Edge of (A)romance
A personal autobiographical comic about my lowest point this year and self discovery
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7d ago
I forgot to comment on this when it first came out, but I can definitely relate to this. I'm also demiromantic (as well as demisexual lol) and it really does feel like this weird middle ground. I'm glad your mom was able to be there and be supportive enough to pull you out of your funk! And I want to echo her sentiment--I know it seems hopeless sometimes, but there is someone out there, who will understand and be willing to wait however long it takes for you. And it does help that now you know what's going on, so you can tell people ahead of time! also BIG mood on looking at alloromantic people and going 'wtf how are you in love already' lmao also also, I really like the art in this, it's v cute, and all the little side dialogue is excellent

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1 month ago
I missed the intitial voting period for this comic but I'm coming back to say that as an aromantic person myself I related a lot to this haha. The last page of this comic particularly hit me emotionally, I'm not sure how to describe it but I think it just captures the aromantic experience perfectly. I'm really glad you were able to learn more about yourself and I hope your new knowledge benefits you in the future. Despite the fear that can be attached to it I find that knowing the label is sort of freeing, since it also means there's others out there who are the same way. Best wishes to you, and happy pride month to all

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1 month ago
Very interesting comic on self discovery!

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1 month ago
I'm glad you made this discovery for yourself! Nice comic!

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1 month ago
Hey this was a really good read, thanks for sharing your lore! This actually cleared up some questions I had about aromantic. You explained it in a way that just made sense, so this was informative as well!