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Opus — Simon vs. Kurdis

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tags: hoya oddich, kurdis, luniel gekka, simon, snager, TRM_That guy that is cool, viro

by snager

This comic has been rated suitable for all ages by its creator(s)

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
check the comments section for cw which i will put under a spoiler. I dedicate this comic to TRM's mom lol
tags: mild gore

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Pizza Man
# 7   Posted: Feb 27 2024, 10:52 AM
As promised to Snager I am leaving a comment on this battle through the 3DS O:

Both these were a good read! Kurdis is lucky Simon is a toon lol. Lucky Kurdis is a parent now! He better hurry and find that deadbeat dad before he skips town >:U

# 6   Posted: Feb 2 2024, 08:33 AM
Great read from both sides.

# 5   Posted: Dec 28 2023, 01:57 PM
TRM: I LOVED your comic. of  C OURSE (we) Kurdis and Simon are friends. I am much more friendly / less shoot-gunny than Kurdis and I can't wait to make more art and CONTENT with you in the future! You're an even greater collab buddy than I ever imagined and a super kind guy!

REVIEW: your lines look polished and your colors fill the space to help pop the composition. making them hyper saturated was a direct choice, but I think some readers won't know if it was an intentional one, so in the future I think you could study and experiment with more nuanced color pallets and texture applications to better capture that innocent vibe you're going for. your cartooning has really improved. I love how you identified the shape language of kurdis to be a crescent-shape. I hadn't thought of that before and I'm just gonna steal it, now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Simon is super cute in all his costumes: surely a left over from Halloween. But I only recognize the Viro cosplay. also just noticed this but making your panel gutters transparent so the reader's viewing experience is seamless regardless of night mode being on is a galaxy brain move as well. everyone who does digital comics should be stealing that ASAP. thanks for the battle, the results are still not up yet as of writing but the experience was well worth it!

I hope my comic got across What Its Like To Be Simon ok, and judging by Kilkra's comments I think I nailed it. A 'comforting' take on what it's like to be different during late stage capitalism.

I wanna take notes on what comics sempais said about mine for the future. Kubo and Picto gave me some pointers. I was CROSS when I got the usual comments here and in DMs of 'wow what a surprise' and 'was that the planned ending' which i KNOW means I fucked up somewhere in the beginning.

The easy thing to do: have kurdis think or talk to himself in such a way to suggest he's trying to protect his unborn child. like when he's leaning against the wall he could have said 'settle down kid, now's not the time' then when he sees the Opus store, he could have said 'the odds of finding this place again, right now when I need it most, are astronomical, kid'?

Course, i hate comics with too much dialog for two reasons: if i wanted to read a book, I would read a book. and: i'm not skilled enough at word baloon placement yet XD

so to keep with my brand, I would have liked to include more imagery to 'smash the reader over the head' with the 'clues' that kurdis was preggo. Picto said he just looked like he had a beer belly like damn dude. Kubo said you can just draw a character to direct their gaze in a non-objectified way. and i'm smart enough to have done that but I think I was too chicken to try. so after Kurdis leaves the Mayor's office, the joke was that Cam doesn't know Kurdis is preggo and wouldn't have ok'd the mission if he had known. this would have been the time to show off the fucking silhouette , but that page was ham fisted in at the last second as well. I spend like half a day working on my script but I just don't have the experience to nail this stuff yet. also a good visual clue, and I'm certain I needed to include at least 3 of these, would have been to show the monsters in the street, laying eggs in mid-air, the egg hatching, then the baby being gobbled up. this would have scared kurdis and been a good 'clue' i HOPE.

the other good 'hindsight is 2020' joke would have been this: instead of the baby making Simon and Kurdis klunk their heads together, to instead show kurdis trying to cut the cord using his gun. the gun could have misfired at that time and THAT would be the noise that Sortge heard to lead her back to where Kurdis was hiding. the joke with her cutting the cord would have fit in better that way, thematically and everything. I was trying to jam in more info about the baby, but If I want to explain the baby's special abilities, i should just make it an intro comic with the baby daddy's say so .

yes there is a baby daddy. I recon there is only one entervoid fanatic with the gumption to have figured it out. even my friends I told this secret to can't figure it out from this comic


this is my B for having medical stuff happen and fucking off to Baldur's Gate 3 for 3 months to recover instead of staying on top of my comic lore game.

I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with old-void tradition and have the baby mean the character and artist are going on hiatus or if i'm going with the new trend of just elaborating more on the characters' new family dynamics and using the baby in every qualifying tournament. I only want to use the baby for tournaments if I think I'm ready to finally start winning them. but you lose 100% of the tournaments you never enter. so we shall see

happy newyears 2024 yall. god I'm getting old.

# 4   Posted: Dec 28 2023, 09:32 AM
TRM - really fun comic and I like the ending lot. There's not much I can critique say for keep doing what you are doing. This is a perfectly packaged short story.

SNAGER - We've talked about this comic in private already so I won't go over it again. What I will say is that I like your traditional watercolor style, and the pallet for this comic is really comfortable and christmasy.

Good job, both of you.

# 3   Posted: Dec 26 2023, 06:56 AM
Snager, the emotional volitility in this comic is wonderful. The professionalism on Sherif Camerons face when hes talking to Kurdis is jarring after seeing him slumped over and tired at work, and its exactly the way it feels in real life. The characters wear faces more than having faces, and that makes for a wonderful ride. The comic felt like being outside again after being sick or after a long period of isolation. The world feels alien, but not scary and not unpleasant. Like the reader is an outsider and isnt used to the way people emote or the way advertising looks. Like everything is novel and interesting. And it ends with a little christmas miracle!

TRM, the last panel needs to be printed on a wall. The dr seussy tone of your comic gets wonderfully offset by the gun on the table in the last panel, and Simon's mannerisms are really fun. Looking forward to seeing more of this character!

Great job both of you!

# 2   Posted: Dec 21 2023, 01:17 AM
TRM: What's cool about yours is that you managed to get a complete short story out in the span of 1-2 days. It's sweet and concise.

Snager: The Christmas themed colour palette in this is a big strength. Was the comic meant to end where it did or did you plan to have more but didn't get a chance to put it out?

# 1   Posted: Dec 20 2023, 12:49 PM
content warnings for the squeamish
Spoiler: ShowHide
yeah, mpreg, but nothing worse than the fairly odd parents tv movie, except there's some samurai jack levels gore. there's also an umbilical cord, idk if that's been in any cartoons
thanks for coming to my christmas special

i love everyone in this comic merry christmas

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