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Events and Tournaments

Void usually has several events during the year. Over the years, many tournaments have become staples of the site. These large tournaments will be scheduled by staff, but we also encourage users to create their own tournaments and community events.

The annual Tournament Schedule is posted at the beginning of every calendar year on the Discord. Tournament participation is usually open to all members with a BattlePass (an approved character), but sometimes there are special requirements. In some instances, members will be barred from tournament participation if they have a recent record of turning in unfinished work. This is to ensure all participants get a fair match up.

Creating your own tournament

First, please read the tournament schedule on the Discord. We are very open to ideas, we just need to make sure that your tournament idea does not conflict with any other major event or violate the rules in any way. You MUST submit your tournament for review before it can be posted.

Please submit this information to us:

Send this form via DM to any staff member on Discord or email staff@entervoid.com and we will review it. Whenever new additions to the schedule come up we will alert the community on Discord.

Common Event Types

Elimination Tournament

In an elimination tournament, members face off against each other over several rounds. In each round, the winner moves on while the loser is eliminated from the tournament, until there is one champion remaining. VOID elimination tournaments are the most common event format, and are typically three rounds in length.

Round Robin Tournament

A Round Robin tournament has multiple rounds like an elimination tournament, but unlike an elimination tournament, no participants are eliminated. Each participant will face every competitor once. Winners are decided by combining the participant’s scores from all matches. On EnterVOID, Round Robins typically have a small roster and are a great place to practice three-round tournaments without the fear of getting eliminated.

Swiss-system Tournament

Swiss-system Tournaments are very similar to Round Robins, but have a limit on the number of rounds. For example, A Swiss-system tournament may have a large roster of participants but each participant only competes in three rounds total. Participants are not eliminated upon loss, and the winner is decided by combining the participant’s scores from all matches.


A roulette is a single-round tournament with multiple 1v1 or 2v2 matchups. Roulettes do not have a single formal winner. This tournament type is often used for casual events and quick matchups.

Death Tournament

For a death tournament, members are able to submit new characters, often without any intro comic requirement. These characters will face each other in successive rounds of elimination death matches, until only one is left alive, winning the right to go on as a regular character.

Speed Death Tournament

the most common format of Death Tournament. Speed Death Tournaments function like regular Death Tournaments, but matches only last one week each. Light speed death tournaments have a drawing time of three days and a voting time of four days.

Battle Royale

A number of participants, usually 6 or 8, all compete against each other in one massive match. Most Battle Royales have themes, such as adhering to a specific genre.

Themed Tournaments

A competition with different themes and conditions. These tournaments often have extra requirements for participating characters or comics. The winner often gets a custom title. Themed tournaments can be in any format, including elimination tournaments, battle royales, round robin, and more.


6 Defenders collaborate to take down the Threat team. This is often a 6v1 or 6v2. The Threat is always a monster or villain that is seeking destruction, and the defenders must try to defeat them. If the Threat loses, they die.


The toughest, hardest, cutest artists fight for the crown. Heavyweight is a Battle Royale with a maximum of 6 participants. Anyone can sign up, but only the strongest artists will be selected. The winning artist receives an inventory item as a reward, including Phoenix Feathers.

Tag Team

Get a friend and get rolling! Tag Team Tournaments are like normal tournaments, but rather than facing opponents solo, artists team up in pairs of two.

Under New Management

Artists sign up with their character, except the character you use during the length of the tournament is one another contestant has submitted. Character swap!

Month of the Dead

During October, dead characters are allowed a chance to live once more, and can be used in standard matches without the use of inventory items. They return to their graves after this magical month has passed. There may be certain restrictions for entering tournaments with dead characters, so check individual tournament rules to be sure.


An open invitational is a seldom held event where new artists are encouraged to make a character. The requirement for intro pages is lifted for anyone who does not currently have a living character. Invitationals function as standard elimination tournaments. Matches are 1v1, regular battles and serve as an introduction to the site.