Madd Appears! Trouble with a Shapeshifter (2/3) / Mob and Madd / Mob and Madd

Madd Appears! Trouble with a Shapeshifter (2/3) / Mob and Madd — Mob and Madd

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This comic takes place after this events:
Madd and Mob collab part 1:
Mob vs Oleander (my side):

tags: celif, drugs, healthy life, Madd, Mob, muscle enhancers, organic, vegan

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# 6   Posted: May 28 2023, 02:57 PM
Sorry for the late comic, but I really enjoy how you two collab with each other! I'm excited to see the conclusion of this little series of comics, they're always so lovely and fun to read! Nice work! <3

# 5   Posted: May 27 2023, 06:31 AM
"well we tried the healthy way" relateable. Get those drugs

# 4   Posted: May 26 2023, 11:38 AM
I meant to comment much earlier.
Ilove the Dynamic between Madd and Mob, where all he wants to do is drive off the hobos and her mind is more 'murder' them.
Also really love Celif and Mob's first encounter.Mob is too innocent to realize he's being taken advantage of.
The gags in this were solid and got laughs out of me. I can't wait to see the third part!
Also Madd just chilling inside Mob like the scarriest tapeworm only to pop out as those freaky ass spider crab. some wonderful nightmare fuel!

# 3   Posted: May 24 2023, 01:30 PM
Gosh you guys never fail to provide quality, and well rounded comedy!! I've been waiting for the continuation of their adventures and overall just more Madd!! She's spunky, hilarious, while also being endearingly inhinged. Mob is a delight to watch, as always, and seeing how he and Madd bounce off each other always has me cracking up.

The cityscape backgrounds in the first few pages, and how you kept proper perspective for each new angle! Every new location was filled with just the right amount of detail without taking away focus from the characters. The expressions were very fun, motion being easy to read-- I don't think I have much critiques to add on to that weren't covered already! I cant wait to see what you guys have in store next for these two, this was sucha fun read!!

# 2   Posted: May 24 2023, 06:55 AM
Ah finally! Been waiting for this one for awhile and it did not disappoint. Art looks great as and very nice use of the grayscale palette! The screentones are also [chef kiss]. I am not sure if the 'NTF' on the first panel was a typo or not but based from the next panel of Mob, I think it was indeed a typo lol. Also, thanks for linking part one in the description to help us catch up. Though I think  a page recap in the beginning would also be a nice addition as a suggestion. I am also curious about who did what in this collab. Your styles in this comic look so seamless and cohesive, I am kind of having a hard time separating the artist styles. It's rather impressive IMO

Everything looks great but my favorite would have to be that Page 7 top panel. Love the helmet spin on Mob. It really sold the impact of that hit. Really excited about where this takes Mob and Madd. They are a lot of fun and are also a LOT of trouble. One of my favorite combos hehe. Also love the Celif cameo. He just fits right in with the shenanigans of these two.  Very excited for Part 3 and again, a wonderful job both of you!!!

# 1   Posted: May 20 2023, 03:01 AM
This was a nice comic. The 1st page was pretty funny in a surreal way, almost could have been the entire comic haha. Eager for part 3 when it comes in due time!

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