Short and Sweet
I honestly shouldn't have joined this XD It WAS a good way to keep myself going for all the other stuff I'm working on, depicted here is the start of a comic idea I had long ago. I wanted to try some more experimental stuff, so I hope y'all like it!!
Open to any comments or critiques
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28d ago
I'm really enjoying your experimentation here!~ the animals look really good and feel wild but also gentle

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29d ago
Really cool style here, the story is esoteric but theres some stuff to chew on. I say it's a succesful experiment.

Bobert's avatar
29d ago
Sometimes it seems like a part of you enjoys biting off more than you can chew but I'm the same way. Anyways cool lion.

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1 month ago
As I stated this already, alas my faithful Cintiq of nine years died around the time this started, and while it took some time to set up a new rig, it was like learning to walk all over again so forgive my artwork if it looks funky at certain pages, its a new learning curve until I feel my sweet spot again.
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