Speed Death Tournament 2005: Round 2 / Gallidaysay vs. Kodan

Speed Death Tournament 2005: Round 2 / Gallidaysay vs. Kodan

Speed Death Tournament 2005: Round 2 — Gallidaysay vs. Kodan

by Sketch

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by drawdan

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# 19   Posted: Jul 17 2005, 06:28 PM
\"but as you get to the end of the battle I start to lose my way story wise\" and \"I must have done bad if im losing to unfinished battle...ouch...\"

I dislike these comments from the creator of Kodan.  I think that is was kind of shady.  When you\'re battling i think you should leave all negative comments out of the ring, so that people wont be swayed.  Its fine if other voters sway votes cuz that\'s going to happen regardless, however, when someone participating starts trying to sway, that\'s shown to me as shady.  Not saying that you were being shady, but it just comes off that way to me.

To the fight.  Now...it\'s obvious to me that a week worth of work does not allow enough time to post out your best stuff, cuz i\'ve seen BOTH of you do WAY better.  WAYYYYYY BETTER.

I understand that Kodan gets respect for coloring in his stuff, but that doesnt make it totally better than Galli\'s stuff.  Galli should have finished, and he\'s points go down for not having finished, but however, Kodan i feel didnt have as interesting a story.  I felt that just cuz he colored it in that everything else went to the water and everyone is just voting on who finished their stuff first.

I\'ve seen people battle, and have 10 odd pages, full color, and get creamed by someone who only did 3 pages of work, not finished, because the work and the entertainment value was just better.  So after saying that, i just want to let everyone know to vote on EVERYTHING seperatly, because this is a very close battle, and i want to see how it ends when everything is seperated, and not just weighing on who finished.  Good job to Kodan for finishing by the way.  Doing that in a week and everything is very good, hopefully Galli\'s creater learned some new things about working faster.

You both did a splendid job,  Kodan, i actually like the fact that Galli killed herself, and he didnt have to fight her.  I do also see though, how Solo could say that a fighter has honor and all that jazz, and would see that after a hit in the face, she kicks Kodan off and gets up.  He would see that shes strong.  However, why fight,  might mess up his hair :-p  It would\'ve been better i think, not to age Galli, but to instead just make her a 17 y/o with muscles.  Or say something about that in the panels so everyone would know.

Gallli, coloring would\'ve brought out the panels more, indeed.  I liked how you drew Kodan, he was very cute :p lol.

That\'s all i have to say, if i come up with anything else i\'ll post back!  i came upon this battle by accident.  And above it says \"WHo will be Victorious?\" so i was guessing it must be a damn close battle.  I was right.  Good luck to both artists.  Both did well, and hopefully you\'ll get some new short hand tricks to do better work, quicker next time.


# 18   Posted: Jul 16 2005, 09:15 PM
you know the both of you have really intresting points. im still buggin out that yall making such a big thing out of it but here is what i feel about this whole thing.
i added in the killing kodan by stabbing him in the back of the neck not because of your last battle but because if you stab anybody in the back of the neck its going to hurt. lol.
as for being a match for kodan. i admit that yes Galli Daysay, is a young teenage girl. but she is far from being week. i make her seem weak because she still has a young mind and her magic is based on what she can come up with in her head and chant the proper words. sometimes it works some times it does not.
and the fact that she can take a punch point blank in the face and still have the ability to kick you away far enough so that she can make a way of escape or even try and find a larger space to finght seems to be pretty fucking tuff to keep going and im sure kodan would have seen that.
Drawdan. try not to take shit that people say to heart. we are all here to learn from each other and have fun. in this battle alone i learned that i have to make my pages read better. i learned a new and faster way of doing my pencils. i built a whole new system to work in that is best for me. and the critiqes that i have been getting have been helping me out alot because im going to remember all that i have been told about this battle. besides. Marbell Denamiliss in still in void and is dying for a battle. we can always fight again no matter who wins this fight. you do great work man i have seen what you can do.
we both have some stuff we gotta work on.
i mean think about this is shit we did in a week. after this tourny we will be able to put 3 to 4 weeks worth of work into a fight now that will be kick ass and you know it.

as for solochild. thank you for your insight and thoughts. im glad that you like my work. to tell you the truth i was starting to think nobody really liked it at all. im not too happy with what i have here myself but im glad that you can see what it was i was trying to pull off. you was a little harsh but sometimes we need to hear the harsh words in order to do better. its almost like a little kick in the ass. we all need that sometimes. i know i do. lol
so you kids play nice. we are here to learn and have fun.  

# 17   Posted: Jul 16 2005, 08:34 PM
ok..child.......There is a concept you seem to be having a hard time grasping...Sketch-the artist- knows everything about Kodan beacause he read his bio, but his character wouldnt know anything about Kodan except that shes got to fight him. Sketch himself has written both of his battles this way. But I have written in both battles that Kodan studies his opponents before he fights them. Hes not the preditor, hes not looking for trophies...He has a great deal of honor that would not permit him to kill anyone that is not his equal in combat. Both of his opponents so far have been teenage girls. The first one, Spade, he would not kill-and he wasnt planning on killing Gillad. All he wanted to do was study her use of Magic because he uses a form of magic as well-which he stated on the first page. Because she uses her magic to minipulate the things around her, he put her in an empty room to see what she would do.She decided to try and rip the room apart... Hes not superman nor does he have supermans moral code so hes not going to risk his life to save an opponent in a \"death\" match.

# 16   Posted: Jul 16 2005, 04:52 PM
In responce to Solochil......................................... ....................................I certainly think you are intitled to your own opinion, and I agree that my figures are much stiffer than sketches(barbie like may be a little much..challenge me in a battle and Ill show you barbie like) They were much looser in pencil form but when I inked and hand colored them they ended up as they did. I have learned from the process and wont finish another battle in that way again. As far as you attacking my story, I have to defend because I feel that the story and the quality (finished and consistant work) is the two strongest areas in my battle. Kodan is very Batman like in his fighting, he always anyllizes his opponents and his biggest curiousity with Gallid was her magic. If you look, the battle is mostly from Gallids point of veiw, almost as if it was sketches story and not mine. She does the coolest things in the battle from buffing herself up(which is why she appeared to age) morphing her bamboo into a weapon and calling it to her hand, to turning her wardrobe into a bed of serpents. The fact that he told her that she was in his training room meant nothing to her and she couldnt have possiably thought for a second that she was in space, therefore how is disrespect to he? Shedoesnt have xray vision or any other sences to tell her that ripping through the walls to escape the room would prove deadly. All Kodan had done combat wise was to casually spar with her, she realised that her 10 or so years of hand to hand training couldnt come close to matching his near century of training so she tried a tactical retreat, a very smart move for any fighter to do when he or she is outmatched physically but fatal mistake, none the same. And as John said, only a very stupid fighter would take action against an opponent about to defeat herself.If I loose this battle than so be it, but I beleive your crit to be very much on the harsh side.If you ever feel like putting your money where your mouth is, my regular fighter is Drednaut and he would be very eager to battle...

# 15   Posted: Jul 16 2005, 04:27 PM
\" i mean come on if galli destroyed herself (In the most stupidest way that i feel disrespects her) then why give the props the kodan? What the hell did he do? Nothing, i\'m sorry if a warrior doesn\'t work for a battle then he doesn\'t diserve the victory.\"

I don\'t agree with you there... Dan\'s work is flawed in a number of ways some of which you pointed out. But I personally felt the story was a strong one. Kodan choose to fight on his own terms selecting a battlefield which gave him an advantage. Gallidaysay made a number of smart movies... casing spells to increasing her strength and giving her a better weapon to use in combat. She counter his attacks effectively. Her only mistake was in trying to change the battlefield... (a smart tactical move)... but one which ended up killing her. As for Kodan just sitting back and allowing it to happen again a good tactical move on his part. Why risk harm when your goal can be achieved without the risk? Only a fool at that point would have stopped her from breaching the hall.

That said again Sketch your line work kicks much ass!!

# 14   Posted: Jul 16 2005, 11:09 AM
This has been one of the closest I  have ever seen(and my battle with p2 was pretty close) Around vote 21 or 22 there was a 4% swing in Sketh\'s favor but ever since then I have been slowly creeping back up on him untill we are dear even...Amazing!!!

# 13   Posted: Jul 15 2005, 02:30 PM
A perfect tie? AWESOME! XD

# 12   Posted: Jul 15 2005, 12:40 PM
Oh Snap!  They are now tied with 2 days left to go!  This is gonna be a photo finish folks.  JV

# 11   Posted: Jul 14 2005, 02:02 PM
i have no excuse for what i have. i think i just got too amped up and tried to do too much in too short of time.
i should have given myself more time to finish, but atleast now i know my pace. but as for my pencils and color.
 i love loose pencil work. i guess its because it reminds me of how the art work looked in the 101 dalmations. you can still see some stray pencil lines in there.
 i would have pulled of the effect if the coloring was complete but i will make it a point to have a finished sample of what i mean in the forum sometime soon.
but wow this battle was fun as hell to do
 i love drawing kodan. he is without a doubt a kick ass chacacter to draw.

# 10   Posted: Jul 14 2005, 12:13 PM
I must say this was one hellava match!  You both did an incredible job but in the end only one will live and I think it\'s Kodan.  His work was finished and felt complete plus it had the great touch of letting Galli defeat herself which is what a true warrior would do.  Great story, great art.  Sketches battle was very great to tho.  If anything I think you should work on the layouts a bit more.  You are trying lots of interesting designs but it\'s not really helping or forwarding the story any.  Also, in the future finish the pencils first and then move on to colors.  I would have traded that colored first page for a strong finished last page.  Good luck to you both.  JV

# 9   Posted: Jul 12 2005, 05:44 PM
Man, I guess I really need to step up my work If im losing to an unfinished battle...ouch...

# 8   Posted: Jul 11 2005, 02:00 PM
quality-wise, I give the points to Drawdan for a more finished product. Sketch\'s pencils are hot, but finsihed almost always beats unfinished in my book.

My votes were pretty even, but I give the majority to Drawdan; although I did find Sketch\'s piece more entertaining, it looks like you were really rushed to finish at the end. Some of the angles you took were a bit boring for a dynamic action sequence, especially the last panel on page five.

Keep it up, both you guys.

# 7   Posted: Jul 11 2005, 06:07 AM
Sketch- Very strong line work and layouts… I also like your flow/pacing with your story telling. But you lost some points for the unfinished work. The coloring is fantastic but I would recommend making sure you have finished line work before starting on your coloring. The last two pages look particularly left undone, no words very sketchy line work.  The narrative and dialogue just stopping haft-way through just feels off, unintentional, like you ran out of time.

DrawDan- Again strong work, I think the last two battles have been some of your best. I also feel this one is more consistent through out the battle. The color really helps. As for story wise, I enjoyed reading your battle. Ironically the banter between Gallidaysay and her belt just came off a lot better in your battle. Also very cool death… you didn’t punk out your opponent, simple allowed her to make a critical mistake. I really liked that Kodan just sat back and allowed her to kill herself saving him the trouble. I still think you need to keep pushing your line work and your points of view within the panels, but still a very strong showing.

Good luck to you both.

# 6   Posted: Jul 11 2005, 04:26 AM
well, that was a very entertaining fight. the quality was great (gallydaysay a lil better).
and kodan, a very cool kill you did.
whatever, i tried to vote fair and you guys are head to head.
good luck to you both.

# 5   Posted: Jul 11 2005, 01:24 AM
Sketch..awesome work ..the second panel of the second page is frickin hot!..You gave Kodan more of a tight bruce lee build vrs his more bulky wrestler look, but thats ok, I still love the detail in that shot. Th color work is real nice but as you get to the end of the battle I start to lose my way story wise..Love your version of my fighter!

# 4   Posted: Jul 11 2005, 12:55 AM
tough call.

# 3   Posted: Jul 11 2005, 12:05 AM
I am looking forward to this one... I enjoyed the entries you both put up last time. Interested to see what comes out this time around.

# 2   Posted: Jul 10 2005, 08:40 PM
well it took some time but my battle is up. im sorry for the lack of color. im having a little bit of trouble managing my time. but i still had alot of fun doing this battle. i cant wait to see what drawdan has for me. see you guys at midnight hee hee hee hee hee

# 1   Posted: Jul 9 2005, 09:18 PM
hmmm...tough choice on who to root for here...I can already sense an all pencil thing. Good luck both of you.

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