Backroom Deals
CW: Blood, violence, visible injuries This comic builds off of the story from Croi's side of 99 Problems, which is recommended reading for context: Thank you for reading!
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6d ago
Batty, wonderful job on this. The backgrounds were very strong and this was a good read! Badger, this coloring is like professional level stuff, I feel like I owe you money after reading this. SHEEEEESSHHHH!
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6d ago
Okay if I could have 40 more volumes of this, please? I'm new to both these characters but this was an incredible read.

Bobert's avatar
9d ago
This comic was off the shits and I think you've done Battys chracters and their backstories tremendous justice.

Batty's avatar
9d ago
I have already yelled a lot to you about how much I love this but I really need to say it again: I love everything about this comic, holy shit. The VISUALS, the story, the dialogue, the IMPLICATIONS--the more I think about this whole setup the more blown away I am. If not for the fact that Cas survived, it was such an excellent multi-layered plan that retroactively included the events of 99 Problems while *also* making it so that wasn't even step one! The first step was getting Cas to come heal the associates and witness the robot testing, so then Cas was in town and could tell Croi about what he'd seen I just can't praise this comic enough and I feel absolutely blessed to have my silly little panthro featured like this aaaaa! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to build off this in the future u have no idea :D And also!! I'm v interested in where Cas's story goes from here hehe