel a match?

Both you and your opponent(s) must mutually agree to cancel the comic. All involved parties must contact staff saying that you’d like to cancel. You can do this by messaging the #ask-staff-4-help-read-pinned channel in the official Discord. You can also email staff@entervoid.com with your request.

What is a Win/Lose pose? Do I need to have one?

Win and Lose poses are images that appear in the header on your completed battles. As the name suggests, if you won the battle, your Win pose will show, and if you lost your Lose pose will show. You are not required to have a Win/Lose pose for your character, they are just for fun. Historically, Win and Lose poses were a character submission requirement in Void’s earliest years. They were discontinued for most of Void’s history, but were recently re-introduced as an optional image type.

What is a Hype Image?

Hype Images are a new type of image for your character that were released with the Void 2.0 website. These character images appear on their profile, the home page, in external link previews, and on battles if a win/lose pose is not being used. Hype images are recommended to be 1500x1000px in size, though please keep in mind that it will be cropped and displayed in different ways. You can upload a hype image from the edit button on your character’s profile. Hype images are optional.

What is an NPC? Can I make one?

An NPC is a story character that is featured in an EnterVOID comic but not submitted to the website as an official Character. These are usually background characters or supporting cast, such as a friend or rival of a submitted Character. You can introduce as many NPCs as you’d like.

My character got scarred, do I have to draw the scar?

Yes. After you lose a scar match, you must first update your design sheet to reflect the new scar before you can battle again. Ignoring your scar won’t result in disqualification, but it is considered bad sportsmanship and may impact your ability to participate in future scar matches and tournaments. Remember to take scar matches seriously and only enter them at your own risk. You can heal a scar with a First Aid Kit if you have one in your inventory and have created a comic showing how your character’s scar was healed.

My battle failed to upload! What do I do?

Please read here for more information.

I found a bug / have an issue with the site! What should I do?

You can report them in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord.

My character was declined, but I didn’t receive a message explaining why?

First, check your spam folder just in case. Unfortunately sometimes certain emails refuse to accept messages from VOID. You can contact staff via email staff@entervoid.com if you have any questions and we will give you a summary.

My character is listed as inactive/retired, how can I un-retire them?

On your character’s page next to their name, click on Edit. The button to retire or un-retire a character will be at the bottom of the page. If your character is inactive rather than retired, it is because you lost a scar match and never updated the design sheet. In that situation, you must update your character’s design sheet to reflect the new scar. Please note that reference sheet updates after a scar match require manual approval from staff and are not instant. If you have any issues, contact staff.

I want to submit a character team, is that okay?

Yes. You must represent them all on a single design sheet. They technically count as a single character. Please see the Official Rules for a more detailed definition of a team character.

I already have a character in but want a second one! Is that okay?

Yes, you can have multiple characters. You can use your BattlePass to submit up to three new characters at a time without an intro comic, or submit as many characters with intro comics as you’d like. Please see the BattlePass section for more details.

Does my submitted character have to be solely for Void or can I use them elsewhere too?

Your characters belong to you and you can use them in any way you’d like.

What are beyond battles?

Beyond Battles, or BB’s, are character-based comics that are either created by a solo artist or by multiple collaborating artists. Usually, people make BB’s to fill in parts of their storyline. You can set a time limit for drawing a BB, or you can submit a finished one. You can’t default on a beyond battle, but feel free to use the timer if that helps motivate you to finish.

What is an artist comic?

Artist comics do not include characters that were submitted to EnterVOID’s website. You can create an artist comic as a standard match versus another artist or individually as a Beyond Battle.

Can I post adult material?

Yes, though members would appreciate it if you inform them that your comic is NSFW by using the comic rating system when uploading your comic, and/or by tagging your comic appropriately. Please be considerate.

How do I get an extension for my battle?

You can extend battles by navigating to your battle’s page and clicking on the Extend 1 Week button. You can also use a Super Extension item to add one more extra week to your battle’s deadline.

I have a BattlePass but I want to submit my character the traditional way with an intro comic. Can I do that?

Yes, you have the choice to submit either way.

I want to submit a character without an intro comic with my BattlePass, are there any requirements or restrictions?

You must submit a design sheet that still follows all of the requirements (full color, appropriate image size, and minimum of two angles). You also still need a bio and a character icon. We reserve the right to decline entries that violate copyrights, are excessively sloppy, are not properly sized, or are missing any part of the required submission elements.

I have a provisional character and I am ready to submit intro pages for them now. How do I update my character and have them reviewed?

Simply go to that character’s profile, fill out the information, then click submit for approval.

I am a writer and not an artist, what can I do?

You can submit a character sheet drawn by another person for you, with their explicit permission, as a provisional character. You can also submit this character to be co-owned by the other artist. You can then loan your character out, or pair with an artist to draw a comic you write.