Summer for an Alligator
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28d ago
Really fun read! I was a bit confused by all the different times shown in the first page because I was having trouble understanding just when he was like, getting up or sleeping. But I really enjoyed all the fun shenanigans the alligator got up to after that!

Camel's avatar
29d ago
Cute and wholesome, nothings better than friends helping you escape the house.

Bobert's avatar
29d ago
He worked hard and is playing harder, good for him.

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29d ago
I admit, I didn't really get it the first time I read it on my phone. But I found that it's because I was missing the bottom rows panels! *facepalm*. Second read was definitely better! I really liked the child-like coloring choice as it does bring you back to school years. I also liked the lack of dialogue and the solutions that you came up with to help communicate things using symbols. All in all, a nice little feel-good comic!

Cab's avatar
1 month ago
As I stated this already, alas my faithful Cintiq of nine years died around the time this started, and while it took some time to set up a new rig, it was like learning to walk all over again so forgive my artwork if it looks funky at certain pages, its a new learning curve until I feel my sweet spot again.
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