I've been working on this on and off for a couple of months now! It originally came into being because Snowy once said she wanted a more rivalry-like dynamic on Void for Dairyu and I sad BET ....and didn't properly finish until now SORRY XD Enjoy!
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Fluffsamasprime's avatar
20d ago
Very nice! It's always nice seeing characters backgrounds with each other. Hopefully we'll see more in the future as well!

Petrichor's avatar
20d ago
I LOVED all the lore about these three's past, and the plot twist at the end XD. Some of these panels looked so cool, especially the one where they're reviving Margea. I also liked the change in mood with the heavier graytones during the flashback. Hopefully, Margea appears more often; she's such an interesting character and seems to be the only one who can calm those two down lmao.

ItizJR's avatar
24d ago
Gotta admit that on my first read, the initial pages kind of confused me, but upon second read, it was much more enjoyable and I could "get" the story and humor much more. I think what confused me on the first read was that I didn't really know who was who. as well as who was talking. The little symbols on the word balloons didn't help me much since I didn't know who they symbolized. But that's just me not really knowing the history of the characters much I guess. I also thought the long haired girl was Dairyu just because that's her design. So I was left wondering who the short haired girl was. Even though in my head I was thinking that it SHOULD be Dairyu since it only makes sense for her to be with Richter. But anyway. I like that you have a distinct style of writing that's very entertaining. It makes it so that I don't care as much that you don't have the best art. That being said though, it's also not bad art by any means! Art is a never ending journey of improvement so I have no doubt you'll keep on getting better and better with time. This was a very ambitious story and I liked where you went with it. This could definitely be developed way further and I'd be all for it!

Snowy's avatar
26d ago
Definitely a lot more childish than Dairyu would act, but I can appreciate the humor. Interesting story, thanks for featuring Dairyu!