She Sells Seashells
A young, lonely girl finds a mysterious shell that speaks with the voice of the sea…
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25d ago
There's a couple of things that I hadn't noticed at first read like but on second read it was much better! The whole thing had a vibe of what a child's imagination feels like. Hard to put into words but like how the world just seems magical as a kid where it's like "why wouldn't mermaids exists?!". Great job!

Camel's avatar
29d ago
Really cool little fable here, i like the frenetic and claustrophobic style of panelling here, makes it feel a lot more immersive to the experience of a child.

Bobert's avatar
29d ago
I pleasantly did not know what to expect. Nice to see you draw again!

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1 month ago
As I stated this already, alas my faithful Cintiq of nine years died around the time this started, and while it took some time to set up a new rig, it was like learning to walk all over again so forgive my artwork if it looks funky at certain pages, its a new learning curve until I feel my sweet spot again.
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