Mortido | Characters

Mortido | Characters

 Title: Armageddon 2014 Winner
 Gender: male
 Height: 5'0
 Created: April 5th, 2007
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The child-like (and childish) being known as 'Harry' Mortido carries a long, convoluted and tragic history with Void City. Harry is a being called 'Space Desperado', a warrior race that transcend space-time and are known to traverse light-distances to wage skirmishes. Mortido himself though is magically bound to Void City by the curse of a moon witch [see Mortido vs. Katka Katarina], thus Mortido can no longer traverse these light-distances before being 'forced' to come back to Void.
At some point, Mortido was able to temporarily escape Void and his Interface protocol [Mortido vs. Robosockmonkey]. He came across Robosockmonkey and stole his mechanical arm, after being possessed to do so by voices emanating from that arm. The arm augmented Mortido's Desperado abilities into that of a completely different nature. Mortido then made an appearance on the planet Mars [Mortido vs. Media] before returning to Earth. Mortido enters the final phase of his transformation after stealing vast energy reserves from the cyborg H.E.A.T [Mortido vs. H.E.A.T].
In his new unclassifiable form, Mortido skirmished with Orphanage forces [Mortido vs. Kuma] and seemingly closed a chapter in his interaction with Void City with the murder of Dr.Pye, earning him the stigma of a national terrorist.

Wacky Races
Two years later, an alternate reality version of Harry Mortido entered the Wacky Races Tournament. This Mortido was still childish and destructive, but displayed demented, extroverted and adolescent personality traits. Mortido still carried the stigma of a terrorist to his name, but he was able to finish 2nd place on the races. He then became a movie star and begun work for Void's PR Department in the Office of Void Fighter System.

-Mortido's mechanical power arm has been 'locked away', as a bartering measure to ensure that Mortido does not return to his perceived terrorist ways again. With his arm, Mortido could use the pieces of the arm to shape weapons and vehicles, but as well as absorbing magic and energy attacks -the energies thereof could be used to charge a kinetic strike.
-Mortido possesses superhuman stamina, endurance and strength. His reflexes are normal at best. Intelligence is questionable.

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