Clash of the Chitin 2 : Round 1 / Cheese Puff vs. Rod Chirpwood

Clash of the Chitin 2 : Round 1 — Cheese Puff vs. Rod Chirpwood

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Global Moderator
# 8   Posted: Feb 24 2024, 09:15 PM
hello I love Rod, his reactions to everything are so top notch. I don't have a lot to add that wasn't already covered, other than the fact that I enjoy your spot blacks when you use them! I feel like you could even make more use of spot blacks as shading in some areas (like on Cindy to give her more form; without any spot blacks on her she felt a little flat and blended into the background a bit. Rod and CP didn't have that problem because they each had black clothing that helped them stand out a bit more). Also your sense of humor is fantastic, I loved all of the little gags you had throughout! especially the +666 edge joke, that got a good chuckle out of me. Can't wait to see the rest of Rod's story!! I don't want him to die aaaaaa

# 7   Posted: Feb 19 2024, 11:37 AM
Very nice read Pizzaman!!!

# 6   Posted: Feb 17 2024, 11:10 PM
I always enjoy your comic and style pizzaman! can't wait to see what you have for us the next round!

# 5   Posted: Feb 12 2024, 07:53 AM
PIZZA MAN - Good job on the comic, it was a real treat. Right off the bat you establish intrigue and comedy with the weird little note that's left on Rod's door. I feel like you did a good job setting up the heist job and playing with Cheese Puff's game mechanics shtick. I do feel like the mysterious stranger at the end was a bit out of the blue. I would have liked to have something that hinted to there being more to the mystery (unless those shadows in page 2 panel 6 were suppose to be hints). I look forward to seeing where this story goes.

# 4   Posted: Feb 12 2024, 03:29 AM
Funny comic, but I was a bit confused at the end, had to re-read it. The continuity error read more like a joke to me, like "Haha, she write but can't read"

# 3   Posted: Feb 11 2024, 08:21 PM
This was a fun little comic. Love that you brought in the game leveling gimmic from CPs intro and the character writing was very well done! My only real gripe is that the kill at the end felt a bit rushed, pacewise. And the panel where cheese puff is on fire could have been composed a bit better, put a bit more space between Rod and Cheese puff to make that panel and what's happening read a bit easier.

Also I wanna see more Cindy in the future, please

# 2   Posted: Feb 11 2024, 07:20 PM
Oh shit! Dark and intriguing Pizza!

Pizza Man
# 1   Posted: Feb 11 2024, 07:10 PM
I messed up and made a continuity error. I tried leaving clues that implied Cheese Puff couldn't read but completely forgot she definitely wrote that letter. In the end it would have been easier to have Rod say she couldn't read big words or something oh well.

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