dumas vs. Daku

dumas vs. Daku

dumas vs. Daku

by mickey

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# 19  
I won't go off on ya ks, but dude, everybody is right.  You've got loose lineart every battle, and while I totally commend you fighting often, is it really worth it if you lose every time because you just...don't...y'know...change?!  

Mickey - laughed my ass off you hot thang you.  Good holy crap, I really love your art style.  Just something about it makes me grin and envy all over.

A Bad Idea
# 18  
Okay kainsword, it's clear that you OBVIOUSLY know what you're doing better, because it seems to improve every fight. Shading, paneling, all that good jizz. HOWEVER, I'll take this time to note POINT BY POINT what you need to do to fix your comics.

ANATOMY. Study hard and well how to draw body structure and apply that to all human characters in your comics. It's apparant that your take on anatomy works on Daku only, so keep in mind that not every character is drawn the way Daku is.

FABRIC. It seems every fight after Crazy Samurai and Violent Kei that you gave up on drawing clothes altogether. Look at photos, look at yourself, find references online or take lessons, just do WHATEVER you have to do in order to learn how to draw clothes, because lately you've only been drawing EXOSKELETONS on your people.

BACKGROUNDS. Most important. A proper background can set moods and even convey emotion through your comic. You have none of this. Run through an art course and learn perspective or something, then you'll manage even the most MEAGER of backgrounds, but you HAVE to stop throwing your characters onto black white space.

STORY. It's hard to take your prowess here seriously if your character isn't going anywhere storywise. All he's been really doing is jump in, "CLAW GRAPPLE!", a few seconds later, WINNER. Make something EXCITING for us. Make us WANT to read this. Give us something that we won't go "I bet DAKU is gonna DARKBALL his next opponent and leave them thrashed A FEW SECONDS LATER in his next fight !" to.

And MICKEY I'm building a temple for you. >_O

DEDieckmann (SkullcapComix)
# 17  
Like i said in forum kain, sorry if i sound harsh suddenly. didnt mean ti like that, but even a small showing that you do hear or understand the comments we are making... would be nice. And something a little different would be nice too.

DEDieckmann (SkullcapComix)
# 16  
Effort shows, rkarl. Nuff said... :-/

# 15  
i love the fact that while late, and defaulted for a day, mickey is still winning this fight.

wow. mickey = epico

# 14  
YAAAAY mickey's Stuff is in!!!

# 13  
kainsword, seriously, you need to learn how to draw people.
do whatever you have to, go to polykarbon.com, buy a how-to book, sell your left nut to satan himself, i don't care.

it's starting to get really frustrating seeing the same thing over and over again. daku shows up, slaughters his opponent in less than 15 panels. no story, no point.

yeah, you turned something in, but it's nothing exceptional. it's still the same thing you've turned in for the past... all of your battles.

seriously just take some time off, and practice drawing humans AS HUMANS not as bug people. do fanart of other characters it should help a little.

DEDieckmann (SkullcapComix)
# 12  
Yeah, she couldnt help it though dude..... I think Kain could help it though.... to try and make his opponents look more like HIS OPPONENTS, and not MORE like daku. WTF was up with Dumas' hands man? he doesnt have 3 CLAWS, like daku... he is a HUMAN. all of your opponents have looked progressively more like daku... its no wonder you have taken steps to make daku look different in this fight... if you hadnt no one woud have been able to tell them appart and it would have been daku vs shredd all over again. Man, get in touch with Galv man. hes been sending you emails, and either your shit doesnt work or you arent responding. And everything marley said. you roll in, say IM DAKU, PUNCH the guy, and then its "seconds later, daku wins."

ITs not interesting in the least. none of it is.

sorry man.

# 11  

fuckin mickey.
i'm very disapointed.

# 10  
daku you keep improving.. at least your character is one of favorites for sure

# 9  
aaww i was happy to see a fight from dumas again but NAW! ;p
and Daku man i don't get it, it feels like you got what it needs to make some nice panels.. i mean daku is well designes and some of your explosions what ever indicate some sort of understanding. make something out of it man.. colors etc.. i think Daku is one hell of a cool fighter. werd!

Graphyte Ronin
# 8  
Yikes, 3 out of four entries in this new batch are defaults.  Tragic.

Well, Kainsword-- for one, I think that fight looked a little one-sided.  Dumas basically got a punching bag role, not too thrilling.  Your designs for the hard-shelled look are none too shabby, though I'd like to see you draw an opponent that doesn't look like Daku.

# 7  
mickey - BOOO defaults are nooo bueno booo

daku - You need to look at human anatomy. Not just need... you HAVE to. You have taken absolutely NO steps in improving your work on people.

You've been making steps towards improving your panels etc. but I've never seen you try to color? Not even greyscale. Your backgrounds show no improvement. Its the same setting every time. Your angles are creative, but there are no details in anything else besides your character. The plot setups in your fights are boring. There is no story or method to your character. You just demolish you're opponent. Your character never gets punched or hurt in the slightest either.

I suggest that you take time in some of your fights, and buy an anatomy book. Maybe even look at some life references? Just put a little more effort in please.  

# 6  
sorry! i have my pages all inked, i just don't have my scanner to get it ON the computer. i'll post them in the forum once my scanner gets here (which will be soon)!
nice job, daku! i like dumas' robo look. and daku's epic new form! i'd love to see you put a bit more color into your work, though! sorry i went lame and defaulted!!! next time.

# 5  
Mickeeeeeeey! oh nuuuuuu, you ditched out on deh battle? shucks.
Daku: Why does dumas look like a daku? Mer. spend more time on story lines! lets see some longer battles that just dont consist of random fighting!

# 4  
This is a great way to show Daku's new "FULL COMBAT MODE"!

Wei Ingnan
# 3  
Mickey has an extention

# 2  
. . . .

# 1  
ok... didn't see this coming but I can guess that it'll be hella fun.

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