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Memory — A Dog

by Batty

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I've had this sitting around in sketch stage for a couple years, as part of a scrapped battle, and finally realized you know what, this page works pretty well as a standalone. So I sat down and completed it in, like, 12 hours lmao. Hopefully I was able to get the idea across with no dialogue.
tags: 24hr comic, a dog, drama, voidlands

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Global Moderator
# 5   Posted: Mar 2 2024, 07:58 PM
Thank you Snowy!! Full disclosure I don't really have any concrete plans for where her story is gonna go, but I do have a lot of stuff to pull from for her past :3

Pizza--You're definitely not looking too much into it! I was absolutely going for Dog not remembering her owner's face, so you hit the nail on the head there! And I'm glad that I was able to get that across, hehe.
You know, I had been planning on the rubble being her old house, but that would've been a really cool angle to go with. Alas, if only I'd been clever enough to make it not just be random rubble u_u
And you're absolutely right, I should've scuffed up her fur a bit; I actually realized that myself, but only after I'd already submitted the comic, so by then it was too late XD I should probably get better at thinking of those kind of little details in the future. Thank you for the comment! : D

Pizza Man
# 4   Posted: Mar 2 2024, 01:36 AM
Short and sweet, I'm glad you decided to finish this page up I'm always down for more dog comics.

I think it would've been more impactful if we didn't know it was a dream at the start. As for what is happening in the comic I took it as the dog is realizing she doesn't remember what her owner's face looks like? Or it's just a nightmare and I'm looking way too into it. Upon closer inspection it looks like the dog might be in her owner's old house? If that's the case having the remains of the trampoline in the room might work to bring that in subtlety.

The art is solid, the way you draw dogs is wonderful. Something to keep in mind I'm not sure how long the dog has been a stray but after awhile she isn't going to look super clean like she does in this comic.

# 3   Posted: Feb 25 2024, 04:16 PM
Poor Dog! It must be rough to remember someone and have their face unrecognizable! I liked the colors, and it's a very nice stand-alone comic! I'd like to see more of Dog and if she remembers her past more, I really liked how this story was told!

Global Moderator
# 2   Posted: Feb 24 2024, 03:37 AM
Tbh I don't really think the previous Dog comics are required reading for this, since there's no real tie-ins lol. The very first comic I did with her has a couple details that might add a bit to this comic but this one was meant to be mostly a standalone/fresh start since the canonicity of the first comic is debatable XD

Thanks tho! I'm glad I managed to get the scary/sad across, hehe.

# 1   Posted: Feb 24 2024, 02:25 AM
I can only judge this uncritically as I haven't had a chance to read any of the comics you've made with the Dog. It was a bit scary and sad (but not too much). Poor doggy...

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