Camp Mather, 2005
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27d ago
The backgrounds were stunning in this. It reminded me of old flash animations by Chluaid on Newgrounds (Brackey in Brackenwood I believe it was called...). I also liked how the story kept me guessing. It kept me going back and forth with my idea of what was going on. Keeping me on my toes. Really great job!

DesDemonical's avatar
28d ago
like a ghost story but with yourself...really liked this. Encapsulated all these feelings of memories and doing what your childhood self cannot.

Bobert's avatar
29d ago
Oh fuck this one felt like it would be sweet but you made this eerie. I award you for uh being heinous and a good storysmith? Yeah.

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1 month ago
As I stated this already, alas my faithful Cintiq of nine years died around the time this started, and while it took some time to set up a new rig, it was like learning to walk all over again so forgive my artwork if it looks funky at certain pages, its a new learning curve until I feel my sweet spot again.
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