Gwen & Regi vs Kurdis
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TRM_that guy that is cool
15d ago
I'm going to be honest i really like how you wrote Kurdis. The whole thing feels like it could be an episode of some TV show, and I'd watch it.

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16d ago
Dearest Grog- Oh man you have great poses and expressions. Dangerous den of depravity?! Old Lady Gwen needs to step up her game she can have WAY more depravity! Page 8 is a treat! This comic does what it needs to imo. Very cute with a nice lesson.

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18d ago
Since this feels like an incomplete comic, I'll try to just critique what I think could be improved overall, rather than particular points. I like the movement you create with how the characters are positioned and pose, it makes them feel very alive. The expressions are fun too, and I enjoy the way that you draw cats. I wish you were able to edit out the red ballpoint marks since they stand out quite a bit from what you finished the pages with, though I understand there may have been time constraints with that. There were also a few spelling/grammar mistakes that stuck out to me, though the missing apostrophes may just be a personal nitpick and not an actual issue with the comic. I really liked the story of this though, it was a cute lesson of being too worried about the future!

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20d ago
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2 months ago this corrosion 1987
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