Collateral Damage
Cas gets roped into a long-standing feud.
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Red's avatar
6d ago
Batty, wonderful job on this. The backgrounds were very strong and this was a good read! Badger, this coloring is like professional level stuff, I feel like I owe you money after reading this. SHEEEEESSHHHH!
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Hobbittasic's avatar
6d ago
Good comic! My only note would be for coloring- Cas has gray to match Cori but then loses it further in. But the backgrounds look great, story was good and overall was an entertaining read :D I really like these characters!

Bobert's avatar
9d ago
Yo Batty, those backgrounds were like the biggest strength of the comic, very exciting to see what your stuff will look like in the coming years!

Batty's avatar
9d ago
I forgot to put this in the artist notes but this follows directly from my side of 99 Problems ( ) Also, I historically struggle with coming up with consistent backgrounds, so this time I used Blender to lay out scenes! It was really fun and also I think it turned out pretty well imo :3 .... And I accidentally made Amyr too hot so now I crackship him and Croi help me