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Battle Types

About Matches

Sending Challenges

After your character is approved, you can start battling right away. You can challenge an available character to a match by going to their profile and selecting Challenge to Battle. Then, select the type of match you want, and select which of your characters you will be using. Finally, choose the match length. You can add an optional title and a message for your opponent, which will appear in their notifications alongside the challenge.

Accepting Challenges

You can view challenges that other artists have sent you in your notifications, at the top right of your profile page. They will also appear under My Challenges on your profile. It is up to you if you’d like to accept a challenge or not. Once you accept, the countdown to the deadline begins immediately so decide carefully.

Open Challenges

If you are open to accepting a challenge from anyone, you can post an open challenge or accept one from someone else. Remember that anyone can immediately accept your challenge, so proceed with caution!

Canceling a Match

You and your opponent(s) must be in agreement in order to cancel a match. All involved parties must contact staff to confirm that they would like to cancel the match. You can either contact us through Discord or through email at staff@entervoid.com.

Extending the Drawing Time

You can extend a match by 1 week by going to the battle’s page and clicking on the extension button. If you need a second week added, you can use a Super Extension item if you have one available.

You cannot use regular extensions on the last day of a match, on comics with one week drawing times, and on scar and death matches. However, Super Extensions can be used on scar and death matches.

Additionally, you may request a free one-day extension under the following circumstances:

  1. All involved parties must agree. The easiest way is to email staff@entervoid.com
  2. The comic must be a REGULAR match. Tournament, scar and death matches cannot get the extension—these are still high risk comic types, and they will stay that way.
  3. An extension hasn’t already been used on the battle. Either use up a week extension or take a free day, not both.

Battle Types

Regular Match

In a regular match, there is no risk involved. There are no story requirements, as long as you depict your opponent in your comic.

Scar Match

In this match type, you need to visibly change something about your opponent. Most people will physically harm the opponent in a permanent way. For example: losing an arm or eye, or a scar across their face. The options for scars are pretty open, so do not accept a scar match if you do not want to deal with the consequences. If you lose a scar match and your character has been turned into a lumberjack by your opponent, then your character is now a lumberjack. We strongly suggest talking with your opponent before the match starts to discuss what kinds of things you are comfortable with.

If you lose a scar match, you cannot battle with that character again until you update their design sheet to reflect their new look.

You can remove a scar by using a First Aid Kit and drawing a comic that shows how your character’s scar was healed.

When drawing a Scar Match comic, you MUST clearly show your opponent’s new scar in your comic. If you do not show this, you will be automatically disqualified and your comic will not be posted.

Double Scar Match

Scar Match with the extra stipulation that BOTH artists’ characters are subject to a permanent visible scar decided by the opposing artist and depicted within each comic.

When drawing a Double Scar Match comic, you must clearly depict both your character and your opponent’s character’s new scars. Whether you win or lose, your character will be scarred and you must update your character sheet to reflect their new look.

Sparring Match

Neither artist will earn a Win or Loss for this match and it will not affect your stats. Good for mutual story progression, practice, or exhibition.

Death Match

In a death match, you must kill your opponent’s character. The loser of a death match will not be able to use their character for battles or tournaments unless under special circumstances, such as Month of the Dead or with the use of an Unfinished Business or Necromancer item. You MUST clearly show your opponent dying or you will be automatically disqualified and your comic will not be posted.

Annihilation Match

The same as a death match, but dead characters can be used in special circumstances or Beyond Battles. If you lose an annihilation match, your character can never be used again. You cannot use the character in any comics.

Artist Match

These types of matches do not involve characters that have been submitted to EnterVOID. They can be about whatever you’d like. Most artists discuss a theme beforehand, and draw a comic based on that. You will need to contact staff via Discord or email at staff@entervoid.com to set up an artist match.

Tag-Team Match

If you’d like to team up with a friend to fight two other people, you can! Feel free to collaborate with your partner in whatever way you’d like. You must agree in advance on which characters will be participating in the battle, and depict all participating characters in your comic. You will need to contact staff via Discord or email at staff@entervoid.com to set up this match. All involved parties must confirm with staff that they’d like to participate.

3-Way & 4-Way Matches

Contact staff via Discord or email at staff@entervoid.com to set up a 1v1v1v1 match, or any other custom match type.