This is the last comic I shall make start to finish before taking my new intro to comics class. I wanted to see how much I could do in all traditional media. there were just a couple instances of post-cleanup. I also used the big scanner at the makerspace, so I'm interested to see if anyone can tell the difference. Gregly: this is my gift to you for being so cool and nice. Your comics are v. special. Everyone go comment on "gwen and regi vs Corry" please. Oh and this one. And: Go ahead and tell me you like my watercolors if you want. I tried to keep my story as simple as possible.
Open to any comments or critiques
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TRM_that guy that is cool
15d ago
I enjoyed this one gave me the feels. The only bug i could see was on page 5, it's hard to read the text, I had to zoom in on my phone. I like what you did with the page none the less. The foreshadowing let things happen more naturally i feel. (I'm not sure if that's what it's really called but I'm just going with it)

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16d ago
What a sweet comic. It has a nice color palette and the water color gives it a great texture. I like how you visualized Gwen's magic coming back. Also you drew Old Lady Gwen so cute I love her expressions in this. The only things I'd note is that the dialogue text was a bit hard to read sometimes and the backgrounds could use some filling out in places. Overall it's a nice read! Good job!

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18d ago
Snager- thanks for dedicating this to my dad, it means a lot. I'm a big fan of how you use watercolors and you manage them so well, they look great with your loose ink drawings which are full of so much energy. I like the motion in Rejji lifting the door and the flashback page looking like a memory board got me emotional.. and i like the slight foreshadowing with opus being stronger than Rejji in the arm wrestle and then using their strength to save the catto at the end. The little bean kittens throughout are so cute! Thank you so much for this, it's great!

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19d ago
I'm guessing Stephen Lyons is someone that you knew personally, and that's absolutely fine to honor a comic after them, though it was confusing enough for me to look up the name and find that the only result on Wikipedia is a retired (living) US four star general. Moving on - The pacing and text are the weakest parts of this comic. I have no idea where the characters are in reference to each other, and the worst instance of this is pages 6 and 7. I understand you were trying to create clever paneling, but instead the sequence doesn't show enough of what happens in between. The kitten seemingly jumps onto the couch arms but ends up on the table instead? Page 9 could have used some action lines or movement lines to show motion in the panels, I could have sworn that the table got flipped on the panel where Gwen is pushed back on her chair, and lines of action would have helped explain what happened. I highly suggest either using a ruler for your text if you want to do traditional work and planning out your speech bubbles before drawing the panel contents. As it is, they seem like afterthoughts and almost like they don't matter to the story being told and the font itself looks like you were in a hurry to add the text and it lessens the overall effect of your art. Your watercolors are very nice in this, and some of the effects that you have achieved with them (especially with Regi and Opus) look fantastic. I like the effect that you used for the cat on page 10 and would like to see more vibrant colors from your comics. The sequence of panels of Opus arm wrestling with Regi was cute and I liked the movement of Regi in the panels and how it almost looked toon-ish. Nice work on completing the comic, I hope you make more comics with Opus under his own character profile!

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20d ago
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2 months ago this corrosion 1987
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